Polymer-framed, striker-fired weapons may be every the rage, but Mr. Browning's job-related isn't going anywhere, as these 14 newly-released 1911 pistols prove.

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Browning 1911-22 black color Label MedallionFor 2017, Browning is giving both full-sized and compact variants the the brand-new 1911-22 black Label Medallion. This .22 LR pistols room scaled-down execution of the classic 1911 in .45 ACP—they’re roughly 85-percent smaller—with matte black color finishes, 4.25- or 3.63-inch barrels, steel three-dot sights, 10-round magazines, ambidextrous ignorance safeties, skeletonized hammers and checkered rosewood grips featuring Browning’s gold Buckmark inlay.

Chambers practice Black KnightThis is a pure custom build from the shop that Joe Chambers, and also it’s as much a work of art together it is a reliable weapon. The pistol is developed on a Caspian frame and features a tri-cut slide through custom cocking serrations. But the pistol shoots far better than it looks. Once asked just how accurate the black color Knight is, Joe answered, “This gun created 10-shot teams at 50 yards the end of a Ransom rest that averaged 1.25 inches. The worst target for 10 shots was just under 1.4 inches, and also the ideal was just over 1.15 inches.” While no for everyone’s pocketbook, the black color Knight is an remarkable gun.

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Christensen eight A-Series 1911sChristensen Arms has long been well-known for building exceptional weapons, and this year the firm has broadened its 1911 line to incorporate aluminum-framed models. The 4-inch-barreled A4 and also 5-inch-barreled A5 and also A5-TR (with a threaded barrel) space currently available in 9mm with premium components, including a tunable match-grade trigger. These guns attribute flattop, stainless steel slides that room hand-fitted because that a perfectly smooth and highly precise handgun—they’re guarantee to create five-shot, 2-inch teams at 25 yards.

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Colt vain StainlessBuilding top top the remarkable success that the Colt vain pistol, Colt has increased the heat by giving the same an excellent feature set in a stainless steel model. The stainless stole Colt competition pistol features Colt’s innovative twin Spring Recoil System, i m sorry reduces feel recoil and helps keep shots on target at an important moments. Other features incorporate a Novak flexible rear sight and fiber-optic prior sight, one undercut triggerguard, a high-swept beavertail grip safety and a National enhance barrel.

