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Updated for March 2020.

You can see a finish list of Amazon brand-new releases here.

Amazon understands the importance of activity movies/ activity has always been an inseparable component of cinema ever because thattrain rushed towards the screenand terrified everyone in the beforehand 20th century.

It was just a issue of time before action movies became one the the most important genres at package office. Very sewing you don’t have to go to package office or anywhere else to obtain your action movie thrills now. Just head to her friendly community streaming service.

Amazon Prime video clip has a totality host of action movies prepared to go for you. In reality it currently offers the most cost-free action movies of any of the four major streamers (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO). For this reason without additional ado…

Lights. Camera. Action!


The male from Nowhere

Asian countries are well stood for on our action movies lists. Now South Korea provides its debut withThe guy from Nowhere.

There’s a strongJohn Wick-ian spirit inThe guy from Nowhere.Cha Tae-sik (Won Bin) is a pawnshop owner simply trying to stay out of problem (that’s a recurring theme in action movies). Then problem finds him when mobsters kidnap his just friend – the small girl who lives following door,So-mi.Cha Tae-sik embarks on a righteous mission to recuperate So-mi and kill part nameless dudes in the process.

The male from Nowhereactually precedes John Wick by four years and is a great example that how solid an understanding Eastern cinema had of action films before the West determined to gain its action together.


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The shed City of Z

The lost City that Zis actually an Amazon Studios production, which is fitting as it follows an adventure into the actual Amazon Jungle.

Charlie Hunnam stars together British officer and adventurer Percy Fawcett. The geopolitical forces that will eventually lead to civilization War I room brewing and also Fawcett is asked come lead an exploration into debated rainforest territory between Bolivia and also Brazil. While there Fawcett hears stories of a supposed lost opulent city and decides to uncover it because that himself.

The lost City of Zis pure action-adventure. It’s Indiana Jones-esque and also based ~ above a true story to boot.

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Brawl in cabinet Block 99

Vince Vaughn’s transformation from schlubby, lovable comedy star to action movie badass proceeds inBrawl in cabinet Block 99.


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Vaughn stars as Bradley Thomas, a retired boxer and also current drug mule. After a job goes horribly bad, Bradley is arrested and also sentenced to seven years in a tool security prison. Tool security? that doesn’t sounds so negative at least! that is though. It’s very, very, really bad. Bradley is immediately set upon by members that the medicine syndicate that failed and also the jail warden to make his life a living hell. Therefore Bradley begins to fight earlier in satisfyingly violent ways.

Brawl in cabinet Block 99is a hardcore, violent activity movie and another step in the best direction for Vaughn together a gritty B action movie star.

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Hulking Khal Drogo actor Jason Momoa was born to be an activity movie star. So 2018’sBravenlets him it is in one.

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Joe (Momoa) and his father (Stephen Lang) head to a diverted cabin (their first mistake) in the woods for a nice quiet vacation and also to acquire some new air because that Joe’s father’s dementia. As soon as they get there, however, they find a surprise stash that heroin in the cabin. And the dealers desire it back.