Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz is a microbiologist who has actually a high-paying task at a pharmaceuticals company, Zangen.Sheis married to Howard Wolowitz,with who she has two children, Halley and also Neil Michael.

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Although Bernadette is generally nice and good-natured, she has presented a dark side and also admits she is a an extremely vengeful person. When Bernadette argued to Penny the they spy on Amy"s day with Dave, coin remarked the Bernadette is sneaky. Bernadette agreed with the remark saying "Yeah, yet I"m little, for this reason it"s adorable." Howard and also the gang have noticed that as soon as Bernadette is upset she sound a lot choose Howard"s so late mother, Debbie Wolowitz.

Early Life and also Family

Bernadette is from Yorba-Linda, California and also is of polishing heritage.Bernadette comes from a huge Catholic family with five sisters and also brothers. During her childhood, Bernadette frequently took care of she younger siblings, which is one of the reasons she doesn"t choose kids.

Bernadette"s father, Mike Rostenkowski, is a retirement police officer who supposedly holds numerous right-wing views. Once Howard first met Mike, Bernadette told Howard to protect against the adhering to subjects: Jimmy Carter, Gardeners, Foreigners, Homosexuals, Sean Penn, Vatican II, total Control, essential Food, the designated hitter rule, recycling and Howard gift Jewish.

Relationship through Howard

Howard was introduced to Bernadette through Penny, who was a waitress v her at the Cheesecake Factory. Howard and also Bernadette shortly bonded over their overbearing mothers. Once Howard realized this could come to be a lasting relationship, he quicklyproposed come Bernadette. Back shedid no accept his proposal, the pair ongoing to date.

Towards the finish of Season 3, Bernadette abruptly damaged things off with Howard. The was later revealed she dumped Howard after recording him having cyber sex through "Glacinda the Troll" on world of Warcraft. Howard and also Bernadette got back together early on in Season 4 v Bernadette wanting to take it it slow. As soon as Howard proposed come Bernadette near the end of Season 4, she accepted.

When Wil Wheaton uploaded a video clip from Howard"s bachelor party of Raj drunkenly describing few of Howard"s sex-related conquests, Bernadette wondered about their imminent wedding. A heart-felt apology native Howard because that his past actions won Bernadette over.

After getting her doctor in micro-biology, Bernadette to be head-hunted by a huge pharmaceutical firm and readily available a fine paying job. Bernadette"s greater earning potential 보다 Howard has occasionally led to a rift in your relationship. Howard"s desire to begin a family members has additionally created anxiety in their marriage as Bernadette go not choose children and doesn"t desire to placed her job on hold.

Although she was initially against Howard ending up being an astronaut, Bernadette at some point supported she fiance in his dream to go to space. Together Howard"s space mission approached, Bernadette determined that lock should get married prior to he goes right into space. ~ the couple were unable to wed at City Hall, lock agreed to marry ~ above the roof that the guys" apartment as the Google planet satellite passed above. Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj and also Amy ended up being ministers and also performed their wedding.

Bernadette sustained her husband Howard while he was in an are and, once he reverted home and wouldn"t close up door up about it, aided him change back to civilian life. Bernadette was no in favor of life at Mrs. Wolowitz"s residence as a married couple. After Bernadette finally persuaded Howard to move his stuff away from his mother"s house, his sentimental story of how he assisted his mommy through her husband leaving her offered Bernadette second thoughts.

For the anniversary of their very first date, Howard chose to create a song for Bernadette and also have his friends sing it come her. ~ an accident in ~ the lab, Bernadette didn"t do it to the date. Instead, Howard and his friends saw her in quarantine to sing the song, titled "If i Didn"t have You", for her.

Following Mrs. Wolowitz"s death, Howard and Bernadette moved into her old house. Bernadette is acquisition the command on renovating the house. Once Bernadette arranged a garage sale to clear out few of the junk, she wanted Howard to market his prized life-sized doctor Who TARDIS. In the end, the guys had actually a ping pong battle to decide who should get to save it, and Amy won. As soon as Bernadette want to work on redesigning the house, Howard to be reluctant to change his childhood home. He ultimately agreed come let Bernadette redesign the dining room.

