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On Sunday"s illustration of the hit reality series, 45-year-old Darcey finally meets up through her brother boyfriend, 39-year-old Tom, in brand-new York City, wherein she to plan to confront him around pictures ~ above his social media of that looking warm with another woman. Darcey and Tom"s relationship has been ~ above shaky ground for some time, and also their long-distance communication was exceptionally tense before they chose to meet up to talk about where castle stand.

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The conference starts off on one awkward keep in mind from the first interaction -- Tom go in because that a hug and also Darcey declines, saying she doesn"t "feel comfortable" -- and also goes downhill fast.

Darcey points the end that Tom just makes time because that her once it"s convenient for him, and she is clearly hurt that he didn"t bother to even FaceTime she on her birthday. Tom then goes on the offensive, angrily informing her the she never lets him end up talking and also that she"s self-obsessed.

Eventually, Tom does recognize that he"s fallen for a mrs he met at Milan Fashion Week called Shannon once Darcey confronts him about it. Still, the blames the demise of their relationship on Darcey, saying that she didn"t love that the method he essential to be loved and also that the personshe yes, really loves is she ex-boyfriend, 27-year-old Jesse native Amsterdam, who she was constantly bringing up. Tom claims that Darcey did in reality have "all of" him in ~ one point but self-sabotaged, and says he really hopes she won"t "screw up" her next relationship. He now says he has actually zero romantic feeling for she and, in fact, loves her like a "sister."

Like a sister?!

— 90DayFiance (
90DayFiance) April 6, 2020

He later takes one last parting dig at her as she leaves, asking, "Did you put on weight?" Darcey at some point leaves and tells Tom that he is "nothing" to her now, and Tom speak TLC cameras they they are "100 percent over" with no chance of reconciliation.

Chapter closed?

— 90DayFiance (
90DayFiance) April 6, 2020

ET recently spoke come Darcey about this season the 90 work Fiance: before the 90 Days, and also she talked around her trip to NYC to see Tom.

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"He knew at the time specifically how ns felt, there to be a small bit of a lack of communication during the time," she said. "We decided to provide things one more go and I just felt prefer I deserved the respect the communication and to no be dangled, you deserve to say in a sense. And when I witnessed the pictures, the knew i felt just how I felt around it, however I think v communication, you can understand what happened, what is going on. Ns don"t favor to it is in left in the dust. So, as soon as you"re in a relationship, you just want come know specifically what"s going on."

"I was open to view what he had to say, I simply didn"t desire to feel confused about where we were in the relationship and also what I supposed to him," she continued. "Do girlfriend love me? space we together? you know, just be honest. I shouldn"t need to wait to check out if you"re all set for a relationship or not."

Darcey also shared that in spite of her reputation for being really emotional top top the show, viewers will not proceed to view that side of she on this season.

"I don"t think you men will watch many more tears," she said. "I think you males will listen my very own voice more, what i deserve and what I want in the relationship. Ns think civilization will understand who i am as a person."

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