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Ben Affleck and also Matt Damon ended up being friends in the 1980s. Getty / Carlo Allegri follow to a Parade interview native 2007, Affleck very first met Damon in the beforehand 1980s once they to be 8 and 10, respectively. The two lived 2 blocks far from each various other in Cambridge, Massachusetts, love baseball and also acting, and also went top top to attend Cambridge Rindge and also Latin high school.

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"... Before Matt, i was by myself. Exhilaration was a solo task where I"d just go off and also do something, plot in a tiny TV present or something, and also no one construed it. Nobody of the other children knew what it was i did, how it worked, or anything," Affleck said Parade. "All the a sudden, I had actually this friend, Matt, and also he it s okay it and also wants to do it and also thinks it"s interesting and also wants to talk around it. Quickly both that us room doing it."

During an illustration on "Conan" in 2019, Damon said Affleck defending him in a fight when they to be young really cemented your friendship. Damon was around to gain beaten up by a bigger kid in high school, when, in ~ the last second, Affleck battled him off.

"I remember that was choose a large moment," Damon said. "He will placed himself in a really poor spot because that me. This is a great friend."


The friend both had small, uncredited functions in the film. Universal pictures

Both actors had actually a couple of credits under your belts when they worked on their first movie with each other in 1989. They were uncredited extras in the Fenway Park scene of "Field that Dreams."


Ben Affleck and Matt Damon saw high college together. Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella arsenal via Getty images

In 2004, Damon"s brother, Kyle, told world that Damon and Affleck "weren"t taken into consideration cool kids," and that "they to be drama geeks."

Affleck additionally told Parade in 2007 that during high school, the 2 would consistently travel into brand-new York City together to audition for exhilaration jobs.

"We"d take it the train. Or sometimes we"d even take the airplane, back when there to be the Eastern spaceship or People"s Express," the said. "It cost like $20 to fly and you might smoke top top the plane. Us were smoking like idiots because we thought we to be really supposed to it is in grown-up. It was pitiful."


Matt Damon and Ben Affleck both appeared in "School Ties." Paramount pictures

Damon and also Affleck"s an initial big movie duties together came in 1992 with the movie "School Ties."

Damon had actually a lead role alongside gibbs Brendan Fraser, and also Affleck had a supporting part.

Ben Affleck starred in "Glory Daze." Sony Pictures house Entertainment

In their following film together, "Glory Daze," Affleck starred as the key character — a soon-to-be university grad called Jack — and also Damon showed up in a minor role.

1996: They apparently lived with each other for a quick time while creating the screenplay because that "Good will certainly Hunting."

gibbs Ben Affleck and Matt Damon posing for pictures in 1997. Yukio Gion/AP

According to Forbes, Affleck when said the after the two gained paid because that "School Ties," they thought they were rich and also "blew it all in a couple of months."

But one point they did through the money to be rent the end a Hansel and Gretel-inspired residence in LA"s Eagle Rock community — whereby they supposedly wrote the screenplay because that "Good will certainly Hunting."

Ben Affleck starred in "Chasing Amy." Miramax movies

Affleck once again take it the command in the late-1990s rom-com, and also Damon appeared in a sustaining role.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in "Good will certainly Hunting." Miramax via YouTube

In 1997, "Good will Hunting" was released, and also Affleck and Damon were instantly thrust into stardom.

Damon play the location character, Will, and also Affleck play his on-screen finest friend.

The movie to be a hit, make the actors household names, and also it"s tho what many world know castle for.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck won an Oscar for "Good will Hunting." Shutterstock

The pair winner their an initial Academy compensation in 1998 for ideal original screenplay because that "Good will Hunting."

They provided a really nervous however memorable acceptance speech, throughout which Affleck said, "I just said to Matt, "Losing would certainly suck and winning would certainly be really scary." and also it"s really, yes, really scary ..."

Matt Damon and also Ben Affleck in "Dogma." Lionsgate movies

Damon and Affleck complied with up their big "Good will certainly Hunting" win v the 1999 movie "Dogma," an adventure comedy where they played 2 fallen angels who"d to be banished indigenous heaven.

The documentary ran for four seasons top top HBO. Reuters

The friends additionally stepped behind the camera together for the documentary "Project Greenlight."

Damon and Affleck to be executive producer of the HBO series, which complied with first-time filmmakers who competed for money to complete their projects.

The collection ran for four seasons indigenous 2001 come 2015.

Ben Affleck in "The 3rd Wheel." Miramax

Affleck had actually a bigger component in the early-2000s comedy, yet Damon also appeared in "The 3rd Wheel" in one uncredited role.

It's hard to call if the slight rift was an individual or taken as a joke. Angela Weiss/ Getty images

Although Damon and Affleck regularly joke about with each other in interviews, a couple of remarks in the mid-2000s appeared a bit much more personal.

