May 15, 2020 - The summer collab between SB and Ben & Jerry’s riffs turn off the Vermontian ice cream company’s exciting pint packaging. The outsole mimics the eco-friendly hillside viewed on the container, wherein cows run in the foreground; the shoe’s leather overlays function a hairy cow faux-print. Blown clouds kind on the hoe behind a wordmark in Ben & Jerry’s font. There’s tie-dye top top the lining andsockliner. Finishing off the watch is a drippy swoosh in the B&J’s gold.

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The SB Dunk Low pro Ben & Jerry’s releasesMay 23 at select skate shops globally and May 26on SNKRS and also SNEAKRS. To look increase the SB keep finder, click here.

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October 19, 2021 - The 2021 Día de Muertos load joins the Lucha Libre capsule in recognizing among Mexico’s most essential traditions v a arsenal of tradition silhouettes and also apparel.The pack focuses on Siempre Familia, describing the unbreakable shortcut of families. The collection is an additional example of exactly how sees local expressions as the way to share culture across the world and invite everyone right into sport.

Through a bright variety of colors and also reflective treatments, the trends on the pair of shoes —including an Air force 1 andan waiting Jordan 1—illustrate the sensation of Mictlán, the journey of nine levels that celebrates the limitless power the family connection with love ones.The Air pressure 1 featuresan embroidered Swoosh with vivid pigments and a Siempre Familiagraphic is printed on the insole in remembrance to family members members. The wait Jordan 1 presents a shining jaguar print, a multicolor embroidered Swoosh withanarrow, and also the indigenous Siempre and Familiastamped on each tongue.

The apparel contains a bomber jacket and also a arsenal of T-shirts. The graphic details integrate signs with illustrations obtained from Mictlán, together asskulls and bones, the Xolodog (the canine companion that guides souls v the afterlife), symbolic creatures like the jaguar, iguana and also more.

The 2021 Día de Muertos collection releases October 24 ~ above SNKRS in Mexico, October 26 ~ above the application in Mexicoand October 29 globally.


September 22, 2021 - The air Max 90 Latino heritage Month focuses on the importance of the family unit in Latino culture and celebrate the strength of neighborhood through heritage silhouettes.

This comes v in the technicolor publish featured on the shoe’s upper, one ode to the expressive, family-oriented bond shared across Latino culture. Words Familiais published on the amount say liner and throughout the lateral next of the shoe. A more nod come the inclusivity that family:The shoes is available in full family sizing.

The idea the authentic social representation is a recurrent footwear theme, following releases the the Lucha Libre collection and the air Max 97 Puerto Rico earlier this year.

The wait Max 90 LHM publication September 29 on and also at choose retailers.

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September 09, 2021 - The Jordan Brand holiday 2021 Retro Footwear collection brings outdoor utility to fresh, seasonal color twists, producing a lineup ready to it is in wornin and also out that the cold. Amongst the highlights room multiple women’s-exclusive styles and also four iterations that the waiting Jordan I.

Women’s air Jordan I hello OGInspired by the irradiate pink hues of balloon gum, this women’s exclusive attributes a mix of matte nubuck and patent leather. The balloon gum reference inspires ethereal detailing, consisting of a printed bubble gum splat top top the bottom that the outsole. The shoe, which will certainly release in PS and TD sizing, additionally comes through a hangtag and elevated packaging.

Women’s air Jordan VAnother women’s exclusive, this colorway takes impetus frombluebird days. This version is highlighted by miscellaneous shades of blue an unified with soft nubuck andclear TPU eye stays. The shoes is completed by an iced-outtranslucent outsole.

Women’s waiting Jordan XIV LowThe shocking-pink color scheme that the Women’s waiting Jordan XIV low is charged by Jordan Brand’s belief in being boldly and also unapologetically yourself. The model applies shaggyand glossy suede andfeatures black color gloss accents and a translucent pink outsole.

