uncover the fun and whimsy of ice cream pioneers Ben & Jerry's at their manufacturing facility in Waterbury, Vermont. Join a 30-minute guided ice cream factory tour to obtain a taste that their well known ice cream, learn around how it's made and also undertand just how the agency incorporates important values in their organization practices. After your tour, stop by the Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop because that a cone or sundae, visit the odor Graveyard to check out what's no much longer in production and grab gifts and souvenirs at the gift shop.

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Hours -

tours are readily available daily native 10am-6pm, October 19-June 28; from 9am-9pm, June 29-August 16; and from 9am-7pm, respectable 17-October 18. Close up door on Thanksgiving, Christmas and new Years Day.


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What"s the itinerary of the tour?

Tours visit the manufacturing facility buildings, the production room, the Flavo-Room, and also a movie in the Cow end the Moon Theater. Visitors deserve to walk come the odor Graveyard ~ above their own as it is not had in the continual tour.

Is the tourism ADA accessible?

Yes, the Ben & Jerry's factory offers handicapped parking and ADA obtainable buildings. Wheelchairs are accessible for on-site usage at the ticket desk. The tourism movie is open up captioned because that the hear impaired.
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