Posted: january 31, 2020 / 08:54 pm CST / Updated: jan 31, 2020 / 10:47 afternoon CST

Hillary Clinton attends the premiere the “Hillary” at The ray Theatre during the 2020 Sundance film Festival on Saturday, Jan. 25, 2020, in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

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Hillary Clinton is no done talking about Bernie Sanders.

The 2016 democratic presidential nominee stated in a podcast interview that aired Friday the Sanders didn’t try to unify the party after losing the major to her four years earlier and that he and also his supporters added to she loss to Donald trump card in the general election.

Asked through Emily Tisch Sussman of the podcast “Your primary Playlist” what Sanders might do this time to unite the party versus Trump, Clinton replied, “Well, he can do it, because that one.”

“That’s not our endure from 2016,” Clinton said.

Clinton’s comments come just prior to Monday’s first-in-the-nation caucuses in Iowa, where Sanders is bunched at the optimal of the polls with former Vice chairman Joe Biden, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former southern Bend, Indiana, market Pete Buttigieg. The remarks space yet another reminder of the lasting scars the the the brutal 2016 primary fight between Sanders, whose supporters believe the challenge was rigged in Clinton’s favor, and also Clinton, who has actually begrudged Sanders for not sustaining her candidacy conveniently enough after she clinched the nomination.

Sanders was unable to campaign in Iowa top top Friday because of the impeachment psychological of president Donald trump card in the Senate. Yet at an night rally in Clive, Iowa, one of his highest profile supporters, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, led the crowd in booing Clinton.

At the first mention the Clinton’s name, some in the crowd began booing, prompting the moderator to say, “We’re not going come boo. We’re classy” however Tlaib interjected: “No. I’ll boo. Booooo!” That attracted laughter and louder boos indigenous the audience.

“You all know, ns can’t it is in quiet,” Tlaib continued, laughing. “We’re going come boo. It’s alright. The haters will certainly shut up on Monday, once we win.”

The latest ago and forth comes after last week, when Clinton elevated doubts around whether she would endorse Sanders if that wins the 2020 autonomous nomination to confront Trump. Clinton called The Hollywood Reporter in one interview that she’s “not going to go there yet,” however later required to Twitter to say she priority to be to defeat Trump, “and, as I always have, I will do every little thing I have the right to to assistance our nominee.”

The Sanders project didn’t immediately respond Friday come requests because that a reaction around Clinton’s comments. Critical week, Sanders refused to comment on Clinton’s vital remarks, saying just in a statement, “Together, we are going to walk forward and defeat the most dangerous chairman in American history.”

In Friday’s podcast, Clinton contrasted the conversations she had actually with Barack Obama in 2008 about unifying the party ~ he ended up being the nominee with the conversations she had actually with Sanders in 2016 after ~ it ended up being clear she would certainly come the end on top. They to be “like night and also day,” she said.

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Although there was “no question” around her nomination, she said, Sanders’ “campaign and also his principal supporters were just very challenging and really constantly not simply attacking me however my supporters.”

At the autonomous National Convention, she said, Sanders’ pendant were “booing Michelle Obama, john Lewis. It was an extremely distressing and also such a contrast between what us did to hold together in ’08.”

“All the means up until the end, a many of people highly established with (Sanders’) campaign, were urging human being to vote third party, urging civilization not to vote — it had actually an impact,” she said.

Clinton, who narrowly defeated Sanders in Iowa in 2016 however lost the state to Obama in 2008, additionally criticized the caucus procedure as “an undemocratic method of picking the nominee.”

“I’ll it is in happy to check out the primaries begin rolling roughly because that’s a much easier way for civilization to participate and also for the outcomes to be much clearer,” she said.


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