Hungry for part action? If you have actually an Amazon prime account, you deserve to stream hundreds of classic and recent action movies on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or smart TV via the Prime video clip service.

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Of course, the Amazon Prime video clip action flicks magazine is constantly changing. V that in mind, we’ve choose the ten best activity movies currently available on the streaming platform. In our selection, we have actually made sure that the movies on our list are obtainable with her subscription and also without extra rental fees.

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Editor’s note: we will update this list consistently as activity movies leave Amazon Prime video clip and others room introduced.

This is one unusual activity movie. There room no villains, and also no guns are fired. Instead, the movie is about a train the is both unmanned and also is speeding out of regulate in the Pennsylvania countryside. Oh, and it additionally has part deadly chemicals that might kill thousands if that crashes in a populated area. It’s increase to 2 train operators, played by Denzel Washington and also Chris Pine, to avoid the train safely before it deserve to do any damage.


Entering the mental of others to steal their secrets doesn’t sound favor an action movie. Yet, Christopher Nolan made that one in one of his ideal films. A team of human being trained to enter people’s dreams, led through Leonardo DiCaprio, shot to do their greatest score yet. The final result includes some zero-gravity fights, a massive attack on a fortress in one dream, and also much more. This is definitely one that the best action movies on Amazon Prime video you can at this time watch.


This activity movie ~ above Amazon Prime video clip will save you guessing till the end. That’s because the movie keeps shifting between characters, and also timelines, in the narrative. The final an outcome is an activity movie around an effort to death the us President, but with a the majority of twists and also turns the you nearly certainly will certainly not watch coming. The finale likewise has a really cool action movie collection piece together well.


Sylvester Stallone is definitely no stranger to activity films. This movie is one of his very best. That plays a expert climber who gets recruited come recuse civilization who room in a airplane crash high up in the Rocky Mountain. What he doesn’t understand is the the airplane was owned by the us Treasury and also was deliberately crashed by part criminals, led by john Lithgow. They desire to take it the instances of money on plank the airplane for themselves. Can Stallone avoid them? It’s among the best you can watch top top Amazon Prime.


While this movie to be a little bit of a disappointment at package office once it was first released, the has since generated a cult following. It supplies retro 1930s art deco and futuristic designs come tell the tale of skies Captain, played by Jude Law. This elevation pilot that fights crime has to resolve his best threat however as huge robots start attacking new York City. This movie has a truly distinctive look, with completely digital sets and also locations, in addition to some impressive CGI effects. It has to be one of the best activity movies Amazon Prime needs to offer.


Harrison Ford might be the toughest movie president of every time. In this classic action film, he and also others board the President’s aircraft are take away hostage through a group of Russian terrorists, lead by Gary Oldman. Their goal is to acquire Russia to free their jailed leader. Us don’t desire to damn it the movie because that you, so we won’t walk into much more details.

One of the best activity movies top top Amazon Prime video clip also spawned a large franchise. Numerous sequels come the original 1986 movie were released afterward, along with a long-running syndicated TV series. The an initial movie is quiet the best, however. Christopher Lambert theatre a Scottish warrior who is several hundred years old. He’s part of a subset the the human race that cannot die, unless their head comes off their body. He has actually to fight other immortals in order to it is in the just one left standing. There room some pretty swordplay action sequences, and Sean Connery makes the many of his brief function as another immortal who teaches Lambert’s character about how to safeguard himself.

Based ~ above the true story of an to escape of over 70 POWs indigenous a Nazi jail camp, The an excellent Escape contains some an excellent action collection pieces. That consists of a memorable motorcycle chase with Steve McQueen do the efforts to get rid of some German military pursuers. There’s likewise lots the tension prior to the yes, really escape, together the prisoners make their plans, with the constant worry that the Nazis can discover your plans before the really breakout happens.

This 1971 Pest snapshot Oscar winner is really loosely based on real events. Gene Hackman plays NYC cop Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle, that takes top top an global drug ring. This movie is finest known for its auto chase sequence, together Doyle do the efforts to drive on city roads to capture up come an elevated train that is boarded by a drug hitman. Also by today’s movie-making standards, the follow is fast and also furious (no pun intended)

This is a pure early on 1990s activity movie, through Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, and also Bill Paxton play members the the us Nacy’s distinct ops military unit. Their main goal in this movie is to take the end a terror organization, and there are lots of good action sequences, including a final fight with explosions, guns, and, yes, a chase sequence. If girlfriend haven’t viewed it yet, capture this action movie top top Amazon element is precious checking out.

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Honorable mentions

Here room a couple of more good action movies on Amazon Prime video clip that you can check out:

These room our picks for the best action movies top top Amazon prime Video! We’ll upgrade this article regularly with new films when they are presented on the platform.