Bernie Sanders’ project tried ~ above Thursday to street the presidential candidate native a 1972 essay in i beg your pardon he composed – amongst other points – a women “fantasizes being raped by three men simultaneously.”

Michael Briggs, Sanders’ recently minted project spokesman, stated the short article was a “dumb effort at dark satire in an different publication” that “in no way reflects his views or document on women.”

“It to be intended to strike gender stereotypes of the ‘70s, but it looks together stupid today as it was then,” Briggs said

The vermont senator is currently pursuing the 2016 autonomous presidential nomination.

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The 1972 essay, which was very first revealed in a file by mother Jones, was released in the vermont Freeman, an alternative newspaper from Sanders’ residence state. The ran the same year the Sanders ran for branch of the state together a member that the anti-Vietnam war Liberty Union Party. He shed the race, yet was chosen mayor the Burlington in 1981.

“Have you looked in ~ the Stag, Man, Hero, tough magazines ~ above the shelf that your neighborhood bookstores? carry out you understand why the newspapers with short articles like ‘Girl, 12, raped by 14 men’ offer so well?” Sanders wrote. “To what in us are they appealing?”


The article also says that a male “typical fantasy” that a woman has her “tied up” and also “abused.”

Sanders analyzes the dynamics the sexuality and also relationship in between men and also women, consisting of a seemingly made up conversation between a couple about your deteriorating relationship.

“And they never ever again made love with each other (which they had actually each favored to do much more than anything) or never ever saw each various other one an ext time,” the wrote.

In the statement, Briggs claimed that the essay surfaced as a an outcome of Sanders’ presidential ambitions.


united state Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at a campaign rally in Chicago in march 2019. Sanders, an independent native Vermont, is the longest-serving elevation in the background of Congress.

Sanders, right, leader a sit-in arranged by the conference of gyeongju Equality in 1962. The demonstration to be staged come oppose housing segregation at the university of Chicago. It to be Chicago"s an initial civil rights sit-in.

Sanders takes the oath the office to come to be the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, in 1981. He ran together an independent and won the gyeongju by 10 votes.
Sanders, right, tosses a baseball before a minor-league video game in vermouth in 1984. United state Sen. Patrick Leahy, center, was likewise on hand.

In 1987, Sanders and a group of vermont musicians videotaped a spoken-word individual album. "We chandelier Overcome" was very first released together a cassette that sold around 600 copies. When Sanders gotten in the us presidential gyeongju in 2015, the album surged in online sales. However at a town hall, Sanders said, "It"s the worst album ever before recorded."
Sanders reads mail at his campaign office in Burlington in 1990. He was running for the US house of to represent after an unsuccessful bid in 1988.
In 1990, Sanders defeated US Rep. Peter smith in the race for Vermont"s lone house seat. He won by 16 percentage points.
Sanders sits next to President invoice Clinton in 1993 prior to the Congressional steady Caucus organized a conference at the White House. Sanders co-founded the caucus in 1991 and served together its an initial chairman.
Sanders takes component in a swearing-in ceremony in ~ the united state Capitol in January 2007. He won his Senate seat v 65% of the vote.
Sanders chats v Dr. Man Matthew, director of The Health facility in Plainfield, Vermont, in may 2007. Sanders was in Plainfield come celebrate a new source that federal capital for The health and wellness Center.
Sanders speaks to reporters in 2010 about the Obama administration"s press to extend Bush-era tax cuts. Three days later, Sanders hosted a filibuster versus the reinstatement of the tax cuts. His speech, which lasted much more than eight hours, was published in book type in 2011. That is dubbed "The Speech: A historical Filibuster on corporate Greed and also the decrease of Our center Class."
Sanders and US Rep. Jeff Miller, chairman of the home Committee ~ above Veterans" Affairs, walk come a news conference top top Capitol Hill in 2014. Sanders to be chairman the the Senate Committee on Veterans" Affairs.
In in march 2015, Sanders speak in front of letters and petitions asking Congress to disapprove proposed cuts to social Security and Medicare.

In July 2015, two months ~ announcing he would be seeking the democratic Party"s nomination because that President, Sanders speak to practically 10,000 supporters in Madison, Wisconsin. "Tonight we have actually made a little bit that history," he said. "You may understand that some 25 candidates space running because that President that the united States, but tonight us have much more people at a conference for a candidate because that President the the United states than any kind of other candidate has."

secs after Sanders took the phase for a project rally in august 2015, a dozen protesters indigenous Seattle"s black color Lives issue chapter jumped barricades and grabbed the microphone native the senator. Stop a banner that claimed "Smash Racism," two of the protesters -- Marissa Johnson, left, and Mara Jacqueline Willaford -- began to resolve the crowd.

Sanders shakes hands with Hillary Clinton in ~ a Democratic conflict in las Vegas in October 2015. The hand shake come after Sanders" take it on the Clinton email scandal. "Let me say something that might not be good politics, yet the secretary is right -- and also that is the the American world are sick and also tired of hearing around the cursed emails," Sanders said. "Enough of the emails, let"s talk about the real concerns facing the United claims of America."

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Sanders embraces Remaz Abdelgader, a Muslim student, throughout an October 2015 event at George Mason university in Fairfax, Virginia. Asked what he would certainly do about Islamophobia in the united States, Sanders claimed he was identified to hit racism and also "build a nation in which us all stand with each other as one people."