When it concerns Cameron Diaz"s love life, it"s absolutely been a trip to gain to the happiest location she"s ever been with her husband, Benji Madden. Because that decades, she"s been remarkably open about all that it.

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Before marrying the 41-year-old great Charlotte rocker in January 2015, the 47-year-old actress to be a magnet because that tabloids thanks to her romances with other A-listers. Her an initial famous connection was with her There"s Something about Mary co-star Matt Dillon, who she dated from 1995 to1998. In a 2006 interview with Parade, Dillon candidly reflected on your relationship.

"I dropped in love ," Dillon said. "It"s a very powerful thing as soon as you feeling that means about somebody. Cameron to be a muse for me. Ns hadn"t been in any deep emotional relationships."

But he also hinted at staying "too long" in the relationship.

"You role from relationship to relationship since you"re afraid of being alone," the said. "When ns was lonely, I"d acquire into relationships just to mitigate the loneliness. I continued to be in some as well long. You need something to to fill the emptiness. It deserve to be one more person, drugs, reputation or whatever. I"ve tried those things. Castle don"t execute the trick."


After her breakup from Dillon, Diaz had a really private partnership with Jared Leto from 1999 to2003. Adhering to their split, she acquired into a high-profile romance with Justin Timberlake after ~ the two met once she gift him v the award for finest Burp at the April 2003 Nickelodeon Kids" an option Awards. 2 months later, she join him on his tour v Christina Aguilera.


"It"s not like this is the very first time in the background of human being relationships that people were attracted to one one more because of who they are, not what age they are," she said.


In 2002, Diaz talked around her dating life once asked around starring in lot of rom-coms by The Independentand acknowledged thatthe movies were "unrealistic around love."

"I"ve heard a lot around The Rules, and around men gift from Mars and women indigenous Venus, yet I don"t i ordered it to that kind of thing," she said. "My dominion is that there are no tricks in this game. I believe in honesty and also communication and also in treating world the method you desire to be treated. Love should be unconditional."

But in ~ the finish of the day, Diaz and also Timberlake weren"t supposed to be. They called it quits in January 2007 through a share statement, noting that they had actually "continued love and also respect for one another." Still, their break-up wasn"t there is no drama. Quickly after, People report the two obtained into a public fight in ~ Prince"s gold Globes after-party the year, after Timberlake to be spotted chatting v his currently wife, Jessica Biel.

In Timberlake"s 2018 book, Hindsight: & all the things I Can"t check out in front of Me, the singer referenced the golden Globes and acknowledged the he dropped for Biel while still date "other people" -- despite he didn"t directly name Diaz.

"When i met Jess, it was undeniable just how beautiful she is," Timberlake wrote about meeting Biel at a party. "I make some sort of sarcastic comment, yes, really dry. Nobody got it except her. She laughed, and also I noticed, every one of a sudden, and in the means where girlfriend wonder if a person"s prefer you, if they have actually a very dry, dark sense of humor, too."

"I"m type of yes, really interested in that girl," the recalled. "There was just something around that girl. Type of interested in that girl. Goddamn it. I had actually to psych myself up. I had to repeat myself that ns was me -- giving myself a pep talk, shadowboxing through myself, rubbing my very own shoulders."

"Then the gold Globes come up, and that"s when we to plan on seeing every other," he continued. "We were both tho seeing various other people, keeping ourselves safe from getting hurt, native really placing ourselves out there. It take it a little for both of united state to recognize to ourself that we were really, really right into each other."

Despite all the drama, Diaz and Timberlake are currently friendly, and also even starred with each other in 2011"s Bad Teacher. ET speak to the exes in June 2011, and they had actually nothing but good things come say about eachother.

"You know, as soon as you"re adult it can happen, when civilization move ~ above in your lives," Diaz said of working with each other after their breakup.

Timberlake also told ET, "We still thinkthe world of every other and also had a great experience together, and now we have actually a good experience with each other in a various way."

And through 2010, Diaz to be already component of one more super-famous pair when she started dating baseball legend Alex Rodriguez. The two brought about an internet frenzy when she was snapped feeding him popcorn at the 2011 super Bowl.


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In a 2010 interview v Playboy, Diaz had no issue talking around making sacrifices because that love.

"Oh gosh, ns can"t also count how plenty of times I"ve obtained on a airplane for love," she said. "It"s not inexplicable in this business; my way of life demands it. I"m always traveling because that c**k. You"ve acquired to go whereby it is."

Still, she did not acknowledge that she remained in a relationship with Rodriguez when asked.

"I"ve remained in relationships since I to be 16 years old," she said. "In the past three year I"ve make a mindful decision not to be in a relationship for as lengthy as i want. I"ve stayed away from all the traps out there for me to just loss into something that will potentially lead me down the very same road. ... I want to have a partnership with myself right now."

