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As a fierce democratic primary fight plays out, current polling suggests that in a theoretical head-to-head matchup in between Bernie Sanders and also Donald Trump, the vermont senator would unseat the president.

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An average of current polls compiled through RealClear Politics has actually Sanders leading Trump by five points, 49.9 percent come 44.9 percent, depicted in the graphics below detailed by Statista. Several surveys released within the past week, including by Monmouth University, Yahoo News/YouGov and CNN, present Sanders beating trump card by four, six and seven points, respectively.


Average poll ratings for President Donald Trump and also Democratic candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice chairman Joe Biden.StatistaAn extr poll through Hill/HarrisX uncovered that voters prefer any type of democratic nominee end Trump by seven points. Yet a inspection by Rasmussen critical month uncovered the contrary. It verified Trump besting Sanders by seven points.

Sanders" solid one-on-one match-ups through the chairman bode well for the White home hopeful front of main elections in six more states ~ above Tuesday. Former Vice chairman Joe Biden will look to increase his command while Sanders hopes to rebound and regain the frontrunner spot. The last will it is in more challenging as polling suggests Biden will certainly outperform his adversary in the delegate-rich state the Michigan, amongst others.

The hypothetical results between Sanders and also Trump mirror that of just how polls say Biden would certainly perform versus Trump in the basic election. RealClear Politics" average of peak polls have actually Biden defeating Trump by 6 points, 50.3 percent to 44.3 percent.

This regardless of both Sanders and Biden claiming castle are finest poised come oust Trump native office if accusing the various other of being potentially dangerous because that the autonomous Party and also its capacity to defeat the president in November.


Democratic White home hopeful vermouth Senator Bernie Sanders arrives to speak during a campaign rally at the Convention facility in Los Angeles, California on march 1.Photo by mark RALSTON/AFP/GettyBiden and many moderate, fragile members of congress say Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, would certainly hurt down-ballot Democrats. Sanders and also his supporters have argued gaffs and inaccurate cases by the former vice president speak to into inquiry his mental fitness and makes him at risk to attacks from Trump and also Republicans.

Sanders at this time trails through 91 delegates after ~ Biden surged ahead many thanks to a solid Super Tuesday performance. Voters will certainly head come the polls this Tuesday in six states: Michigan, Washington state, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho and North Dakota. ~ those contests, about 44 percent that pledged delegates will have been awarded.

The chart below by Statista reflects the existing delegate count as of Monday. Biden leads through 664 complied with by Sanders with 573. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) is quiet officially a candidate, despite so much mustering simply two delegates.

To success the party nomination at this summer"s autonomous National Convention, a candidate demands at least 1,991 delegates.

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This graph by Statista reflects the total number of delegates awarded to candidates for the democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential election as of Monday, in march 9.StatistaThis article was to update to incorporate an infographic.