When Bernadette"s father, Mike, assisted them v the redesign work, that toldHoward the they might easily readjust the room right into a nursery, but he probably didn"t want to hear that. AfterHoward doubted why the wouldn"t desire to discuss starting a family, Mike revealed the Bernadette had actually told him the it was Howard who didn"t desire kids. Howard and Bernadetteeventuallydiscussed the issue, and also Bernadette agreed come think around having kids when Howard agreed that he wouldn"t leaving all the hard work come her. Howard told her he wanted to be the form of father that"s constantly around, since his dad walked the end on his family.


When Bernadette revealed she to be pregnant, Howard"s excitement conveniently turned to dread together he realized how an overwhelming and expensive raising a son would be. Through the assist of his friends, Howard pulled himself together and also made sure Bernadette knew exactly how much this meant to him and that he would totally support her. At a karaoke bar, Howard and friends sang a few songs in evaluation of Bernadette.

Bernadette wassometimes been mopey about the pregnancy and the points it prevented her from doing, such together drinking, having actually sushi or walk in their warm tub. Once the remainder of the gang checked out a wine tasting event, Bernadette spent the evening with Sheldon playing a Dungeons & Dragons video game he designed particularly for her. Bernadette took pleasure in taking a break for being "Bernadette the Pregnant".

After Bernadette learned her colleagues knew she pregnant also though she was maintaining it a secret, she was angry to discover out that Penny was the one who had actually inadvertently revealed she secret. Bernadette admitted she was scared that people at job-related would treat her differently and also she can not get the big study she to be hoping for.

When Raj make the efforts to assist Bernadette gain ready for the come of her baby by clearing the end the future nursery room, Bernadette discovered her old doll house and remembered that also as a son she never ever dreamt of being a mother. Bernadette later on admitted to Raj the she was no interested in anything baby-related, and was worried that she might never feel maternal. Raj dubbed his gynecologist father to talk to Bernadette, and also he told she that not everybody it s okay maternal feelings appropriate away yet it doesn’t typical she won’t love she baby when it’s born.

Bernadette and also Howard decided not to learn the sex the their baby while they had actually their prenatal scans at the OBGYN, but Raj admitted that he take it a peek at their folder and also knew the gender of your child. Bernadette and also Howard went ago and forth on even if it is to find out - making plenty of abandoned phone call calls come Raj - however they eventually worked out on maintaining it a surprise till the baby was born.

After Stuart provided Bernadette a baby gift of homemade coupons because that chores, Bernadette noticed that among the coupons to be on the ago of an eviction notice. Stuart admitted he had been evicted and was in need of a location to stay, therefore Howard and also Bernadette chose to permit Stuart move earlier in together he would be maybe to aid them out through the baby. V Stuart living with them again, he and Raj gained competitive end who might be the most beneficial “third wheel” in the final weeks of Bernadette’s pregnancy.


When Bernadette’s water broke, Howard freaked out while Stuart and also Raj put the arrangement into motion and also got Bernadette to the hospital. In ~ the hospital, Bernadette’s contractions were too far apart, so she was sent home and also told come return when she was closer. Ago at home, Raj to be filming a video for the baby as soon as he inadvertently revealed the Howard and Bernadette were expecting a infant girl. The couple were so angry through Raj the they sent out him away, even though he’d been a huge help throughout their pregnancy.

After they returned to the hospital, Howard and Bernadette talked around baby names now they knew they were expecting a girl. Once their baby was born a few hours later, Howard said the remainder of the gang that they had actually chosen to name her Halley and also that Raj was going to be she godfather.

Motherhood and second Pregnancy

When Bernadette returned residence with Halley, she started to feel favor a failure together a mom when she couldn’t obtain her to prevent crying while Howard and Stuart could. Bernadette had a couple of rough nights wherein Halley was crying and she was crying due to the fact that she couldn’t lull her. Eventually, Bernadette was able to acquire Halley to settle down and stopped feeling favor her baby hated her.

Bernadette’s an initial girls’ night out since Halley’s bear didn’t walk to setup when Raj and also Stuart, that were looking after ~ her, kept phoning because that advice. As soon as Penny said she was jealous of Bernadette for living such an adult life now, Bernadette claimed worrying around a baby and its future isn’t fun, it’s terrifying.

