Ben Stiller has had actually quite the on-screen career! The actor involved prominence ago in the 90s and also early 2000s with standards such as Zoolander, Night in ~ The Museum, and also Meet The Parents, to name a few. Well, with a many of skilled success comes personal success, together Ben has actually been able come bask in his fame and also fortune alongside his wife, Christine Taylor, whom he married earlier in 2000.

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Ben Stiller and his wife have actually been married forever. But in 2017, Ben and Christine announced they were separating. Fans to be shocked, and the couple's youngsters couldn't have actually been too happy. However a couple of years later, the couple reconciled; but why to be they around to gain divorced in the an initial place, and also is Ben Stiller still married? Let's uncover out!

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Updated on November 5, 2021, through Michael Chaar: Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor tied the knot ago in 2000, however, after ~ 17 years of marriage, the duo chose to mutually separate. This stunned fans throughout the country, considering the two had been together for so long. In spite of rumors declare the two would divorce, it shows up as if a submit never came to be. In 2019, the pair was spotted the end on the red carpet because that the very first time together due to the fact that announcing their split. This sparked some significant questions regarding whether or not Ben Stiller to be married, and also turns out, the is! Ben and Christine room officially providing things another go and also are at this time working ~ above rebuilding your romance.

Ben and Christine Stiller met in 1999 and were married in 2000. They have actually two kids, consisting of their daughter Ella Olivia and a son named Quinlin. However in 2017, their marriage apparently struggle the skids.

their announcement of their intent to different didn't offer numerous clues. The couple, that had operated together ~ above at the very least three the Ben's films, faced his prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment and suffered with the loss of she mom and also his dad.

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The pair provided that they had "tremendous love and also respect" for one another and asked because that privacy. For this reason what to be the factor for your planned separation, and also what lugged them earlier together?

part tabloids said that Stiller got involved with someone on the set of one of his projects, but those cases were never ever substantiated. It's pure assumption that Ben practically left his mam for who else, but then adjusted his mind -- or won her back.

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In 2019, Ben and also Christine fight the red carpet together, in their first public appearance since announcing that they planned to divorce. Though they didn't give a formal statement in ~ the time, fans to be hoping castle were ago together for good.

the course, in 2018, lock were also spotted holding hand at a public event, therefore fans had actually some idea that Ben and Christine can be ago together. In the meantime, no had ever before filed for divorce, so sources speculated the their understanding weren't in the separation.

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In fact, some imply that Ben purposely stuck near by in the really hopes that Christine would change her mind. Despite their split was announced together mutual, rumors swirled about Ben no being 'over' his wife and wanting to work-related things out.

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together the couple made their intentions clear once it involved staying together, it shows up as if lock have followed through on their word. Ben Stiller is, in fact, tho married come his mam of currently 21 years, Christine Taylor. A source close to the pair revealed come OK Magazine that the duo is still functioning on rekindling their romance.

"Ben and Christine establish they still have an intense connection and have been slowly rebuilding their romance," the source said, making the clear that the 2 are absolutely still together! While castle made have separated, Ben and also Christine never ever officially filed because that divorce, and thankfully so!

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