With Bennifer 2.0 in complete swing, page Six is breaking under the complete timeline of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s complicated relationship: just how it started, why it ended and also what’s in store for them now.

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Where it every started

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck attending the “Gigli” premiere in 2003.Corbis via Getty Images

Lopez first met Affleck in 2001 top top the collection of their movie “Gigli.” though the film to be a vital and box-office fail upon that is 2003 release, the couple’s off-screen chemistry wound increase a hit.

Lopez to be still married come her second husband Cris Judd at the time, but that didn’t prevent romance rumors from bubbling up.

They’re gaining warmer

The duo starred in “Jersey Girl” with each other in 2002.Getty Images

Despite the drubbing “Gigli” took, Ben and Jen filmed their second movie together, “Jersey Girl” — in i m sorry Lopez play Affleck’s character’s mam (who, incidentally, passed away onscreen immediately) — native September come December 2002. This collaboration, but brief, notably arisen after …

J.Lo becomes available

Lopez and Cris Judd, seen here in 2001, ended their marital relationship in 2003.Getty Images

J.Lo legitimized she romantic partnership with Affleck as soon as things went south in her marital relationship to Judd.

She and the choreographer got married in September 2001, but things were rocky because that the couple throughout your relationship and they called it off in June 2002, finalizing your divorce in 2003.

Bennifer is born

Ben and also Jen space seen in ~ a movie premiere in 2002WireImage

One the Bennifer’s many iconic moments come early, in Lopez’s unforgettable music video clip for “Jenny indigenous the Block,” which premiered on MTV in November 2002, after gift filmed in October of the year.

The very same month the clip come out, Affleck proposed to J.Lo, popping the concern with a 6.1-carat pink diamond by harry Winston the reportedly price $2.5 million.

Lopez initially revealed the happy news during an interview v Diane Sawyer, calling the proposal “traditional, but likewise in a very spectacular way, as of course, Ben would do it.”

She included that Affleck was “brilliantly smart, loving, charming, and also affectionate.”

And the the huge rock, she shared, “It’s the many magnificent thing I’ve ever seen.”

Massive rock rocks relationship

The couple are watched on a red carpet in 2003Getty Images

While points heated up easily for the pair, Lopez and also Affleck decided to postpone their 2003 wedding.

“Due come the extreme media attention neighboring our wedding, we have made decision to postpone the date,” the couple said in a joint statement. “When we discovered ourselves serious contemplating rental three separate ‘decoy brides’ in ~ three different locations, us realized that something was awry.”

They continued, “We started to feel that the soul of what should have actually been the happiest day of our lives could be compromised. We felt what should have actually been a joyful and also sacred day might be spoiled because that us, our families, and also our friends.”

Bennifer no more

Jennifer Lopez and also Ben Affleck attending the Academy Awards in in march 2003.Getty Images

Calling off your engagement was a clear authorize that points weren’t walk well because that the pair following the warm ‘n’ heavy beforehand days of your romance.

In 2004, Lopez and Affleck revealed that they to be officially calling off your engagement and ending your relationship.

“Jennifer Lopez has ended her engagement to Ben Affleck. At this an overwhelming time, us ask that you respect she privacy,” a rep tersely told people at the time.

“I am no going to confirm anything about his personal life,” Affleck’s rep added. “We don’t want to gain dragged right into quicksand. Everybody wants a war. It’s not happening from our side.”

Living their different lives

Jennifer Lopez is seen through Marc Anthony in 2011 (L) and Ben Affleck in photographed through Jennifer Garner in 2013.

Both stars relocated on to other relationships fairly quickly, tying the node with other celebs approximately the same time.

Lopez walk on come marry Marc Anthony in June 2004, through whom she had actually two children: twins Emme and also Max, born in 2008.

Meanwhile, Affleck bound the knot v Jennifer Garner in June 2005 and went on come welcome three children with the actress: Violet, Seraphina, and also Sam.

AffGar would certainly last slightly much longer than AnthoPez, however, v the Latin music superstars dividing in 2014 and also the big-screen couple following fit in 2018.

The J-Rod saga start … and also ends

Lopez and Rodriguez, seen here in 2020, eventually called off their engagement.WireImage

Lopez gotten in into another whirlwind romance v Alex Rodriguez in 2017, moving into a $15 million love colony with him after a year the dating.

Then in 2019, the pair announced the they to be officially engaged.

But Lopez dubbed off your engagement after rumors swirled the Rodriguez had been up to no an excellent with “Southern Charm” star Madison LeCroy.

In march 2021, web page Six exclusively reported the their engagement was off, and practically a month later they evidenced that castle had finished things for good.

Meanwhile, Affleck was linked to a slew that women throughout J-Rod’s run, including “Knives Out” star Ana De Armas until January 2021.

Sparks fly because that Bennifer again

Affleck and Lopez, seen right here in 2003, still had respect because that each various other years later. Getty Images

While the duo go their different ways and also started families, they tho seemingly stayed on great terms.

Affleck praised Lopez’s job-related ethic in April 2021, telling InStyle, “She has an excellent talent, but she has additionally worked an extremely hard for her success, and I’m so happy because that her that she seems, at long last, to be gaining the credit transaction she deserves.”

A 2000s throwback

Lopez peeped in ~ above Affleck while lock vacationed in Miami with each other in may 2021MEGA / BACKGRID

Affleck and Lopez take it the world by storm once they were very first spotted hanging out with each other again in LA in April 2021 and in Montana the adhering to month.

Things ongoing to warmth up because that the duo and also they were shortly after spotted ~ above a romantic getaway in Miami.

And in June, we reported that their PDA left little doubt that the pair were totally back together again ~ photos of Ben and also Jen obtaining cozy ~ above a day surfaced.

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Taking things slow

They made the rounds in Miami together.MiamiPIXX / VEM / BACKGRID

While that looked choose Lopez and Affleck jumped back into their partnership with lightning speed, their rekindling may have been comes for rather some time, together Affleck apparently sent love letter to J.Lo before her breakup from Rodriguez.

That romantic streak appears to have lugged over into the 2nd act the the couple, who were “very affectionate” during a June dinner date in West Hollywood.

But as web page Six report in June, while things are getting serious because that the couple, Lopez’s kids remain her an initial priority.