As Bernadette’s maternity leaving was comes to one end, she establish she was conflicted around returning come work. She felt prefer her an option was either to abandon her infant or give up on she career which she’d worked so hard to achieve. Once she finally questioned her feelings through Howard, he claimed he didn’t know whether there was a right selection either, but whatever they decision they can always change their psychic if the isn’t functioning out. Once Bernadette returned to work, she uncovered it hard to leaving Halley at daycare, as did Howard and also Stuart.

When Bernadette found out she to be pregnant again, she to be worried how Howard would take the news. As soon as Howard freaked out, Bernadette establish she was likewise racked through doubt about going through another pregnancy so quickly after Halley, and around their capability to support and also care for 2 children. Bernadette and also Howard eventually came to see their 2nd pregnancy as a gift, albeit one lock didn"t questioning for.

Bernadette and also Howard were initiallydisappointed once they discovered out they to be expecting a boy. Howard to be unsure just how he would relate come a child who could be interested in sports in a means he isn"t. Bernadette, who prospered up with plenty of brothers, had been hoping the Halley can have a sister.

After Howard had actually a vasectomy to avoid any future surprises, he was placed on bed rest and also a pregnant Bernadette was left come take treatment of him and also looking after ~ Halley. The stress and anxiety of the instance led come Bernadette being put on bed remainder for the remainder of the pregnancy.

When Bernadette’s 2nd pregnancy dragged ~ above for 2 weeks past her early out date, she friends chose to keep her firm and perform what they can to shot get things moving. After ~ Amy revealed come Howard the Bernadette had already picked a name for your soon-to-be-born son, he challenged Bernadette and also insisted that did not desire their boy to be called Michael after her father.As Howard and also Bernadette disputed potential infant names, she deflected Howard’s suggestions by saying they were the names of she old boyfriends. While your friends played a game and also offered their own baby surname suggestions, Howard had to take it Bernadette come the hospital after her water broke. After ~ their son was born, Howard revealed that they made decision to name him Neil Michael, despite Bernadette insisted they would be calling him Michael.

After the bear of Michael, Bernadette and Howard were conflicted over who have to look after the kids. Howard well-known Bernadette is yes, really invested in she job, so he assumed he have to be the one to remain at home. Bernadette was happy the didn’t suppose her to offer up she career, yet at the exact same time feeling jealous about the possibility of Howard being at house bonding with the children while she was at work.When Howard obtained up early and took the kids approximately town to present how great he would be together a stay-at-home dad, Bernadette was convinced he wouldn’t be able to keep up that speed all day. ~ she saw the office to satisfy Penny because that lunch, Bernadette admitted she would rather be the one to remain at residence with the kids. But when she assistant made she a coffee and a coworker necessary her come answer a question, Bernadette conveniently fell ago in love with her job. Later that day, together Howard establish he can not be reduced out to be a stay-at-home dad, he and Bernadette vowed to number out their instance together.

Notable Friendships

Bernadette an initial met Penny when they were both functioning as waitresses at the Cheesecake Factory. Penny set Howard up v Bernadette after that invoked a pact he had with Leonard. When Howard and also Bernadette got ago together again, Bernadette began to spend an ext time v the gang and Penny, in particular. In ~ Leonard and Penny"s 2nd wedding ceremony, Bernadette officiated the service. Bernadette has actually sometimes overlooked exactly how responsible Penny can be, wanting anybody yet Penny come look ~ Halley. While penny took treatment of Halley, she said her an initial words and also called coin "momma". Coin made sure that Bernadette, that hadn"t trusted she to look after she daughter, heard.

Bernadette is an excellent friends with Amy, though no as close as they both are with Penny. Together the two female members that the group with advanced degrees, Bernadette and also Amy have appreciated speaking in ~ a much more intellectual level than they can with Penny. Bernadette and Amy had a bitter spat as soon as Howard and Sheldon dealt with over a parking spot at the university. Bernadette showed by scary next by keying Amy"s car and also having that towed. As soon as Amy and also Bernadette invested time far at a scientific research conference, they were hit on by two guys who were favor Howard and also Sheldon. Bernadette and Amy realized they each had a thing for the guy who was an ext like the other"s much better half.When Sheldon and also Amy covertly auditioned their friends because that the duties of best man and maid of respect at your wedding, Bernadette was willing to forgive them as soon as she found out, so long as Amy picked her to it is in maid the honor. As Bernadette to be still top top bed rest, she sent Howard to talk to Amy and secure the job. Regrettably Penny come while he was there to lastly admit she and Amy to be “besties”, top Amy to provide her the role.

