15 Adult Cartoons That space Way better Than family Guy Seth MacFarlane"s family members Guy has dipped significantly in terms of quality in recent years, but these 10 animated collection serve as great alternatives.

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Split image of adult cartoons like American Dad, Rick and also Morty, and Beavis and also Butthead.
When Family Guy was in that is prime, it plainly was among the optimal adult cartoons the end there. Yet, together time has gone by, this show has bring away a massive step back in quality, i beg your pardon is a shame. This collection used to be hilarious, yet its flaws have actually been reflecting far an ext over the years. This has soured its call for many, and, in ~ times, some newer episodes have actually been so bland that it is challenging to think it is tho on the air.

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Even through this being the case, there are, thankfully, a most shows in that genre the outclass it. Whether they space old or at this time still on the air, lock all have actually qualities around them the have enabled them to it is in immensely solid in quality.

Update Oct. 5, 2021: It"s true the one-time archetypes the adult animation like household Guy and The Simpsons have recently waned in both popularity and also quality, however the last couple of years have actually seen newcomers choose Rick and Morty and huge Mouth compete for the after-dark TV throne.

Obviously, couple of series have enough staying strength to stay on-air because that over two decades like family Guy, but, provided how stale Seth MacFarlane"s 2000s darling has become, it"s time for fans to look elsewhere to obtain their daily dose the profane humor.

an additional one the Seth MacFarlane"s creations, American Dad is often noted for its fantastic comedy and great group the characters. It can be argued that the is simply far better than Family Guy, as it possesses stronger storylines and simply much more heart.

In regards to creativity, this collection tends to constantly be evolving, i m sorry is a necessity for a long-running show. American Dad characters such together Steve and also Roger are just adult comedy staples, as they bring a the majority of marvelous contents to the show, even if it is it be your dialogue or weird hijinks.

The cast of personalities from the Adult Swim collection Aqua teenager Hunger Force.
focusing on a band of anthropomorphic fast food superheroes, Aqua teen Hunger Force ran ~ above Cartoon Network"s Adult Swim native 2001 to 2015. Differed to the point that the show didn"t also bother to keep a continuous name, Aqua Teen was among the most out-there shows on an already out-there network.

Though often much more crass 보다 Family Guy in many areas, Aqua Teen arguably available up a suite of more memorable characters. From the ever-hilarious grasp Shake and the quick-to-anger Carl to the straight man Frylock, each and every Aqua Teen character is continuously comical.

Still from the adult comedy series F Is because that Family.
A Netflix initial series, F is for Family is criminally underrated. This present is truly incisive, and, although it is a comedy, that does a marvelous project displaying the true struggles dysfunctional families face with one another.

Set throughout the 1970s, the present has an emotional, raw feeling to the that"s almost totally absent in a collection as irreverent and also low-brow as Family Guy. An ongoing Netflix staple due to the fact that it debuted in 2015, F Is because that Family has proven come have much more staying strength than most newer adult series.

12 big Mouth

recognized for that raunchy comedy, Big Mouth has become one that the most renowned adult cartoons today. The means it concentrates on gross-out humor is unequal anything viewers have ever before seen, which definitely has allowed it to get a the majority of attention.

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However, what is regularly not spoken about is the fact that that does an immensely solid task tackling real problems that teens experience during puberty. It might be a difficult sell as result of its unique style, yet fans that adult-oriented comedy series owe it to themselves to check this one out.

because that the record, it have to be provided that The Simpsons has dropped off in quality much like Family Guy. However, at the finish of the day, the is a necessity to divide it as the remarkable show, together it to be the trendsetter that spawned the genre.

Both of these television reflects were golden when they hit the air, but The Simpsons totally changed the TV landscape and made adult cartoons relevant. Throughout its element years, it was a display that possessed so lot heart and had some of the funniest composing that we have ever before seen. Thus, it clearly deserves the win over the competition.

10 King the The Hill

focusing on the relatively mundane stays of the Hill family, King of the Hill may, at first glance, come across as a little dry. However, as soon as viewers offered it a chance, they easily would become massive pan of it. Series creator Mike judge did a spectacular project with not only the comedy, but additionally the reliable storytelling.

This display is as actual as the gets once it pertains to cartoons, as it stress the prestige of character development. For example, Bobby Hill continues to grow throughout the series, while also teaching Hank class in the process. This is just a hilarious series that is a must-watch for those who have actually yet to.

over there is no concern that Futurama is worthy the its popularity. The entire premise of this display is extremely unique, together it took a new twist ~ above time traveling. The show"s protagonist, Fry, is the perfect character because that this role, together viewers observe his battles to readjust to the future while additionally learning around his life.

