Ben & Jerry’s often tend to discover themselves in the news on a fairly regular basis. Typically, the news is centered about ice cream. Of course, this time approximately is more of the same, yet things are a bit various now. Please give us a possibility to explain. Castle have gone into into a partnership with Nike the is certain to revolve heads.

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The result of this collaboration? A sneaker the is motivated by the timeless classic, Chunky Monkey!

The sneakers were produced with this ice cream odor in mind and the attention to information is tremendous. For those who space unaware, the ice cream is banana-flavored and also it come with miscellaneous fudge and walnut chunks. The textures and colors indigenous the ice cream cream were provided to develop these Nike SBs and they are leading to quite a stir.

Nike SB and also Ben & Jerry's space churning out the Chunky Dunky! Learn much more about this one-of-a-kind sneaker at the attach in our bio. #chunkydunky

A short article shared by Ben & Jerry's (

They also designed a Nike swoosh that looks similar to melted ice cream cream. When the ice cream maker an initial began your talk with the shoe gigantic company, they both knew that they to be looking to have some fun.

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Those who space looking to take a pair home should start checking with every one of the Nike SB retailers in your area. Nothing forget to inspect out the virtual retailers, as well.

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