The co-founders the the mega well-known ice cream brand Ben & Jerry"s, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, called for white people to stand versus police abuse, i beg your pardon Cohen and also Greenfield say targets human being of color, in an op-ed released Tuesday on USA Today.

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"When police abuse black people, it’s not a black problem. It’s a white problem," create Cohen and Greenfield, adding, "While Black people bear the brunt the police brutality, that white human being who permit this racism come continue." 

The ice cream cream makers, who are well-known for their progressive values, observed that in the U.S. A majority-white electorate votes to put police chiefs, who are themselves "overwhelmingly white," into office.


They went on to suggest out multiple examples of violence against Black world by legislation enforcement, and noted the disparity between how white and Black parents, respectively, progressive their children to view police officers.

"When us were cultivation up, our mother taught united state the policeman to be our friend. Black mothers have no selection but come teach their children to fear the police," composed Cohen and Greenfield.

They added the sticking with the status quo preserves and propagates problems and that neutrality cannot assist — white world need to act, they argued.

Per USA Today, Cohen and Greenfield are co-chairs that the campaign to finish Qualified Immunity, functioning alongside a team of 2,000 other business leaders, professional athletes and dozens of organizations to dismantle the controversial legitimate principle the shields federal government officials from being held liable for their actions uneven they"re proved to have violated a "clearly established" right.

Cohen and also Greenfield have repeatedly talked out ~ above the problem in the past. Last September, following their public support of the summer"s black color Lives issue protests, lock announced they would create a podcast examining racism and also white prominence in the U.S.

They additionally released a limited-run, criminal justice-themed ice cream cream flavor referred to as "Justice Remix"d" — and promised to donate a portion of the sales come an organization providing sources to communities combatting police brutality.

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Since 2015, virtually 25% of all civilization killed by police are recognized to have been struggling with their psychological health. This 3 cities room taking action. Learn more:

— Ben & Jerry"s (
benandjerrys) November 4, 2021

"The world we pay to protect and also serve are killing and also brutalizing black color people prior to our really eyes. And also we’re letting them acquire away through it," Cohen and also Greenfield wrote in your op-ed. 

"If we choose to usage it, us white human being have the strength to hold rogue cops accountable and create a society where black color mothers can likewise teach their youngsters that the policeman is your friend," they added.