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Colt Combat CommanderColt has been one of the most prolific 1911 builders in history, and also that tradition proceeds in 2017. This year the firm is releasing the freshly updated Combat Commander. Designed for the 1911 enthusiast who wants something much more compact for covert carry, the Combat command now features the exact same upgraded ergonomics together the Colt Lightweight Commander and also Colt Competition. The brand-new Combat Commander functions an upswept beavertail tight safety and also undercut triggerguard to enable users come get good purchase on the grip. The gun additionally has Colt’s dual Spring Recoil System.
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Colt Delta elite Rail GunIn some circles, Colt is seen as the firm that conserved the 10mm round from obscurity, and now Colt is supplying yet another model in that powerful chambering v the brand-new Delta upstream Rail Gun. Aimed toward the outdoorsman who needs a sidearm stout enough for midsized game and also prefers the proven 1911 platform, the Delta upstream has constantly been a peak choice. Through its current redesign, it didn’t seem the the model might get any type of better, yet Colt discovered a means to improve upon that again by giving the Delta Elite v an accessory rail.
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Rock Island Armory G1 10mmRock Island Armory has broadened its GI-series pistol line by adding a new gun in 10mm. While numerous of the brand-new 10mm 1911s sports 6-inch barrels, this all-steel gun has a 5-inch barrel and overall dimensions very comparable to various other 5-inch-barreled 1911s. The pistol’s style is a mix of features from the 1911 and 1911A1, with a quick trigger and a level mainspring housing.
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Iverson custom CarryFor the “have it your way” crowd, yes sir a new custom gun device on the block—Iverson Arms—which is led by industry veteran Eric Iverson. Iverson Arms’ goal is to design and also build the best custom and production tools systems and accessories in the world. Iverson’s initial supplying is a 1911-style handgun, through the slide and also frame made from aerospace/military-grade materials with precision fitting because that each piece. Some options currently obtainable include 4- and 5-inch barrels, bobtail or complete frames, tactical rails, and squared or rounded triggerguards. Initial offerings will certainly be chambered in 9mm and also .45 ACP.
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Ruger SR1911 TargetRuger’s newest 1911 is a stainless steel pistol through a low-glare finish, a 5-inch barrel, an ambidextrous ignorance safety and a BoMar-style adjustable rear sight. For amplified accuracy, the stainless stole barrel and bushing are developed from the exact same bar share on the very same machine. The pistol uses a series 70 trigger system, a skeletonized hammer and also checkered G10 fixed panels. The frontstrap is smooth, yet the mainspring real estate is skillful checkered.
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Springfield Armory EMP 4″ CCCThe brand-new EMP 4″ Concealed bring Contour (CCC) from Springfield is a new version that the 9mm EMP v a 4-inch, match-grade bull barrel, a satin-finished stainless stole slide and a black hardcoat anodized frame. An ext enhancements include G10 fixed panels v aggressive Posi-Lock texturing because that a non-slip hold, a red fiber-optic prior sight and a snag-free, two-dot rear sight. The pistol earns that name many thanks to that bobtail-style frame, which helps avoid printing.
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Standard production 1911sDue come the popularity of the company’s rifles and shotguns, Standard manufacturing is producing a 1911 pistol machined native carbon-steel forgings with modern-day CNC machinery. Typical Manufacturing’s 1911s are obtainable with blued or color-casehardened finishes, and also engraving is likewise an option. This .45 ACP guns feature 5-inch, stainless steel, match-grade barrels, low-mount tactical sights, match-grade triggers and double-diamond-checkered rosewood fixed panels. The 1911s likewise ship with two 8-round magazines and also a durable, lockable, polymer storage case.
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STI HEX Tactical 3.0STI recently released that HEX Tactical 3.0, a shorter, much more compact variation of the popular HEX Tactical 4.0 and also 5.0. This 3.7-inch-barreled version sports a Cerakote finish and unique Hex serrations on the slide for basic racking from any type of angle. Both single-stack (SS) and double-stack (DS) execution in 9mm room available, and the latter offers a chuck 15+1 capacity.
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Wilson Combat EDC X9Wilson Combat has redefined the defensive handgun through the EDC X9, a contemporary hybrid that the that company EDC 9 on slide assembly mated through the all-new, higher-capacity X-frame. Draft by invoice Wilson and also Wilson Combat engineers, the X-frame holds a 15-round newspaper (designed with assist from MEC-GAR) while quiet being comparable in size to a traditional compact, single-stack 1911. The X-frame is machined native 7075-T6 aluminum through a bobtail-style reduced for simpler concealment.
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Wilson Combat X-TAC EliteEnhanced by Wilson Combat gunsmiths for day-to-day carry and hard-use training, the X-TAC elite is a unique choice for shooters in search of a helpful 1911-style pistol that comes standard with several cutting-edge performance options. The gun is developed on a full-sized, carbon-steel frame and has an excellent features like distinct X-TAC serrations ~ above the slide, frontstrap and mainspring housing, a bullet Proof magazine well and a match-grade, 5-inch, stainless steel barrel and also bushing. The total is also accessible with a number different Armor-Tuff finish options.

In a people where manufacturers space constantly developing new firearms and also products, that is refreshing come see simply what is tho being done to the venerable 1911. A selection of 1911 home builders are mirroring that this old workhorse is still capable of evolution and improvement. In an almost cryptic way, 1911 pistols are the same however different. The body and also soul that Mr. Browning’s work-related remains, yet the well tuning and also improvements continue. While the sector seems to be donate polymer-framed, striker-fired guns, the 1911 has proven the it will constantly be around. Here is a quick look at some of the brand-new products and advances in the 1911 human being for 2017.

For much more information about the 1911 pistols featured in the collection above, please visit the following sites.

Browning 1911-22 black Label Medallionbrowning.com

Chambers custom Black Knightchamberscustom.com

Christensen eight A-Series 1911schristensenarms.com

Colt vain Stainlesscolt.com

Colt Combat Commandercolt.com

Colt Delta elite Rail Guncolt.com

Iverson practice Carryiversonmanufacturing.com

Rock Island Armory G1 10mmarmscor.com

Ruger SR1911 Targetruger.com

Springfield Armory EMP 4“ CCCspringfield-armory.com

Standard manufacturing 1911sstdgun.com

STI HEX Tactical 3.0stiguns.com

Wilson Combat EDC X9wilsoncombat.com

Wilson Combat X-TAC Elitewilsoncombat.com

This post was originally published in “America’s Handgun model 1911” 2017. To order a copy, visit outdoorgroupstore.com.


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