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Social media celebrity Jake Paul take it the following step in his boxing job Saturday night v a brutal first-round knockout of previous MMA civilization champion Ben Askren in a reserved eight-round cruiserweight fight on a Triller Fight society pay-per-view.

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Paul started his boxing career v knockouts the a other YouTuber and a former NBA slam dunk champion. The doubters said he had yet to challenge a genuine fighter; on Saturday, he to be paired through Askren. Paul showed his worth together he wasted tiny time putting hands on Askren and then quit him with a scintillating appropriate hand in under 2 minutes.

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It has been a stunning operation for Paul, who chose to go after a side career in boxing a couple of years ago. He plainly is acquisition the sports seriously, and he showed that he is much an ext than a social media star with his knockout of an opponent who was when considered among the ideal MMA fighters in the world.

Paul promised a first-round knockout, as did his opponent, back he to be never well-known for his striking throughout his 12-year MMA career. The didn"t take lengthy for the difference in skill to be on complete display. Ideal from the opened bell, Paul fired a spicy jab together Askren to be unable to find a means around. The two-time NCAA rings champion did his ideal to close the distance and even found a method to land a best hand that obtained Paul"s attention. 

But then Paul stepped back, pumped a jab and also fired a ideal hand that caught Askren flush. Askren broke down in a heap come the canvas as the referee started the count. The 36-year-old Askren do it to his feet however was plainly in negative shape. Although that attempted to continue, the referee had actually seen enough and also halted the fight at the 1:59 mark.

With 3 knockout victories currently under his belt, Paul will absolutely need a step up in competition. Perhaps an really boxer will be next for the YouTube celebrity.

Here"s how it every went down. 

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren highlights

The ringside check out of Jake Paul"s TKO.
ESPNRingside pic.twitter.com/YgasSH1Br4

— SportsCenter (
SportsCenter) April 18, 2021

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren results

(All times Eastern)

Round 1 (12:44 a.m.): Paul start firing the jab. Askren soil a appropriate hand. Castle clinch ~ Askren offers chase. Left hand by Paul lands. Straight appropriate by Paul. Right hand by Paul and DOWN walk ASKREN!!!! Askren provides it to his feet however he’s in trouble. The referee calls it. It’s OVER! 

12:34 a.m.: Ben Askren makes his entrance to Parliament"s "Give up The Funk" if Jake Paul follows with a huge robot accompanying him to the ring as M.I.A."s "Paper Planes" blasts native the arena speakers. This is insane. However we"re below now. 

12:27 a.m.: and that concludes Justin Bieber"s performance. Nationwide anthem time. That way the main event is right roughly the corner. 

12:14 a.m.: What a ridiculous scene here as Redkach sadly offered a human body shot together a short blow and also won"t continue. We go to the scorecards and Prograis wins by technical decision through scores the 60-54, 60-54 and 59-55. Before the key event, we get a Justin Bieber performance. 

Regis Prograis everybody. #TrillerFightClub pic.twitter.com/jJXwYtpR08

triller) April 18, 2021

12:07 a.m.: Prograis fall Redkach with a beautiful right hand come the body. Somehow, Redkach begins selling it as a short blow and the referee deems it together such. He"s refusing to gain up and also is saying it"s a low blow. Lock are now putting Redkach ~ above a stretcher while the replays show that Prograis plainly hit him through a clean punch. This is absurd. 

12:01 a.m.: Prograis pains Redkach badly in the 4th round and also it currently seems that he"s in survival mode. Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg just available a Snagglepuss reference on commentary v "Heavens to murgatroyd.” If girlfriend aren"t sporting activities entertained by this, then i don"t understand what to tell you. 

11:53 p.m.:  Through three rounds it has been every Prograis. Redkach is game yet he"s struggling to discover his means inside against the former champion. Yet if that keeps coming forward, climate he may uncover himself touching the canvas against the heavy-handed Prograis. 

11:40 p.m.: You may not think it but the co-main event is increase next and also there are actual boxers in it. Previous WBA super lightweight champion Regis Prograis (25-1) is encountering Ivan Redkach (23-5-1) in a 10-rounder. 

11:30 p.m.: It"s a ethical victory for Frank Mir together he lasted all 6 rounds against Steve Cunningham, that owns a knockdown over present WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. But Cunningham take away the unanimous decision with scores that 60-54, 60-54 and also 58-56. Man, the was entertaining many thanks to the golden Boy and also his distinct commentary. Oh, it"s time for a major Lazer performance? Alrighty, climate . . .

11:18 p.m.: beginning the fourth round, it has actually been all Cunningham together Mir is unable to execute much. Yet none the this is virtually as entertaining together Oscar De La Hoya on commentary. He"s yelling and also saying the most random things. "Your mommy told you not to smother" and also "Deflate the balloon, open minded Mir" are amongst the hits. If there was a highlight package the De La Hoya quotes, it would be worth your money. 

