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Ben & Jerry"s announced a new ice cream flavor Monday to encourage Missouri Representative Cori Bush"s proposed People"s solution Act, which to be drafted to curb police violence against people with psychological illnesses and also other wellness complications.

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However, part critics contact Bush"s proposed legislation—and now Ben & Jerry"s—anti-police.


Ben & Jerry"s has sparked backlash v a brand-new flavor supporting regulation from Cori Bush. This photo shows employees at a Ben & Jerry"s factory in Be"er Tuvia in southern Israel, ~ above July 21, 2021. GettyJabari Paul, the company"s U.S. Activism manager, revealed the start of the brand-new flavor, dubbed "Change Is Brewing," during a push conference through Bush. The limited-edition release is a cold brew coffee ice cream through marshmallow swirls and also fudge brownies.

Paul stated proceeds from sales that the new flavor will certainly go towards teams working to transform public safety in America as component of the vermont ice cream company"s meeting to proceeding racial justice.

"The flavor support the vision that the people in which every community is safe and also everyone including Black and also brown civilization can thrive," Paul said.

Bush presented the People"s response Act in June. The $10 exchange rate proposal would establish a department on community safety within the room of Health and Human services that would contact upon non-police an initial responders for emergency situations stemming from mental health and wellness issues, substance use or other health or behavior complications.

The autonomous Congresswoman has actually repeatedly dubbed on she party to "defund the police," a view she routinely defends. Ben & Jerry"s is likewise known for supporting progressive political causes.

The agency supported black color Lives matter in a 2016 blog write-up that discussed police and said "to be silent around violence and threats come the lives and also well-being the black civilization is to be complicit in that violence and also those threats."

Ben & Jerry"s has likewise released statements in assistance of refugees and also transgender world and advocated fighting back versus white supremacy. Critical year, the company teamed up with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick because that a nonfat frozen yogurt the donated proceeds come his social justice organization, recognize Your civil liberties Camp.

Other spices that have presented the company"s political stance incorporate "Pecan Resist," which brought a article of resistance towards discriminatory policies versus people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, and also others; "Justice ReMix"d," because that which the agency partnered with advancement Project national Office in supporting reforms the invest in civilization instead that prisons; and the flavors "Hubby Hubby," "Apple-Y ever After," and also Engagement Party," that all sustained same-sex marriages and also unions.

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Going back further, Ben & Jerry"s commemorated Barack Obama"s presidency v 2009"s "Yes Pecan!," and also gave continue to environmental reasons with 1988"s "Rainforest Crunch."

In July, the agency made a controversial decision with the notice it would no longer sell its assets in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and contested eastern Jerusalem.

"Change Is Brewing" is currently facing backlash from conservatives on social media, where many are criticizing Ben & Jerry"s because that being also "woke." Others have actually pledged come boycott the company, when this writer said the new flavor have to be called "Commie Cream."

Ben & Jerry"s unveils new flavor to support Rep. Cori Bush's public safety billThey have to have called it 'Commie Cream'.