Sen. Bernie Sanders
Bernie SandersGOP ramps up attacks on SALT deduction provision Symone Sanders to leaving the White home at the finish of the year Briahna joy Gray says Chris Cuomo will go back to CNN adhering to scandal an ext (I-Vt.), a 2020 White residence hopeful, ~ above Sunday dismissed pertains to that his standing as a self-proclaimed democratic socialist would certainly be a liability in a general election and also said president Trump
Donald TrumpBaldwin calls Trump criticism following "Rust" shooting "surreal" Haley hits the stump in south Carolina mary Trump records to dismiss Trump"s lawsuit over NYT taxes story MORE’s description of his ideology as “communist” was inaccurate.

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“Obviously ns am not a communist,” Sanders told host chris Wallace

Christopher (Chris) WallaceFauci to show up on Fox company Friday for rare interview top top the network The Hill"s 12:30 Report: Trump"s pre-debate COVID-19 check sparks criticism Bret Baier confirms his "concerns" around Tucker Carlson"s Jan. 6 documentary more on “Fox News Sunday” in solution to a clip that Trump making use of the designation in a Fox News interview, adding that Trump “maybe doesn’t understand the difference.”

Sanders additionally called trump card a “pathological liar” for claiming Sanders to be “married in Moscow.”

Wallace ongoing to push Sanders on exactly how he would address criticisms that agenda items such together the Green new Deal, "Medicare for All" and also forgiveness of university debt are radical and prohibitively expensive.

“In numerous respects, we room a socialist culture today,” Sanders responded, noting the taxation breaks and also subsidies Trump got from the federal government as a businessman.

“The difference in between my socialism and Trump’s socialism is I believe the federal government should aid working families, not billionaires,” he added.

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Addressing his certain proposals, Sanders said the price tags and also the review of the status quo were preferable to the alternative.

“If we leave the status quo alone, in the following 10 years, we’re walking to be spending $50 trillion,” the said. “Medicare for every will cost the median American much less than the $12,000 a year they space paying the insurance allowance companies.”

Similarly, while discussing the Green new Deal, he defined climate readjust as one "existential crisis."

"How much do you think the going to price when we have increased disturbances?" the asked.