Ever because she stepped into the Disney Channel spotlight, fans have wondered if Bella Thorne is single. Currently, the actress is gearing approximately marry longtime love Benjamin Mascolo.

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Bella was an initial spotted kissing the singer in April 2019. Castle made points Instagram official in June 2019, and also since then, they’ve to be pretty much couple goals.

“It’s hard to discover words come say just how much ns love you and how thankful I am because that sharing our stays together. You space the many supportive and kind and generous and amazing girl friend I might ever asking for. You do me think in myself and feel unique. I’m constantly going to perform my best and also do all that’s in my power to make sure I give earlier to you every the love friend deserve. You room so special and also I’m looking forward to angry what the future has ready for you in the years,” Benjamin composed on Instagram in October 2020. “So countless amazing tasks ready to it is in done because that the world to see how talented friend are and I’m constantly going come be over there to help you and support you. I love you.”

In 2020, the two stars were compelled apart as result of the coronavirus pandemic, so when they to be able to view each various other again after 5 months, they had one that the sweetest reunions ever. “After five months reunited and it feels so good,” Bella wrote, alongside some adorable images of her and also Benjamin cuddling up. But nothing worry, there’s no bad blood in between Benjamin and any that Bella’s exes! He was spotted planting a kiss on Tyler Posey‘s mouth and also posing through Gregg Sulkin during Bella’s birthday bash!

When it comes to her existing relationship, the actress told Elite Daily in April 2020 that she’s “never felt like this in my life.”

“When you uncover a companion that faces you well … that seems prefer a an unfavorable connotation yet in relationships everyone has actually their thing, everyone has actually their great and bad,” she explained. “With Ben, he always finds a means to really comfort me, and also to find a way to do my emotions valid.

She continued, “There’s no talking over each other involved, yes sir no do jabs to do the other human feel worse. There’s just listening and also even once we don’t agree, we’re no going come sit there and fight around it. We’re gonna agree come disagree.”

Before she was happily engaged, the actress had a couple of famous exes! Scroll v our gallery because that her complete dating history. 

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Tristan Klier

Bella’s first public connection was v a normal male named Tristan. They dated because that years, however his lack of celebrity unfortunately tore lock apart. The actress publicly admitted that he just didn’t recognize her lifestyle, and also revealed that he gained annoyed as soon as she would tell him she to be still on set at 6 A.M.

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The pair broke up earlier in 2014, however quickly got earlier together 2 weeks later. However when Bella was captured at a party through Ross Lynch and also sending flirting tweets to Brandon Lee, rumor has actually it that it ended their relationship once and also for all.