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It’s been over six years because Behati Prinsloo tied the knot through husband Adam Levine, but the supermodel is just now revealing her top an enig wedding dress.

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In a collection of snaps common on her Instagram Story, the 32-year-old wished designer Alexander Wang a happy birthday and raved that she is “still not over” the gown he created for her for her large day. In the photos, which show up to it is in from a installation the summer the 2014, the Victoria’s an enig Angel, shows off a sexy white floor-length frock i beg your pardon skimmed her well known figure and also featured a plunging neckline and revealing next cutouts.


The 5’11” model, who has stomped the runway in several of the brand-new York based designer’s fashion shows, additionally shared a pic of her and Wang embracing top top the dance floor.

“So plenty of memories together!!!! consisting of my wedding day,” she captioned the fun photo.

The Namibian born beauty and also the Maroon 5 frontman exchanged vows in front of 275 guests during an ultra exclusive ceremony in Los Cabos, Mexico ~ above July 19, 2014. The pair now has two daughters: Dusty Rose and also Gio Grace.

Prinsloo isn’t the only celebrity come walk under the aisle in Wang. Zoë Kravitz wed knife Glusman top top June 29, 2019 in Paris put on a custom development by she longtime friend. Her sleeveless Alexander Wang gown featured a drop-waist ballerina skirt and was made through organza and also micro seeds pearls. The Big tiny Lies actress styled the Aubrey Hepburn-inspired, ankle-length dress v a pair of kitten-heeled pumps, a hairband and an easy stud earrings.

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So, is a full-on bridal collection in Wang’s future? “I don’t think I could just style wedding gowns for civilization I don’t know,” he told Vogue. “I’ve done around six of them now and each procedure has been so unique to the person. But never to speak never!”