Retired neurosurgeon -- and "Stuck ~ above You" actors member -- Dr. Ben Carson speaking on day 2 of the Republican nationwide Convention at Quicken loan Arena in Cleveland on July 19, 2016. Photo by Pete Marovich/ | license Photo

NEW YORK, July 26 ( -- Long prior to he was a failed Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson had an additional brush through fame together a bit player in the 2003, big-screen comedy Stuck on You.

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Greg Kinnear talked during a visit to The View Tuesday around appearing in scenes through Carson, a real-life surgeon who played the medical professional who off Kinnear"s character from his conjoined twin, play by Matt Damon.

"Another point someone told me is that you were in a movie through Ben Carson. He"s one actor?" View co-host happiness Behar want to know.

"Yes, yeah, Ben"s one actor," Kinnear replied, nodding his head, as footage native the Farrelly brothers" film was shown.

"That"s Matt Damon and also I gift separated in a movie called Stuck top top You. This was throughout that duration of time as soon as there to be a sirloin on Siamese pair films. go the separation ~ above us. ... You work with a most different world in display business. I never ever thought Ben Carson was going to it is in a co-actor of mine," Kinnear said.

One scene featured Carson standing end Kinnear and also Damon in a hospital operating theater, while another showed him speak with personalities played by Eva Mendes and also Wen Yann Shih in the wait room.

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