11:10 p.m.: Cunningham is beating up Mir ~ a round yet the actual story is Oscar De La Hoya ~ above commentary. He"s clearly been dipped in Snoop stash and also is gone mad ~ above commentary. 

11:03 p.m.: It has been one hour and 22 minutes due to the fact that the critical fight. The ends now. Up next, it’s Steve Cunningham vs. Former UFC champion open minded Mir. Cunningham will be giving up 70 pounds come the former MMA fighter. 

11 p.m.: Following terrific performance indigenous Doja Cat that contained songs such together "Streets," we obtained a video tribute to the late, great DMX. What other boxing pay-per-view would you acquire something favor this? That"s right. None. 

10:43 p.m.: Da stunner Hawaiian just obliterated The Bear man with a monster slap that drew an outstanding "Woooooooo" the end of Ric Flair. If you thought we"d be getting one more fight next, then you"re wrong. Up following is a power by Doja Cat. 

We’re going directly from the finish of this slapfight to a #DojaCat performance due to the fact that why tf not #PaulAskren pic.twitter.com/VfzXoF8kGq

— Zeus Tipado (

10:38 p.m. : It"s time for our next fight. Well, not boxing. It"s the SlapStrike exhibition bout between U.S. Champion Da crazy Hawaiian and also The Bear male with Ric Flair phone call the match. 

10:34 p.m.: before we gain to the following fight, it"s the world premiere the the supergroup Mt. Westmore. The collective of as well $hort, E-40, ice cream Cube and also Snoop Dogg each performed their solo hits prior to their teamwork together. It"s almost been one hour because the critical fight.

10:07 p.m. : Saweetie"s performance will go under in the Milli Vanilli room of fame of performances. She performed she hits, consisting of "Best Friend" with Doja Cat, but it was obvious that she lip-synched the whole time. We"re awaiting the following fight, in between Steve Cunningham and also former UFC heavyweight champion frank Mir. 

9:54 p.m.: together we await the next fight, we get a power by Saweetie. Before hitting the stage, we acquire a segment with Saweetie and also Snoop grabbing a bite come eat and the rapper deciding to put warm Cheetos top top a slice of pizza to bring out the flavor. That"s the kind of night we"re having, folks. 

9:41 p.m.: together you may have suspected, Fournier won by TKO when Reykon didn"t price the bell because that the third round. A left hook placed Reykon under in the 2nd round. Why Reykon obtained up, we"ll never know. Fournier lands an additional left hook that causes Reykon to take a knee after ~ a delayed reaction. Fournier permitted Reykon to gain out of the round but his corner rescued the artist so he could go ago to make music.

9:25 p.m.: following The Black secrets performance, we go come the comment team, and Ray Flores, who is known for his professionalism, has joined the fray v his very own foul-mouthed commentary. This is therefore unique. Undefeated Joe Fournier (8-0, 8 KOs) faces reggaeton artist Reykon (0-0) in the very first fight that the night. This fight occurred over a girl. Yup. Throw logic the end the window and reap the night. 

9:05 p.m.:  we kick turn off the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren PPV with Snoop and also Jaleel White as White promotes his “Purple Urkle” strain. After that advertisement, Snoop is joined by Pete Davidson and Diplo. Some curse native fly and Davidson states he wouldn"t have actually an concern with Snoop or Diplo having sexual connections with his mother. The Black tricks are the an initial performance the the evening. This is walking to be one hell the a night. 

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren start time

Date: Saturday, April 17Time: 9 p.m. ET | 6 p.m. PT

The Jake Paul and Ben Askren fight map is reserved to start at 9 p.m. ET . There room three undercard fights add to a variety of music performances before the main event, for this reason Paul and also Askren space expected to make their ring walks about midnight.

How to watch the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight

Live stream: FITE.tv, Triller appPPV price: $49.99

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren is easily accessible to present live on Triller Fight club . The fight costs $49.99 ~ above pay-per-view.

Triller Fight society is an entertainment platform from the society media agency Triller. Every you really require to understand is that the fight will certainly be easily accessible to stream online (in any type of browser) or v the FITE app, noted you are connected to the internet. The FITE app is available on her phone, tablet, net browser and TV. And also if you miss the event live, a replay will certainly be made obtainable with your PPV purchase.

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren results

Jake Paul def. Ben Askren via 1st-round TKO (1:59).Regis Prograis def. Ivan Redkach via technical decision (60-54, 60-54, 59-54).Steve Cunningham def. Candid Mir via unanimous decision (60-54, 60-54, 58-56).

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Joe Fournier def. Reykon via 2nd-round TKO (3:00).