Ben Affleck took over the Batman mantle after ~ DC Comics go all common universe to contend with Marvel. Plenty of Batman pan (and critics) never thought Affleck could fill Christian Bale"s shoes, complying with the commercial and critical success that "The Dark Knight" trilogy. And also many doubters still wish Bale"s franchise to be the one that launched the DCEU-related films. Others controversy Affleck brought something new to the duty in the DC expanded Universe prior to his departure. So, who"s the better Batman?

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If you think that "Who"s the finest Spider-Man?" is a polarizing geek debate, wait until you gain a pack of this one. Yes, there"s been countless live-action adaptations the Batman, and also comic book geeks have actually been debating who"s the ideal Batman for decades.

The younglings conflict Bale versus Affleck, simply since they are the most recent live-action iterations that the iconic Dark Knight. 

Why The Guardian"s Ben Child claimed Bale will always be the ideal Batman:

It’s tough to psychic what a shock come the device Bale’s debut rotate as Batman remained in 2005: the Welsh-born gibbs – for far better or for worse – nearly single-handedly forced Hollywood to take superheroes seriously. Batman starts arrived in cinemas in ~ a time once studios were largely clueless as to how come realise comic publication material on the big screen. It provided us the caped crusader’s very first proper beginnings story, and also didn’t shy away from the grim truth of Bruce Wayne’s angst-ridden existence. Bale offered us a Batman us could think in, in much more ways than one.Crucially the personality is never overplayed: Bale might wish he had actually mined the horrors that the dark knight’s destroyed soul an ext thoroughly throughout the Nolan trilogy, however Heath Ledger’s razor-edged Joker was always going to need a less flamboyant foil. Bale’s power levels dipped slightly for the final instalment, The Dark article Rises, but his jaded, late-era Bats is tho head and also shoulders over any of his rivals. Critics always mention the stunner gruff voice, however it’s really just a clever way of keeping one’s secret identity when scaring the bejesus out of much more fragile opponents.

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Cinema Blend"s Conner Schwerdtfeger stated Affleck does an amazing project of capturing the significance of Batman. Right here are his seven reasons why Affleck is the best at depicting Batman:

1. He Fights prefer Batman2. He is a excellent Strategist3. He actually Looks choose Batman4. The Trains like Batman.5. He Pulls off Bruce Wayne.6. That Showcases real Detective Skills.7. He pond the tortured Psychology of The Dark Knight.