In one interview, according to E!, Damon stated actors shouldn"t "just execute blockbusters," and some took it together a jab toward Affleck, that was struggling with big studio duties at the time.

A brief time later, as soon as Affleck was hosting "Saturday Night Live," he showed up to answer to his best friend"s comment, saying, "I can"t seem to recall i beg your pardon Chekhov play "The Bourne Supremacy" is based on."

This is a recommendation to the Jason Bourne film series, in which Damon starred as a CIA assassin for over a decade.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck starred in "Jersey Girl." Miramax

Affleck starred in the romantic drama, and also Damon showed up as PR Exec #2.

Ben Affleck presented the award to his best friend, Matt Damon. GUS RUELAS/Reuters

When Damon got the 24th American Cinematheque award in 2010, Affleck and also his then-wife Jennifer Garner were there to aid present the award.

Garner first made a joke around the friendship in between the two, saying, "Ben is fifty percent of among the best love stories ever before told. Not v me. The actual prototype because that the great Hollywood bromance … Here"s proof the love is alive and also well in Hollywood. At least for mine darling husband my husband"s darling husband, Matt Damon"

When Affleck gift Damon v his trophy, he said, "Matt constantly said to me, "Ben, there room two things that are an ext important to me 보다 anything rather in this world." Folks: "Fame, money." girlfriend did it, Matty! You gained there!"

The reports had circulated many years before this interview. AP

In a 2012 interview with Playboy, Damon was asked exactly how he felt about the long-ago speculations that he was in a romantic partnership with Affleck.

He said, "I never denied those rumors since I to be offended and didn"t desire to violation my friends that were gay — together if being gay were some type of f---ing disease. It placed me in a weird position in the sense. The entirety thing was just gross."

Ben Affleck had faced a most criticism in the press. Jamie McCarthy/Getty

During a 2015 interview v The Hollywood Reporter, Damon stated he thinks the Affleck is largely "misunderstood" in the public eye, which has led to part unfair referee of his character.

"Ten year ago, the public photo of him might not have actually been farther personally from who he actually is. It was choose he to be being actors in a role, that he was a talentless type of meathead, through his totality relationship through Jennifer Lopez," he told the publication.

He continued, "He simply got actors as this human that that wasn"t. It was simply really painful. It was painful to be his friend since it wasn"t fair, friend know?"

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in 2016. abc

Jimmy Kimmel has had actually a fake "feud" through Damon for years, and the two love to joke around it.

During one 2016 interview through Kimmel, Affleck verified up on stage wearing a substantial coat plainly stuffed with something. About a minute right into the interview, Kimmel unbuttoned Affleck"s coat to expose Damon hiding inside.

The 3 of lock joked around the feud because that a couple of minutes before getting on through Affleck"s interview.

June 2016: The ideal friends won the "guys that the decade" award and gave another sweet accept speech together.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck welcomed the award in 2016. Kevin Winter/Getty pictures

Their bromance to be officially known at Spike TV"s Guys" selection Awards in 2016.

Per Vanity Fair, while agree the award because that "guys of the decade" v Damon, Affleck said, "I think the goes without saying that this is an award Matt and also I have actually been dreaming around since us were tiny boys ..."

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have talked around their friendship on social media. Frazer Harrison/Getty

Damon might not be big on society media, yet Affleck is, and he"s common photos the Damon a few times end the years.

In June 2016, that honored his buddy on National finest Friends Day through a throwback picture collage featuring Damon pushing Affleck"s challenge into a cake.

He captioned it, "This guy. #NationalBestFriendsDay."

Ben Affleck is open about their friendship in interviews. Kevin Winter/Getty images

According to Hello Giggles, once Us Weekly asked Affleck to describe a perfect day there is no work and without kids, he said, "I don"t understand if that day ever before comes. Ns don"t spend too much time simply kicking back. On Sundays I choose to watch the Patriots with Matt. That"s a nice, be sure day."

Ben Affleck and also Matt Damon presented the award because that best adapted screenplay. Kevin Winter/Getty photos

Damon and Affleck went back to the Academy Awards as presenters for the best adapted screenplay award 19 year after they won the Oscar because that "Good will certainly Hunting."

Kimmel was hosting, and he played Damon off the stage as component of their feud.

Matt Damon concerned his friend's defense. Kevin Winter/Getty images

After Affleck was spotted through a giant vivid phoenix tattoo ~ above his back, that was easily made the butt of digital jokes.

Per Time, during a 2018 interview v Trevor Noah for "The everyday Show," Damon protected his friend, saying, "It"s no one man"s job to tell one more man what he can do to his back. I support him in every one of his "artistic expression.""