Air Jordan I hi OGThis seasonal take provides a combination of materials and also color selections to use a new twist come the silhouette. Some highlights encompass reflective silver underlays, a burnished leather wings logo, two-toned dyed laces, and also exposed stitching transparent the genuine nubuck leather upper. This relax comes in men’s sizing and extended sizing because that women.

Air Jordan I hello OGWith familiar color blocking, this air Jordan I hi OG appliespatent leather to an above colorway andarrives over time for the new Year. The shoe comeswith a metallic red Jumpman hangtag and a glossy, patent-like box. This design releases in full family and also extended sizing.

Air Jordan I hello OGWith a comparable look and feel come the waiting Jordan I hello OG CO.JP, this rendition replace instead replace Midnight Navy through a recognizable Bordeaux color. The shoe attributes a jewel wing logo and also silver Swoosh andadds a nylon tongue through a stitched waiting woven label. The modelcomes in men’s and grade school sizing and also extended sizing because that women.

Air Jordan III RetroApplying a acquainted Pine Green and color-blocking scheme, this waiting Jordan III Retro comes through a subtle material twist. The shoe functions genuine nubuck leather transparent the upper, tongue, collarand eye stays, anda 3D embroidered Jumpman logo design on the tongue. This model, which comes with brand-new packaging, releases in full household sizing.

Air Jordan IIIRetroThis brand-new iteration employs rain, leafand forest camouflage patterns on assorted rugged materials such as twill, waxed canvas andripstop. The shoe likewise features a removable hook-and-loop fastenerpatch top top the hoe tab. Themodel come inmen’sextended sizing.

Air Jordan V RetroFeaturing a premium leather top that establishes a beautiful patina over time, this wait Jordan V also has vintageoxidized outsoles, eyeletsand lace toggles. Additional by an OG reflective tongue v Desert Sand accents on the midsole and also sock liner, the modelreleases in men’s and also grade college sizing.

Air Jordan IX RetroArriving in submarine Chile Red, this seasonal take it on the waiting Jordan IX attributes a quilted stitched upper atop a glossy midsole with a patent leather mudguard. This model comes in OG packaging and also is available in men’s and grade institution sizing.

Air Jordan XII RetroThis iteration uses hits that metallic gold on the eyelets and midsole throughout a white upper and also black midsole and also outsole. The shoe attributes genuine leather complemented by the OG faux-lizard-print mudguard. This supplying comes with black and also white lace sets and also arrives in OG packaging v a shade twist. Themodel publication in full household sizing.

Air Jordan XIII RetroThis retro take it combines a familiar Court purple colorway v classic, OG materials. True to form with a animal leather upper, microfiber tongue and also cat-eye hologram, this model comesin OG packaging v a subtle shade twist and is easily accessible ina full household offering.

Air Jordan XIV RetroThis iteration combine a premium, vacuum-molded upper with water-resistant, winterized suede. Featuring a matte end up on the midsole, this version is highlighted by ethereal Chile Red detailing and also custom silicone emblems top top the heel. Theshoe publication in men’s sizing.


September 09, 2021 - In this corner: A brand-new Lucha Libre footwear and apparel collection motivated by the fabled wrestling culture, finish with according to masks, boisterous costumes and a sheep of showmanship.

The footwear blends exotic leathers and rich textiles to develop fun information applications. The collection’s Air pressure 1 come in a metallic animal leather upper with a removable man-made mask top top the left and also right shoe, developing the left and right eye slots. The Blazer has a satiny woven upper, faux snakeskin paneling, and lacinginspired by the back lacing that a wrestling mask. The gold is a take on boots worn by luchadores in the gold era that the 1950s and '60s. The air Max 90 comes in a bisected black and white shade scheme, a nod to well known Lucha Libre rivalries pitting great against evil, or "Los Técnicos vs. Los Rudos." The vamp comes in a textured woven material, and the mudguard in patent leather.

The apparel silhouettes incorporate two styles of hoodies and a t-shirt, special graphics and material treatments borrowed from Lucha Libre culture, including masks and also posters.

