Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and also Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) top top Wednesday introduced legislation to do college tuition free for millions of Americans, paid because that by a new tax on wall Street trades.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) speak to reporters in the Senate Subway throughout a roll contact vote top top ... <+> April 13, 2021, in Washington, D.C.

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The College because that All arrangement would make community college and trade school tuition free for everyone, and it would remove tuition at public four-year colleges and also universities for students from families earning much less than $125,000 per year.

’It would also make tuition cost-free at personal Historically black color Colleges and also Universities and other minority-serving organizations for student from family members in that income bracket.

The plan would double the preferably Pell grant to $12,990 and also establish a $10 billion annual grant to assistance student program at underfunded schools.

The commonwealth investments in education and tuition would be paid for with a separate bill dubbed the taxes on wall surface Street Speculation Act, which would levy a brand-new tax of 0.5% on stock trades, a 0.1% fee on shortcut trades and also a 0.005% fee on derivatives.

This isn’t the an initial time Sanders has pushed because that a financial transaction tax—he floated the idea during his presidential campaign in 2016 and also introduced law containing the taxation in 2019.

Crucial Quote

“While president Biden can and should immediately cancel student debt for countless borrowers, Congress should ensure that working households never have to take out these crushing loan to obtain a higher education in the first place,” Jayapal said in a statement.

Big Number

$2.4 trillion. That’s how much the new tax on wall surface Street transactions could raise end the next decade, according to a an introduction of the legislation. When the taxes Policy facility analyzed Sanders’ campaign proposal for a jae won transaction taxes (a arrangement he said would advanced $3 sunshine over a decade), it concluded that the proposal would only generate about $400 exchange rate in revenue.

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Chief Critic

Not everyone is a fan of new taxes on wall Street trades. “A jae won transaction taxation would decrease returns for world saving to buy a house, pay because that college or retire,” Tom Quaadman, executive vice chairman of the U.S. Chamber center for resources Markets Competitiveness, stated in a statement report by CNBC in 2019. “It would additionally make it an ext expensive because that businesses come raise the funding they need to start, expand, and create jobs.”

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