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Jennifer Garner is not concerned around her ex-husband Ben Affleck"s recent reconnection with one more famous Jennifer in his life -- Jennifer Lopez.

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A resource tells ET, "Jen isn"t bothered through Ben hanging out v J.Lo or everyone else. She desires what is finest for Ben."

The 49-year-old mommy of 3 who shares her kids with the Justice League star has actually other priorities as soon as it comes to her ex.

"What matters most to her is Ben being a an excellent dad," the resource continues. "They"ve remained in a great groove as soon as it comes to co-parenting for a while and also their kids" delight is Jen"s main priority."

Garner and also Affleck to be married native 2005 until they separated in 2015. Your divorce to be finalized in 2018. They share daughters Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and also Samuel, 9. Lopez and Affleck were involved from 2002 come 2004.

Affleck, 48, and Lopez, 51, have actually seen each various other a couple of times due to the fact that Lopez"s recent separation from Alex Rodriguez, another source previously said ET.

"Jen and Ben have remained friends over the years and also the two room still simply that - friends," the resource told ET previously this week.

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Another source confirmed the familiar nature the their existing relationship.

"They obviously have a romantic history, but at this point they only have actually a friendship," the source said. "They both excellent each various other professionally, respect one another and feel comfortable v each other."


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