SHOWTIME sports chronicles the sprawling trip of number one NBA draft pick Ben Simmons, from his reasonably anonymous Australian upbringing to the top of the rookie course in the world's foremost basketball league.

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DirectorsMaura mandtStarringBen SimmonsGenresSports, Documentary, unique InterestSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish
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thisisridiculousReviewed in the United says on January 7, 2017
If you want to clock a documentary top top Ben Simmons this is a good look in ~ his life, however if you are looking for a documentary on exactly how the NCAA exploits the players, this isn"t it. I"ve heard numerous media outlets define it as an exposé ~ above the latter yet I don"t really see that effort. They try to hint in ~ the idea of him being damaged by acquisition him come Walmart to buy curtains for $130 and also then mirroring his disappointment once he couldn"t bought the cash earlier option. Ns mean, c"mon. If that"s the finest they can do to show how the NCAA exploits their players climate they never should have made the documentary.But as Sixers fan, I prefer Ben and also I took pleasure in watching his journey. If you"re interested in the town hall the starts of an NBA superstar this is the documentary for you.
Mentok302Reviewed in the United states on April 20, 2020
Was hoping this would certainly focus more on the corruption NCAA system. I hear they are still hold his jumper hostage till he meets GPA requirements.
PaulReviewed in the United claims on September 10, 2021
Joseph CartwrightReviewed in the United claims on December 7, 2016
I to be shocked how early on they had a cameraman adhering to him in his life. It to be a decent movie, however I was disappointed due to the fact that I come in thinking they to be going to dive deeper v the problem of colleges do so lot money off players.
Unapologetic brilliance that"s provides you an ext detail information around the Incriminating NCAA native a various lens.
Ben Simmons is clearly the following NBA superstar and it was great to watch his journey. He"s adorable and also so down to earth. And also His family members seems to be an extremely caring and also supportive. Can"t wait to watch him pat in the NBA.

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