Matt Damon expects to occupational with Ben Affleck in the future. Nicholas Hunt/Getty photos

During an illustration on "The bill Simmons Podcast," Damon claimed he thinks that he and Affleck will continue to write with each other in the future.

He likewise talked about why it take it so long for them to reunite on a big project, saying, "It was interesting, "Good will certainly Hunting" took united state such a lengthy time, and also we constantly told ourselves and also each other we simply don"t have time come write."

Ben Affleck and also Matt Damon cheered for the Red Sox at the 2018 human being Series. Jerritt Clark/Getty photos

As lifelong fans of the Boston Red Sox, it was a offered that Damon and Affleck would take in the World series together in 2018. The 2 went come game 5 to clock the Red Sox walk up against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

They were additionally joined by Dodger"s fan Kimmel, that wore equivalent "I"m v Stupid" T-shirts through Damon.

Matt Damon and also Ben Affleck have been with a lot together. Kevin Winter/Getty photos

During one interview top top "Off Camera with Sam Jones," Damon attributed much of his success and also fame to Affleck.

He spoke around how quite it was to have his girlfriend by his next while the 2 were struggling actors, even though they walk up against each other "all the time" for roles.

"I absolutely wouldn"t be below were it not for him," Damon said.

He additionally commented ~ above "Good will certainly Hunting," saying, "People would always say, "Well who wrote more of the screenplay?" or "What did girlfriend write and also what did he write?" and I"d go, "It"s just half." i can"t mental the genesis the every line, since we both composed every line."

Matt Damon and also Ben Affleck are set to star in "The last Duel." Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

After going year without working together on screen, Damon and also Affleck announced they are teaming ago up for "The critical Duel," i m sorry they additionally wrote together.

In 2020, Affleck said Entertainment Tonight the he was a tiny nervous around the upcoming medieval film because he"s never done anything choose it before.

"But it was a actual pleasure working with Matt and also Nicole Holofcener, that wrote the script with us," the said. " maintained saying, "Why have we not done this more often?""

March 2020: Affleck joked the it to be his own childhood stardom that influenced Damon to end up being an actor.

Ben Affleck claimed his childhood functions made Matt Damon jealous. Emma McIntyre/Getty photos

During an interview top top SiriusXM"s "The Jess Cagle Show," Affleck talked around the functions he took once he to be a kid just acquiring into acting, calling castle "cheesy."

He added, "But ns did choose it, and it did two things. One, it instilled in me a deep love and also affection because that this art and also craft and line the work, and it make Matt Damon so very jealous, the drove him right into a job in cinema. So ns really take credit transaction for that."

Ben Affleck and also Matt Damon it seems ~ to be spending time together throughout the pandemic. Angela Weiss/ Getty photos

Damon and Affleck showed that your friendship is still going strong when they to be spotted ~ above a twin date in Malibu, California.

TMZ acquired photos the Affleck v his then-girlfriend, Ana de Armas, hanging out through Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso.

The 4 celebrities apparently went come the beach and also had a picnic.

October 15, 2020: Damon and also Affleck ribbed every other during a humorous video clip for a charity giveaway.

Matt Damon and also Ben Affleck room working with each other on a giveaway. ABC/Adam climbed

In partnership through the fundraising firm Omaze, Affleck and Damon teamed up to raise money for eastern Congo Initiative and also by providing one fan the chance to invest the afternoon through the duo in LA.

In the humorous promotional video, the friends threw jabs at every other, consisting of Damon informing Affleck that "Pattinson took her job."

Affleck starred together Batman in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" (2016) and also "Justice League" (2017), but Robert Pattinson is taking over the function in the upcoming Matt Reeves-directed "Batman" movie.

May 11, 2021: Damon weighed in top top reports that Affleck reignited a romantic connection with Jennifer Lopez.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez very first dated in the early on 2000s. Jeff Kravitz/Getty

Affleck and Jennifer Lopez dated and also got involved in the beforehand 2000s before breaking increase in 2004.

As reports the a "Bennifer" reunion circulate, "Today" request Damon to weigh in on even if it is or not the pair is actually back together.

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"There"s not sufficient liquor in the civilization for you to gain me come say something about that," the said. "... It"s a fascinating story. Ns hope it"s true. I love them both. Ns hope it"s true. That would be awesome."

Ben Affleck, Jodie Comer and also Matt Damon starred in "The critical Duel." Arturo Holmes/Getty images

On the red carpet for the premiere that "The critical Duel," Damon common that he and also Affleck haven"t created together due to the fact that "Good will certainly Hunting" since that procedure had to be so "time-consuming" the first time.

"It took us literally years, and we wrote thousands of pages," Damon said, per Vanity Fair. "We to be so inefficient the very first time that us were sort of fear of writing an additional script, and also not certain it would occur again due to time. However I think by just doing movies for 25 year now, we identified structure, so that turned the end to it is in a really effective process."