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This show also would go on to create some of the saddest moments in adult cartoon history, frequently with fry being the separation, personal, instance going v them. Although tearjerkers, those scenes are necessary for the audience, together they boost the show"s as whole story. This is something typically Family Guy fails to produce.

8 The Ren & Stimpy Show

Airing in the beforehand "90s ~ above Nickelodeon, The Ren & Stimpy Show was originally intended for younger audiences. However, the cartoon"s vulgar nature and also bleak comedic stylings made it a favorite amongst parents.

Remembered because that a slew the boundary-pushing jokes, it"s tough to think that Ren & Stimpy ever before hit the airwaves at all. Typically featuring gags about politics, religion, problem abuse, and more, it stood out amongst other shows airing on the network at the time. Additionally, the show later deserve a spin-off titled Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon which received a TV-MA rating.

back the location character of BoJack Horseman is incredibly agitating in ~ times, it is tough not to root because that him. This is what allows this show to it is in so popular amongst its audience. Although it has actually comedic elements, it important takes ~ above a darker tone as it continues on.

The amount of tragedy the is displayed throughout this collection is immense, but it adds value to it at the end of the day. When the series finale ultimately aired, it left no concerns unanswered, which definitely has allowed it come be understood as elite.

6 The Boondocks

Though sometimes shied far from as result of its irreverent treatment of third-rail issues, The Boondocks to be a major part that Adult Swim"s mid-2000s programming. A society commentary wrapped approximately the principle of a Black family moving right into a primarily white neighborhood, the display sought to development conversation surrounding sensitive worries while poking fun at them in ~ the same time.

Family Guy typically makes irradiate of distinct situations, however rarely v the elegant or intrigue of The Boondocks. If the latter seeks to provoke dialogue, the former rarely evolves beyond low-brow comedy.

together time went on, Rick & Morty would gradually acquire the fist that it truly deserves. Presently, it is conveniently one the the most popular adult cartoons, as the Rick & Morty series is extremely unique, while additionally being composed in a stellar fashion.

Family Guy writers can learn indigenous this series, together they spent a many time perfecting their scripts, which naturally leads to longer hiatuses between seasons. Sure, it have the right to be hard for viewers come wait for brand-new seasons, however it is constantly worth that in the long run, as these illustration are always spectacular.

4 Beavis & Butthead

Beavis and also Butthead, the unfortunately-named protagonists the the Mike Judge-developed series of the exact same name, were cultural icons in the 1990s. Paragons of MTV culture, the two involved symbolize teenage life at the time.

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Famous because that propelling otherwise-obscure bands choose The Butthole Surfers and Morbid angel to fame, they were a huge component of the grunge and also heavy steel movements of the time. Together a result, these personalities are much more far-reaching than even the many recognizable characters from Quahog, Rhode Island.

although this display may no be as famous as Family Guy, in terms of creativity, Bob"s Burgers outclasses it without a doubt. This present does a marvelous project of do its main characters like actual people, i m sorry naturally enables the audience to relate to them.

Family ties and relatable familial struggles are central to the show, i beg your pardon is component of what makes it so solid. In fact, most of the collection is adhering to the Belcher family members through their struggles with the restaurant, but likewise the relationships they have actually with one another. The original music indigenous them is always stupendous, as well.

2 Metalocalypse

an additional mid-2000s Adult swim staple, Metalocalypse ran for four seasons and depicted the dialed-to-eleven exploits of the fictional fatality metal band Dethklok. Poking funny at plenty of of the stereotypes surrounding the steel subculture as well as sociopolitical occasions of the era, Metalocalypse was absolutely one-of-a-kind.

It stands apart from the likes of Family Guy many thanks to that is undeniable identity. If Family Guy tackles numerous subjects and also situations, it hardly ever settles into a definite rhythm of its own. Metalocalypse, ~ above the various other hand, feels favor its own thing and also never makes an effort to replicate or mimick any type of other pop culture material.

South Park is essentially the the contrary of Family Guy in every solitary way; it"s true the they"re both comedies, however they"re radically different in terms of approach. What allows South Park to be way much better is the reality that their jokes continue to be within the story, i beg your pardon is a requirement for a display to be good.

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The series has however to shed its spark regardless of having at first debuted almost thirty years ago. Continually pertinent and always able to capitalize on and also criticize present events, South Park is among the finest in the business.