Located top top the surf and also sand of Mission Beach, Belmont Park is mountain Diego"s just beachfront amusement and entertainment center! indigenous the historic large Dipper Roller Coaster come the dynamic oceanfront restaurants, Belmont Park is the quintessential southerly California coast experience.

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Take a stroll with the park and grab a Monster Waffle Cone then check out every the activity on the Boardwalk. Sit down for a delicious bite to eat or among 69 beers on tap in ~ Draft south Mission after ~ a fun-filled day of mini golf, absent climbing, and rides. No issue your age, the park has something everyone in the family can enjoy. But you select to spend your day, Belmont Park is the best way to play!

Free Parking & join - Pay together you play!

Belmont Park originally opened on July 4, 1925, together the Mission beach Amusement facility with the large Dipper Roller Coaster as its star attraction! Today, over 95 years later, the large Dipper remains as not just a piece of background but together the key attraction to endure at Belmont Park.

Belmont Park is house to 12 tremble rides, 6 adventurous attractions, and 3 oceanfront dining experiences. Standard favorites such together our Bumper Cars, Carousel, and a Tilt-a-Whirl sit alongside modern-day rides such as the coast Blaster, Octotron, and also Control Freak.

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Take a walk v our 18-hole, interactive, tiki-themed Mini Golf food or hit zombies and pirates at Xanadu, our new 7D interaction theater. If you"re in search of some familiar competition, head end to LazerBlast, our 3-level Tron-themed Laser sign arena.

When you"ve tired your power playing Laser Tag and also you"re prepared for something come eat, prevent by Belmonty"s for a freshly-made burger and also Hot Dog top top a Stick for a fresh squeezed lemonade. Don"t forget to avoid by the Sweet Shoppe because that homemade fudge, new waffle cones, and a Monster ice Cream Cone!

At the finish of your day, watch the sunset while enjoy it a cocktail from among our 3 oceanfront restaurants. Positioned on the rooftop, Cannonball is appropriate for any type of sushi-loving couples or family members looking come relax and watch the ocean. Smack dab top top the boardwalk, Draft southern Mission is the perfect place to record a game and also sip on a local brew v friends. For a foolproof coast experience, sit with your toe in the sand at BeachHouse if enjoying standards like burgers, nachos, and also more!

Insider Tip: Don"t forget to try Dole Whip, the treat made renowned in Hawaii and Disneyland, now being served at Belmont Park!