The designs are developed from a major respect for monitoring that is at the love of gel (Geo express Lane) products. The folkloric ensemble that masks and costumes forms a true artistic tradition in mexico culture; in Mexico City, Lucha Libre is considered an intangible cultural symbol, bringing people together.

“We view sharing social expressions together a way of creating relationships,” states Carlos Hernández, Mexico City Merchandising Director because that Geo express Lane. “When you’re deeply invested in a culture, friend share its passions and also interests. By paying close fist to Lucha Libre tradition, we get to usage footwear and also apparel to share a item of Mexican society with the worldin areas like Seoul, Tokyo, Brazil and also more. With a variety of Mexico gel collections publication soon, we’re producing the product v that same imaginative focus on cultural detail.”

The apparel borrows native wrestling lore, including graphics and also material therapies pulled from luchador outfits and also paraphernalia, favor posters. The silhouettes include two formats of hoodie and also a t-shirt.

The repertoire releases September 11 on SNKRS in Mexico, September 14 on the app in Mexico, and also September 17 globally.

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August 17, 2021 - 20 years ago, stack Owens perceived sneakers together “pedestrian, suburban banality.” Thenhe began going to the gym. He began considering how to do sneakers more him. With the Converse x DRKSHDW TURBOWPN, the standard 1986 Converse Weapon is reframed. The vibe is pure Owens.

Exaggerating both the upper and tooling, his signature touch augments the acquainted lines (the Y-bar and also heel cap) andthe shoes is made bombastic. “When I found how powerful just oversizing miscellaneous a tiny bit was, i m sorry I've done with a many my clothes, that ended up being one of mine tools,” Owens says.

The shoe features an elongated tongue, mirroring the TURBODRK lining 70. The Weapon’s outsole is practically doubled in the TURBOWPN, developing a platform-like stance. Within, the TURBOWPN houses a CX foam drop-in and subtly reinforced toe box.

Another Owens signature is the consist of of his DRKSHDW iconography. “One of the main things that i think it argues is empathy and also consideration of systems of living that can not be standard,” that says.

The launch black colorway shows the Weapon’s original debut, and also underscores Owens’ method to modern luxury.

The Converse x DRKSHDW TURBOWPN releases august 31 in ~,, stack Owens shops and also select retailers.

July 05, 2021 - for visionary leader Sandy Bodecker, embracing skateboarding was a tacit nod to the sport's strength to change the way people see potential. Throughout its history, skateboarding has tested the standing quo. Whether in reimagining north pools or spotting discrete runs within cityscapes, skateboarders have given fresh life to the constructed environment — realizing new styles, tricks and also techniques follow me the way. The sport's dynamic evolution has led to inclusion in Tokyo this summer, and also even as it will a brand-new competitive height, the sport never ever falters in celebrating the joys that creativity.

Fittingly, the SB Sandy ZoomX Bruin honors Bodecker's vision and skateboarding's verve.

The shoe's design drafts from another boundary-pushing Bodecker project, the quest to break the 2-hour marathon barrier and also the subsequent creation of NEXT% to run technology. Bodecker believed there was applications of the idea come skateboarding, and also the SB Sandy ZoomX Bruin move that belief through athlete-led insight to supply the most an extensive skate competition device imaginable.

At its core is a drop-in midsole combining the ultra-resilient ZoomX foam for cushioning and a full-length carbon fiber plate for pop. It's radical, because that sure, but alsodiscretely surprise within the decades-favored classic Bruin silhouette. One more progressive twist, again attracted from Breaking2, is a skateboarding-first Flyknit upper, created from material that has actually been custom-printed with mark Smith's “Blue skies Dreamer” portrait of Bodecker, i beg your pardon hangs in The Bodecker foundation space in Portland, Ore.

The SB Sandy ZoomX Bruin will be available in a minimal release in Tokyo this summer.

