‘The method Back’ is an emotionally charged sporting activities drama about second chances, and also as the surname suggests, recognize one’s method back. The movie portrays a gut-wrenching narrative of a grieving man, who has actually lost everything in life. It adheres to him on his route to redemption together he battles addiction and also struggles with his very own inner demons. The film is directed by Gavin O’Connor who is best known because that ‘Warrior’, an additional riveting sporting activities drama.

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The sports drama stars Ben Affleck in the lead as Jack Cunningham, an alcoholic building and construction worker, that was as soon as a regional basketball star. Cunningham is never able to recoup from the grief of shedding his wife, and also lives a life filled v sorrow and also loneliness. However he it s okay his one last shot in ~ redemption when he is offered to coach the basketball team in ~ his alma mater.

The themes discover in ‘The means Back’ acquire relevance in a culture like ours that is plagued with alcoholism as its world are haunted by regrets. Cunningham, as the working course middle-aged man, to represent an everyman drowning his sorrows about the life that was, and also the one that could have been. Interestingly, the original title the the film was ‘The Has-Been’ which records this perfectly.

Since the narrative ‘The means Back’ complies with is so close to home, it’s organic to wonder what, or rather, who influenced it. The truth that that is being around a small-town basketball coach more makes one question if the could, in fact, be based on a genuine person. In case you’re wondering any kind of of the above, we’re right here to help. Here’s everything you need to know.

Is ‘The means Back’ based upon a True Story?


To price simply, no, ‘The way Back’ is not based on a true story. However, that is closer to fact than you can possibly imagine. Gavin O’Connor is a former UPenn football star, who likewise played the sport v his high-school. The director’s finest known works, ‘Warrior’ and ‘Miracle’, space interestingly, both gut-wrenching sporting activities dramas the delicately tackle serious subjects. So, O’Connor making the film makes finish sense since of his own history and endure with the subject.

But that’s no the factor why ‘The method Home’ access time home. If the movie is not based on a true story, it carefully mirrors Ben Affleck’s own inspiring recovery indigenous alcoholism. Affleck has always been open around his longtime fight with addiction. But despite previous attempts in ~ recovery, he relapsed roughly the time his marriage with Jennifer Garner apart fell apart. The two were officially divorce in 2018, the exact same year as soon as ‘The way Back’ was filmed. Check out on because that details.

Affleck’s fight with Addiction


When Affleck had signed O’Connor’s film, he was on very early stage that recovery. It was later around the filming the ‘The method Back’ the Affleck spent around forty days in ~ an alcohol addiction therapy center. Interestingly, he acquired out that rehab top top the really the work they started shooting the film.

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O’Connor was originally unaware that Affleck’s relapse and also recovery. But when the learned about it, he to be slightly worried. Affleck, ~ above the other hand, was willing to confront his own demons, and also treated the film almost as therapy, stating that it to be “cathartic”. In one interview v US Weekly he commented on exactly how much he could attach to Cunningham’s character:

“There space things about this character i really could connect to: being a recovering alcoholic, walk through family members strife, a divorce.”


Ben Affleck believes the has details regrets in life, however his decisions have only aided him grow into a much better person. In one interview with new York Times, he admitted that his divorce through Jennifer Garner to be his “biggest regret”. He additionally opened up about the role his alcoholism had in the divorce:

“I drank relatively normally because that a lengthy time…What occurred was the I began drinking much more and much more when my marriage was falling apart…My drinking, the course, created more marital problems.”

While shoot a vital moment in ‘The method Back’, the actor damaged down due to the fact that of how personal it felt. That was, interestingly, a step in i m sorry Jack Cunningham provides amends through his wife. In one interview with connected Press, O’Connor defined how he didn’t incorporate the take in the film as it felt “too personal”. That revealed what happened throughout the shoot:

“It was more than likely the 2nd take, Ben just had a breakdown. I’m obtaining chills thinking about it. That was favor the dam broke and everything come out…It was obviously real. A lot of things the he probably had actually to to speak in his very own life, or possibly he had actually said, i don’t know.”

‘The means Back’ also explores a facility father-son relationship, i m sorry a theme that O’Connor has additionally portrayed in his various other two sporting activities dramas, ‘Miracle’ and ‘Warrior’. This, too, bares some resemblance to Affleck’s own relationship through his father. The actor previously opened up up about witnessing his own father’s struggle with alcoholism throughout his formative years, who eventually got sober. Yet this offered as a lesson because that Affleck who did not wish for his youngsters to evil the very same with him. ‘The way Back’, then, uses a raw and also inspiring tale around recovery, one the is rooted in reality regardless of its fictional premise.