Amid every the barbeques, sparklers, parades, and sweaty household gatherings, it’s easy to forget that the 4th of July is really a vacation celebrating rebellion. Ain’t no tea-taxing Brits going to hold us down! therefore in the soul of rebellion this independence Day, we’re rounding up our many rebellious flavors — the persons that broke the mold, went their own way, and also pushed the boundaries of ice cream greatness.

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Item number2

Pecan Resist


This pint to be a rebel of the greatest order. It had a an effective message around resisting the trump card administration’s regressive and also discriminatory policies and also building a future that worths inclusivity, equality, and justice for world of color, women, the LGBTQ community, refugees, and immigrants. And also fudge, that was about fudge, too.

Item number3

Late Night Snack


Who’s ever before heard of placing potato chips in ice cream?! Not countless people, however when the odor Gurus did it, it to be an instant hit. We salute you, so late Night Snack, you broke the rules and also covered the pieces in sweet, sweet fudge.

Item number4

Sugar Plum


Ok, we’ll it is in the an initial to recognize that this to be a monster flavor. Looking back, we’re not certain whose idea it to be to integrate plum and caramel or what influenced them, however we recognize that it certainly rebelled versus flavor convention (if there is together a thing).

Item number6

The Non-Dairy Lineup


For a firm that’s proud churned up ice cream cream smell after ice cream flavor because 1978, the start of ours Non-Dairy flavors was quite the rebellion. But fans to be on board, and we’ve never ever looked back.

Item number7

Dastardly Mash


It debuted in 1979, a raucous mash-up of chocolate ice cream, pecans, almonds, raisins, and also chocolate chips. The raisins were the most dastardly bit — it’s the just flavor ever to include them. Another rebellion that didn’t rather go as planned.

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Item number9

Half Baked


The flavor’s a rebellion, the name’s a rebellion, and also every single person who’s ever grabbed a pint and also chuckled come themselves appropriate there in the ice cream cream aisle has been committing a small act the rebellion. Absent on, fifty percent Baked lovers.

Item number10

Bourbon Pecan Pie


It sound tasty, doesn’t it? however it’s likely you’ve never seen this pint in your regional ice cream freezer, due to the fact that it’s only available in the state the Texas. That’s right, this flavor breaks the mold by being not just wildly delicious, yet hand selected through the civilization of Texas (really — we toured Texas sampling different flavors and also Texans voted the this was their fave). Yeehaw!