Though lock never shown they to be dating, follow to many reports, the two split in September 2011. Rodriguez did have actually kind words around her throughout an April 2012 interview v The Insider.

"I don"t choose talking about my relationships. However I will tell you around CD: She"s probably one of the best human beings I"ve ever met, and just an impressive light," he said.

That month, Diaz reflect on her love life in one interview with InStyle and also said she had no regrets.

"I would certainly never have guessed that ns would end up dating any of the guys I"ve dated -- never!" she stated of her famous exes. "I would certainly rather have my heart damaged a thousand times than never ever to love in ~ all. I have so much love to give -- I"m no empty of love, I"m full of love."

Meanwhile, Diaz was certainly gaining confidence as she gotten in her 40s. In one October 2012 interview with Esquire, she said she was more content through herself at 40 보다 she was in her 20s and also 30s.

"I"m for this reason excited. Acquiring older is the best part of life," she said. "Like, i know an ext than I"ve ever before known. I have actually gratitude. I recognize myself better. I feel an ext capable than ever. And also as far as the physicality that it, i feel far better at 40 보다 I did in ~ 25."

She also said she wasn"t looking to gain married, though she didn"t nearby the door ~ above it.

"It"s hard to say. It just wasn"t the point I was attracted to," Diaz stated of tie the knot. "I absolutely didn"t want it in mine 20s. Or mine 30s."

In 2014, she again called Esquire, "I favor being 41. I love it. So lot s**t just falls away. Fear, mostly. It"s the best age. That"s when a woman knows exactly how to work things, or she doesn"t care around that anymore. You just stop gift afraid. Girlfriend don"t worry about what men think. You just don"t concern that time it is registered anything awful."

In might 2014, Diaz shocked fans when she started dating great Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, whom she met with his sister-in-law, Nicole Richie. After just seven month of dating, the 2 got involved that December.


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"You have actually to uncover someone in the same location as friend are. Timing is everything," Diaz told Cosmopolitan the month. "If you obtain into a connection where you want something the guy doesn"t want, it"s never gonna work. You"re never ever going to acquire him to it is in in the place. No matter exactly how old girlfriend are, finding the male who"s in the same place as girlfriend are and wants to show up is the only method a connection works, period."

"Here"s the thing: You make the very same mistake over and also over again till you learn your lesson," she added of she exes. "We girls sometimes do the point where we choose the same person over and over again -- lock look and also seem different, but deep down, they"re the same. And that"s on us."

Diaz and Madden bound the node in January 2015 in an intimate ceremony held at her Beverly Hills home. In an April 2016 radio interview through Andy Cohen, Diaz claimed that once it came to her and Madden, they had an prompt connection.

"It was among those things where everyone tells you, "You just know when you know,"" she said. "I was like, "What does the mean? Oh, I get it. You just know when you know." Like, you"re my husband."

She likewise said her connection with Madden do her fully forget her dating past.

"You know, naught matters now that I have my husband," she said. "Like, i don"t also remember any type of of that. Every one of that is like, that"s the thing, that"s exactly how I understand he"s mine husband... Nobody compares. Everything else similar to washes and slips away. You establish like, "Oh this is like the genuine thing is. This is what real love is. This is what actual commitment and devotion is. This is the human you construct your life with.""

Diaz said she in reality didn"t plan on ever before getting married till meeting Madden in a may 2016 interview v Harper"s Bazaar.

"That was the greatest thing I"ve done in my 40s, and it opened me increase in various ways," she shared. "It"s quite awesome. Ns didn"t think it was something I"d do, and also I don"t understand if I"d have actually done the if ns hadn"t met my husband. It was a surprise."

Diaz even penned a heartfelt dedication to she husband in her 2016 book, The Longevity Book: The scientific research of Aging, the biological of Strength, and also the Privilege that Time.

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"I never knew what love was until I uncovered you," she wrote. "How go I ever before live without her love, her friendship, your brilliant mind, her genius feeling of humor, and your enormous, loving, beautiful heart?"

"Thank you because that being my best friend, mine teacher, my partner in life," she continued. "You inspire me every day v your courage and also devotion. Say thanks to you for every the support and also encouragement in this book and everything in life. I love friend forever and ever."

The emotion was certainly mutual. Madden has publicly gushed about Diaz in a means that she past famed exes haven"t. In honor of her 44th birthday in august 2016, Madden Instagrammed a sweet message for his wife.

"Happy date of birth to my beautiful Wife, You"re my ideal friend and I"m so thankful for you, sometimes I just want to tell the world," the wrote. "Generous, Kind, Compassionate, Selfless, Humble, Thoughtful, Patient and also Loyal. Simply a couple of of the qualities I would usage to explain who girlfriend are, consistently, everyday."

"Thanks because that being you, I"m a happy guy," that added. "Here"s to countless more. Ns love friend