July 01, 2021 -’s Rawdacious colorway palette for Tokyo —a mix of white as a primary, with contents of pink blast, full orangeand glowing crimson —is another example of how uses color to imbue deep cultural, psychological and emotional value in that is footwear.

“Color has the nuanced ability to invite both reaction and also reflection in ~ once,” says Martha Moore, VP, central Color Product Design. “You watch a color, and you automatically react in a details way. Color can additionally open the door come history, relationships to other disciplines and to memory. In creating this year’s palette, we functioned to consider shade holistically to best represent a moment in time.” designers looked to historical criterion — moments in time when civilization events placed sport on hold — and also the spirit that flourished upon its triumphant return. The Rawdacious colorway symbolizes the exuberance that reuniting with sport in the palette's heat tones, signaling new beginnings.

The color board is base in a white basic to connote unit (it comprises all hues within the visible irradiate spectrum) and a return to square one. Thelayout that colors also act as a beacon to attract attention to the footwear’s technical components. For example, the visible Zoom wait bag in running silhouettes favor the wait Zoom Maxfly sprint spike space highlighted through volt environment-friendly andbordered and also exaggerated by orange detailing. Similar to negative space in art, claims Moore, it’s with white room that various other parts that the object deserve to sing.

The an outcome is a color system the Moore states instills a deeper definition for athletes, whether that athlete is running for gold or just around the block.

“Let’s it is in clear: I’ll never, ever wear a monitor spike to compete in a race,” states Moore. “But I would wear a lifestyle, color-related design of a spike because something about it spoke to me in ~ a particular time in my life. The was meaningful to the world, and it was meaningful to me. Color can distill every one of those values in a millisecond.”

The Rawdacious colorway of choose performance and lifestyle assets will release on transparent the summer.

Check out gallery for more info top top Tokyo innovations.

June 29, 2021 - The Zoom Freak 3 is developed for creating room through radical downhill angles. The shoe’s technology supports the leading physicality that specifies Giannis Antetokounmpo’s style of play and helps to progress his Euro step, i beg your pardon the power forward supplies to warp the distance in between his body and the basket.

“One of the hallmarks of his athleticism is transporting energy easily from foot to legto practice his body with gaps,” states Ross Klein, Sr. An imaginative Director for Men’s performance Footwear in ~ “Giannis works his foot choose a gas and also brake. He additionally works all different angles of his foot as he’s driving come the basket, so we wanted to contour the architecture to right the means he transitions from action to step.”

To that end, 2 Zoom Air devices under the sphere of the foot aid absorb energy and administer responsiveness. The set-up is short to the ground, which method the foot is in closer contact with the floor, resulting in tight regulate for searing downhill attacks. The engineered top helps store Antetokounmpo’s foot contained, when the strap help lock under the forefoot, making sure his center of gravity won’t slide over the footbed. The outsole takes incentive from among basketball’s many recognizable traction patterns.

The black and purple task 34 colorway and the orange Freak colorway of the Zoom Freak 3 publication globallyJuly 1 and in north Americain August.

To download hi-res images, click here.

June 17, 2021 - This fall’s wait Jordan retro preview is headlined through the return the the OG air Jordan XI low IE in red and also black, a sports renowned for its seasonal adaptation through material updates — and for that is appearance during the ’96 playoffs. Similarly, four women’s exclusive formats for this season attribute revised color palettes and also material choices for new, energized interpretations of standard models.

Air Jordan XI low IE A last chapter the the 25th anniversary the the air Jordan XI, the OG black and also red air Jordan XI low IE returns, re-engineered to the specific 1995 specs. The model functions a genuine leather and also mesh upper, molded amount say liner and also an exposed carbon fiber shank plate contrasted by the recognizable herringbone rubber outsole. The shoes arrives in OG packaging.

Women’s wait Jordan I hello OG Inspired by the calming color of sage, this women’s to exclude, style attributes soft, tumbled leather with premium nubuck overlays. Perfect the look is a subtle, two-toned lace inspired by the string provided to tie majority of sage. The shoe also comes through a hangtag and also two extra set of laces.

