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Ben & Jerry"s Declares April 9th free Cone Day

It"s the year"s finest unofficial holiday. And there"s no limit to the times you can gain in line!

BURLINGTON, Vt., march 12, 2019 / -- mark your calendar, set your alarm, and also get ready for the Ben & Jerry-est day of the year. Free Cone job is April 9!

Every year Ben & Jerry"s pan (and future fans) get a scoop the the great stuff absolutely FREE. The heritage started in 1979, once Ben Cohen and also Jerry Greenfield want to say thanks to their Burlington, VT neighborhood for help them survive their first year in business.



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Today the company sells that euphoric chunks and swirls in 38 countries, and totally free Cone job is commemorated in Scoop Shops around the world. Much more than 1 million scoops will be given away top top April 9, from classic Cherry Garcia to new favorites favor Wake & "No Bake" Cookie Dough Core. Ben & Jerry"s first claim to fame, cacao Chip Cookie Dough, is now obtainable in original and also non-dairy versions, for this reason there"s something because that everyone.

Ice cream lovers who uncover themselves in a cone-undrum over which odor to pick can merely get earlier in heat a 2nd (or third, or fourth!) time.

To discover your nearest participating Scoop Shop, visit

About Ben & Jerry"s As one aspiring social justice company, Ben & Jerry"s to trust in a better calling than merely making a profit for offering its goods. The agency produces a wide variety of super-premium ice cream, yogurt and also sorbet utilizing high-quality ingredients. Ben & Jerry"s incorporates the vision of linked Prosperity into its service practices in a number of ways consisting of a emphasis on values-led sourcing. In 2015 the agency completed its shift to using entirely non-GMO (genetically amendment organisms) ingredients by source as well as to completely source Fairtrade-certified ingredient wherever possible, which benefits farmers in developing countries. Ben and also Jerry"s products are dispersed in 35 countries in supermarkets, grocery store stores, convenience stores, franchise Ben & Jerry"s Scoop Shops, restaurants and also other venues. Ben & Jerry"s, a vermont corporation and also wholly-owned subsidiary of Unilever, operates its service on a three-part Mission statement emphasizing product quality, economic reward and also a commitment to the community. Ben & Jerry"s became a certified B Corp (Benefit Corporation) in 2012. The Ben & Jerry"s Foundation"s employee-led give programs totaled $2.7MM in 2018 to support grassroots organizing for social and environmental justice roughly the country.