While plenty of have preferred Penny as the favourite on The large Bang Theory, there"s no denying the Bernadette is simply as stunning!

there is a factor why everyone loves the personality of Bernadette indigenous the Big Bang Theory. That factor is Melissa Rauch. She could come turn off a tiny bit ditzy on the show however she is much from ditzy in genuine life! She has so much to sell we are beyond beauty… She likewise has brains! however right now, we are mostly focused on she beauty due to the fact that she is very clearly a good looking woman!

The large Bang Theory is a CBS sitcom the ran for numerous seasons between 2007 and 2019. The is a an extremely long-running show! The reality that it had actually 12 seasons in total proves to united state that it was successful and greatly lovely by many. Several of the other actors and actresses in the show include Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and also Mayim Bialik. Every one of these actors space cool however right currently we are concentrated on Melissa Rauch!

15 Melissa Rauch Stuns In Black

Michelle Rauch watch absolutely stunning in this black corset style top! The lace go perfectly v her skin tone. One of the cutest things about Melissa Rauch is the reality that she is covered in freckles! She is such a beauty and it is fully undeniable. She totally stuns in the color black.

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14 Melissa Rauch Keeps united state Thinking

Melissa Rauch looks choose she’s deep in believed in this picture! One thing we recognize for certain is the she keeps us thinking about she pretty often. She is the kind of actress v the level the beauty that keeps us on our feet at every times! She creates curiosity in just about anyone and also everyone.

13 who Else watch This hot In Red?

The concern we ask is… that else can possibly look at this warm in the shade red? no one else top the charts as high as Melissa Rauch. Yes something around her beautiful eyes, gorgeous hair, and also creamy skin complexion that provides her stand out in any kind of crowd… particularly when she put on the shade red!

12 Melissa Rauch look at Gorgeous In Purple

Pictured here, we deserve to see Melissa Rauch rocking a dark violet colored dress. This is one more color the really goes v her skin tone. Even though she no really have actually a tan walk on, she is among the people out there who pulls turn off a paler complexion there is no a problem!

11 Melissa Rauch has actually Curves because that Days

The curves the Melissa Rauch needs to offer are beyond words! She has a body favor an hourglass and also there’s no doubt around that. There space plenty of females alive in the civilization today the wish that they had curves prefer Melissa"s! She a rarely one with such a good natural figure.

10 Poolside with Melissa Rauch

Pictured here, we deserve to see Melissa Rauch set up alongside a pool! She watch absolutely gorgeous together always. Over there is something about the shining blue eye color she has and the beautiful tide in her hair that completely make her shine! The reality that she was preferred to pat the function of Bernadette provides so lot sense.

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9 Melissa Rauch Is hot Than warm Pink

Hot pink is the shade known because that being... “hot”. The reality that a beloved actress prefer Melissa Rauch is hotter than hot pink states a lot! She watch gorgeous in this dress due to the fact that she really knows exactly how to pose. The reality that she hair watch a little bit messy likewise adds come the intrigue the this image.

8 Melissa Rauch deserve to Be Silly and also Sultry at The same Time

It is rarely for a woman to have the ability to pull off being silly and also super attractive in its entirety but somehow, Melissa Rauch is able to do specifically that! In this picture, she has actually smeared lipstick throughout her face in a hilarious manner yet for some reason, she still looks choose an absolute stunner.

7 Melissa Rauch Is The Blonde Of ours Dreams

When it comes to blondes, Melissa Rauch is definitely the one that people would dream that in their sleep! She has actually a gorgeous herbal glow and everything around her comes together perfectly… under to the detail! She is the kind of blonde that people wish they might date in genuine life!

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6 Melissa Rauch Looks impressive With Bangs

A lot of the time we don’t check out Melissa Rauch through bangs across her forehead however in this picture, us actually acquire to watch that. She looks impressive with her hair reduced in this way. This is a hairstyle that we absolutely support for her and hope the she continues rocking ~ above every red carpet.

5 Melissa Rauch bring The Sunshine

At this red carpet event, Melissa Rauch is feather absolutely stunning and totally drop-dead gorgeous wearing a glowing yellow fancy dress! The fact that she chose to wear a yellow dress reminds us of summer weather and the notion the sunshine! She constantly shines wherever she goes.

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4 that Doesn"t Shock us How hot Melissa Rauch Is

Melissa Rauch might look shocked in this image but we room not shocked at simply how hot she is. She is on an additional level as soon as it comes to being good-looking and that is why we room not surprised in ~ all the she is the actress the was liked to beat Bernadette on The huge Bang Theory!

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3 Melissa Rauch Photoshoots Are always Hot

Melissa Rauch has actually done lot of of photoshoots in her day yet this photoshoot is when the certainly stood out to us. That is a black-and-white photoshoot so that adds come the mystery and intrigue of who she is as a person however it reveals sufficient to let us know exactly how good-looking she is.

2 Melissa Rauch"s Red Carpet look at Are peak Notch

Melissa Rauch never ceases to amaze us with her red carpet looks. This specific red carpet gown is absolutely gorgeous on her. She is constantly stunning however she looks way more significant than normal when she is wearing the shade red. The really renders her was standing out!

1 Melissa Rauch Turned The personality Of Bernadette right into The an interpretation Of Hotness

The character of Bernadette will constantly stand the end to us and be among our favorite personalities of every time due to the fact that Melissa Rauch is the actress behind the role. Melissa Rauch is the reason why us love Bernadette therefore much and also a major reason why the display Big Bang Theory was so successful!

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