Women’s waiting Jordan IVThis women’s exclusive layout takes motivation from differing neutral shades of makeup. This model is highlighted by buttery soft nubuck overlays and burnished leather intended to age and also sheen normally with time. The shoe likewise features transparent TPU wings and lace locks and is topped off by metallic, electroplated Jumpman branding ~ above the tongue, storage of the mirrors provided in assembly palettes.

Women’s air Jordan by means of Taking catalyst from gold earrings, this women’s exclusive adds interconnected gold hoops that are attached come the shoe’s air Jordan using lace toggle. Products on this model encompass white tool grain tumbled leather v gold underlays, a semi-gloss lining and also a milky-white translucent rubber outsole.

Women’s wait Jordan XIV short The women’s exclusive style attributes a shade palette influenced by red lipstick. Materials like matte nubuck and suede leather provide the cosmetics base versus metallic silver- accents, if OG elements include the tongue and also the laces v frosted-platinum aglets. The composing on the sockliner is modeled after strokes of lipstick; the shoe arrives in lipstick-stained tissue paper.

Air Jordan I hi OGEmploying a fresh, seasonal shade scheme, this air Jordan I hi OG functions a actual black leather upper through premium Pollen leather overlays and detailing atop a white midsole and a Pollen rubber outsole. The shoe comes with new packaging and will be obtainable in full family and extended women's sizing.

Air Jordan I hello OGThis new take on the wait Jordan I hi OG involves crafted leather and nubuck overlays v hits of reflective silver throughout. With a perforated collar, this model have the right to be customized both right into a high or short top. Applying a fresh shade scheme to both the shoe and packaging, this release comes in complete family and also extended sizing for women.

Air Jordan I hello OGAnother seasonal iteration that the air Jordan I hi OG, this loss model uses an Electro Orange, black and also white shade scheme v updated color blocking. Made with premium, actual leather, the shoes is highlighted by a metallic complete on the collar. Theshoe also releases in complete family and also extended sizing because that women.

Air Jordan III Retro Applying a familiar color and also color-blocking scheme, this air Jordan III Retro comes through a subtle material twist. The shoe functions premium leather and a brand-new reflective material on the top elephant publish on the heel and toe. This model, which will come in new packaging, publication in full-family sizing.

Air Jordan V RetroThis fresh spin on the waiting Jordan V uses a mixture of products from actual leathers to exposed foam and also textiles. The shoe’s collar, quarter panel and tongue bottom are layered with textile mesh, if the tongue maintains the OG reflective finish. The model is accented by black-tinted eyelets and also a transparent lace lock and also is perfect by a matte-finished midsole and also a muslin-tinted rubber outsole.

Air Jordan by means of Continuing the solemn event of the 30th anniversary of the waiting Jordan VI, this new iteration the the Retro model is influenced by the iconic wait Jordan VII Bordeaux colorway. True come the air Jordan VI’s original specs, this design employs a actual nubuck upper through a Bordeaux-printed translucent tongue and sock liner. Comes in acquainted packaging through a fresh shade twist, this shoe releases in Men’s and GS sizing.

Air Jordan XII Retro Putting a new, clean twisted on the wait Jordan XII, this model uses hits the metallic red throughout an all-white upper and midsole. The shoe functions genuine leather, additional by the OG faux-lizard publish mudguard. This giving comes through OG packaging and will relax in full-family sizing.

Air Jordan XII The version combines a Grind outsole, made with at the very least 3% Grind, with a ballistic mesh tongue. The shoe likewise applies real leather to the upper and suede to the midsole atop the faux-lizard print mudguard. The shoes releases in full-family sizing.

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Air Jordan XIII Retro This retro combines a acquainted Obsidian colorway through classic, OG materials, true to kind with a animal leather upper, textile tongue bottom and also cat-eye hologram. This version arrives in OG packaging and also in full-family sizing.