The Bernie Mac display aired top top FOX for five seasons. The comedy series starred comedian Bernie Mac and chronicled the Hollywood actor as he and his mam Wanda raised his two nieces and nephew. The youngsters give Bernie a tough time together he take away on the primary parenting duties together his wife functions a classic 9-5. 

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The display had a faithful viewership yet suffered due to the network’s constant time period changes. Regardless of such, the present won several awards and surpassed 100 episodes, taking it into syndication territory before its eventual cancellation. Mac passed away just 2 years after ~ the show’s end, leave a lasting legacy. 

It continues to be a fan favorite and also is easily accessible on lot of streaming services, including Netflix. The actors have actually gone on come star in various other projects but will always be remembered because that their roles on the show. This is an upgrade on what’s to be going on with the cast since the present has gone off the airwaves. 

Bernie Mac

Mac was the star and also co-creator with the show, top his family members with tough love and comedy. Prior to the show, Mac was already a effective actor and also standup comedian. He was one-fourth of the insanely effective comedy tour The Original monarchs of Comedy. He’d had actually starring functions in Life, The Player’s Club, guess Who, Charlies Angels: complete Throttle, Head of State, and assumption: v Who to name a few. 

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After the series ended, Mac confronted health issues, revealing he suffered from sarcoidosis, a condition of unknown beginning that causes inflammation in the tissue. The disease often struck his lungs. Sadly, he passed away from symptom from pneumonia in 2008 at the age of 50. His memorial to be attended by much more than 7,000, including Hollywood powerhouses and his co-stars.

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Kelita Smith

Smith played the leading lady in Mac’s life – his wife, Wanda. Uneven the typical Hollywood housewife, Wanda is a VP in ~ AT&T and takes a backseat come duties in ~ home, allowing Mac to take the lead. She’s the patient one out of the 2 who build her very own special bond with the children, oftentimes being seen as the cool parent.

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Smith spoke to The Real around getting the gig. “It was one of those duties where probably every african American woman wanted this part and it most likely took castle the expectancy of a month and also I was told no twice,” she revealed. A Chicago aboriginal like Mac, they came to be close girlfriend off-camera.

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Since the show ended, Smith continued acting. She’s had roles in television films such as A fatal Adoption and Sharknado 3. She’s likewise done some standup comedy.

Camille Winbush

Winbush starred together Vanessa, the eldest son in the Mac household and gave her uncle the many trouble many thanks to her clever mouth and also sometimes rebellious attitude. She acts as a surrogate mom to she younger brother and also sister. Over time, her partnership with Mac improves.