When you hear the hatchet “swole celeb," you commonly think of civilization like Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, the Chrises, and also Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

But what around the fit males who aren"t frequently posing do not wear shirts on newspaper covers and on Instagram? Where"s the recognition for all their difficult work?

That"s why Men"s wellness is kicking turn off Surprisingly Swole, one investigation into the celebrities who don"t elegant the consists of fitness mags, but are undercover hulks nonetheless. We"re starting with a guy who’s to be bringing that for years without obtaining much attention: Ben Stiller. That"s appropriate — once he"s not shooting united state Blue Steel, the funnyman is plainly getting ripped together hell.

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"But organize on," you could be saying. "Ben Stiller? Sure, he"s funny, however I"ve never ever thought the him together a fitness icon." If we were in Swole Court right now, this is the allude where you’d bang her gavel and also threaten to hold us in contempt.

Fortunately, we have proof. After ~ conducting substantial research (a.k.a. Destroying our search history by Googling various permutations that the term "Greg Focker shirtless"), we have actually concluded the Stiller is undoubtedly swole, and also has been for decades.

EXHIBIT A: Heavyweights (1995)

Screengrab courtesy of Walt Disney photos
In the Disney movie Heavyweights, Stiller dram Tony Perkis, a sadistic fat camp counselor who wants to turn a team of “husky” pre-teens right into lean, mean muscle machines. Upon re-watching the film, it"s tough to neglect the then-30-year-old’s impressive physique: Stiller"s biceps bulge the end of his skin-tight shirts, to the suggest that you wonder exactly how this happen muster in a children"s movie.

(Want come Perkisize? check out the 4 practice you require to encompass in your following arm workout. )

Exhibit B: Meet the parental (2000)

Screengrab courtesy of Universal photos
Stiller’s do a ton that movies, but because he generally plays the schlubby everyman, you’d be forgiven if friend hadn’t really believed much about his physique.

That’s why the water volleyball step in Meet the Parents, where Stiller"s Greg Focker is forced to don a tiny Speedo, to be such a substantial surprise. If Greg is plainly embarrassed about having come walk around with his junk out, he shouldn"t be: The dude’s plainly in great shape. You check out the method he’s cut in the hips? that doesn’t simply happen. (Want the V-shape? shot this upper body workout.)

Exhibit C: Tropic Thunder (2008)

Courtesy the DreamWorks/Paramount photos
In 2008, Stiller played former A-list action star Tugg Speedman in Tropic Thunder, which he likewise directed. If Tugg"s career is ~ above the decrease in the movie, his top body definitely isn"t. Dude is jacked. Check out Stiller"s pythons while he"s gunning his method through the jungle.

Screengrab courtesy the DreamWorks Pictures/Paramount images

Verdict: Is Stiller still swole?

Although he’s traded in his Lycra T-shirts because that a suit and also tie in an ext subdued current roles, like his latest turn in Netflix"s The Meyerowitz Stories, it’s basic to tell that the 52-year-old Stiller is still fit AF.

So just how does Stiller save in such good shape? While that hasn’t revealed his practice in the pages the muscle mags, he’s to be snapped play tennis and paddle boarding, both the which deserve to be exceptionally challenging.

"Regular Joes can’t simply run out and also play tennis and also paddle board whenever castle want. The takes man endurance and also lateral quickness to flourish on the tennis court, and also paddleboarding will challenge your balance an ext than friend think," claims Men"s health fitness editor Ebenezer Samuel. "Translation: Ben Stiller is no gym slouch."


Stiller"s diet also plainly plays a role. While Stiller supposedly was a vegetables for some time, in 2012 he told Conan O"Brien the he considers self a pescatarian — and if there"s one point we know around the Mediterranean diet, it"s the it"s great at maintaining the pounds off.

So that’s the verdict: Ben Stiller. Jacked. Hard. Fitness symbol for a generation. Instance Closed. Swole Court dismissed.

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