Bernadette has displayed a compassionate and also understanding perspective when handling Sheldon. Once Sheldon to be stuck ~ above a physics problem and stayed up because that days top top end, Bernadette was able to convince Sheldon to walk to bed. Bernadette likewise helped Sheldon overcome his are afraid of birds. When Howard to be punishing Sheldon by do him perform embarrassing work in return for presenting him to Professor Stephen Hawking, Bernadette sympathized through Sheldon. Bernadette claimed Sheldon doesn"t know when he"s being average to Howard since "the component of his mind that should recognize is getting a wedgie indigenous the remainder of his brain."

Bernadette has a warm relationship v Leonard. Quickly after she met Leonard, Bernadette proved an interest in Leonard"s work, prompting feel of jealousy in Howard and causing coin to shot learn much more about science. Leonard saw a darker side of Bernadette when they were paired increase in the gang"s Scavenger Hunt.

Bernadette"s relationship with Raj is more facility than v the remainder of the gang. Return Bernadette has actually been supportive of Raj and helping to find him a partner, his feelings for Bernadette brought about tension between her and also Howard. Bernadette has also been put out by exactly how close Raj is to Howard. When Raj stayed with them, Bernadette and also Howard were both angry by Raj"s meddling in your marriage. Return Bernadette was at first welcoming of all the attention Raj to be paying her during her pregnancy, Howard and also Bernadette soon found it creepy. Once they asked Raj to earlier off, lock felt guilty andinvited him ago only because that Raj"s over-involvement come becomeweird when again.

Bernadette has a cordial relationship with Stuart, though it"s become much more strained by Stuart life in their house after Mrs. Wolowitz"s death. When Stuart started living through Mrs. Wolowitz, Bernadette do the efforts to patience Howard down as soon as he"d get angry about Stuart"s close relationship with his mother. Together Stuart tried to re-open his comic-book save with aid from Mrs. Wolowitz, Bernadette tried to make Howard watch that the provided furniture to be a reasonable price to pay to obtain Howard the end of his mother"s house.

After Mrs. Wolowitz"s death, Stuart ongoing to remain at her house, even as Howard and also Bernadette relocated in. Bernadette and also Howard tried come ask him come leave, yet they gave up once Stuart claimed it was his birthday. As soon as Stuart finally did relocate out of their house, Bernadette and Howard were initially excited and also took full benefit of having actually the house to themselves, however they realized theymissed Stuart. Stuart moved earlier in through Howard and also Bernadette as her due day approached. Stuart has been taking care of few of the family members tasks, including caring for Halley, as Bernadette returned to work.


Bernadette functioned at the Cheesecake manufacturing facility with Penny as she learned to come to be a microbiologist. After gaining her degree, Bernadette was available a high-paying task at a pharmaceuticals agency called Zangen. Bernadette has had the sometimes accident in she lab, bring about stays in quarantine.

Bernadette is fear at work, also by her boss. Once Bernadette i ordered it a job interview for Penny v her boss Dan, the wasn"t inclined to provide Penny a job, yet they quickly bonded over your mutual fear of Bernie. Bernadette to be upset as soon as she found out world at job-related didn"t prefer her, however she then offered their sympathy to ensure she would still have all the job-related perks she had end up being accustomed to.

Amy and also Bernadette bonded when they establish they both have to hide their career success from their partners, yet their camaraderiewas short-lived as soon as they acquired competitive through each other over who had actually the many promising career.

When Bernadette to be on bed-rest during her second pregnancy, she to be worried that her co-worker, Ruchi, who was romantically affiliated with Raj in ~ the time, to be trying to take over her work. After she fears were confirmed by Raj, the tried to make Bernadette check out it was the same sort of stunt she would have pulled at work if the situation was reversed.

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Bernadette"s complete name is Bernadette Maryann Rostenkowski-Wolowitz.When Bernadette gets angry, she sounds uncannily favor Howard"s mother. Howard says "she sounds sexy as soon as she"s angry."Bernadette is Catholic.Bernadette is that Polish-origin and also her household lived near Howard"s family in 20th century Poland.Bernadette is indigenous Yorba Linda, California.