WEST PALM beach (Satire from The Borowitz Report)—Ben Carson, the retirement neurosurgeon, stirred debate on Thursday by speak in a televised interview the he had actually no recollection of to run for chairman of the joined States.

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Appearing on the Fox News Channel, Dr. Carson responded to host Sean Hannity’s question around his ten-month-long candidacy through saying, “I perform not recall any of the occurring.”

“I’ve to be told that ns did it, yet I uncover it impossible to believe,” the said. “I don’t think I’d forget a thing favor that.”

Dr. Carson stated he had actually seen photographs and also videos of him marketing for the Republican nomination but called them “the work-related of one evil human being who is really good at PhotoShop and also whatnot.”

He stated he did not know who would produce such sophisticated hoax to convince him the he had actually run for President “when I plainly did not,” but he speculated around the person’s motives.

“Someone is trying come mess through my mind,” the said. “And once I find out who is doing that I will make them salary dearly.”

While Carson insisted that “there is no means I ran for President,” the did not rule out running for the Republican nomination in the future.

“I think I’d be really good at it,” the said.


Andy Borowitz is a time best-selling author and also a comedian who has written for The brand-new Yorker because 1998. He writes The Borowitz Report, a satirical pillar on the news.

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