1.25" - standard belt broad for dress pants, khakis, Dickies and also slacks1.75" - Widest belt broad that many Jean loops will accommodate. Good for job-related or casual wear


step 2. Order your Pant dimension

Simply order her BELT to enhance your PANT size in inches. For example, if friend wear a 34"" JEAN, order a 34"" BELT. We will certainly take treatment of the rest! every one of our belts are custom-sized v a standard selection of 5 feet to accommodate various style pants, buckles and seasonal changes ;)

*Keep in mind that belt sizing might vary across brands and styles. Together a general ascendancy of thumb, keep in mind that her belt will measure approximately 3-4 inches larger than her pant size as soon as considering the thickness of the leather, the jean material and also the climb of the pants.

Not certain what dimension belt to order? we are here to help! Send us an email, We"d love come hear indigenous you. Use our size Chart below to recognize the exactly belt size for you.

Size Chart 

Pant dimension Belt dimension

Middle Hole


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3-4"" larger than pant size. Measure from fold in the leather where the buckle attaches)

Range the 5 Holes

Length the Belt

(measuring indigenous the fold in the leather whereby the buckle attaches to finish of belt)

Pant size 28"" Size 2831""Holes indigenous 29”-33”Belt length = 37”
Pant dimension 29""Size 2932""Holes indigenous 30”-34”Belt length = 38”
Size 30""Size 3033""Holes indigenous 31”-35”Belt size = 39”
Size 31""Size 3134""Holes indigenous 32”-36”Belt length = 40”
Size 32""Size 3235""Holes indigenous 33”-37” Belt length = 41”
Size 34""Size 3437""Holes from 35”-39”Belt length= 43""
Size 36""Size 3639""Holes from 37”-41”Belt length= 45""
Size 38""Size 3841""Holes from 39”-43”Belt length= 47""
Size 40Size 4043""Holes from 41-45”Belt length= 49""
Size 42Size 4245""Holes native 43”-47”Belt length= 51”
Size 44Size 4447""Holes native 45”-49”Belt length= 53""
Size 46Size 4649""Holes indigenous 47”-51”Belt length= 55""
Size 48Size 4851""Holes from 49”-53”Belt length= 57""
Size 50 Size 5053""Holes from 51"-55"Belt length= 59"