To quickly earn free gift cards and get cash back, download having Rewards, the finest rewards application with over 10 million active users, according to app Annie. This holiday Season, be a smart shopper and earn totally free gift cards just by shopping and dining at your favorite places.

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Fetch is the can be fried rewards application to have at her fingertips during the to buy season. Shop and also dine, snap her receipts, and be rewarded with free gift cards from the peak retailers and restaurants.

Did you understand that you have the right to earn cost-free gifts cards for Apple, Target, Amazon, Starbucks and Ulta (just to name a few) simply by scanning your receipts and ereceipts from grocery store stores, gas stations, and at the ideal retailers and also restaurants?

Meet bring Rewards, and also join the shopping & dining luxury life. Together the #1 rewards application with over 10 million energetic users, fetch Rewards saves you money so the you deserve to buy an ext of your favorite points in the world. Oh yeah, and it’s totally free.

An exclusive for readers — earn large and get 2000 points for free! before we acquire down come the app, let’s take a minute to re-superstructure the referral code, so we deserve to both receive terrific bonus for your loyalty: 4YNXPG

As a clever shopper, you have the right to cash in your points and purchase much more of what you love with free gift cards indigenous the best retailers and also restaurants.


Fetch Rewards Review

With rapid inflation, we must save every the money that we can. Ns purchase whatever for mine family, and I’m always looking to take things to the next level and be clever shopper. The bring Rewards application is the ultimate shopping hack as it enables you to usage your coupons but additionally lets friend monetize her receipts. After your purchases, take a picture of your receipts, and you will attain points and also redeem them because that gift cards and also prizes. It additionally works for virtual purchases, so you can easily fetch your ereceipts with Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Ulta and also more.

Fetch is one of the finest apps I’ve ever before seen for its ease of usage and ability to conserve money. The remarkable deals provide me so much to think about in terms of future purchases. I can gift a twenty-ounce Gerber good Start child Formula come my girlfriend for she future household for fifty percent the price, or I deserve to donate mine points to the American Cancer Society. I’m fortunate enough to save money on assets I was already going to purchase anyway. I’m earning points all the exact same towards brand-new cash back rewards.


How I usage Fetch Rewards

1. Scanning Receipts

Whether i have shopped in ~ the mall, the grocery store store, or the Starbucks under the street, I can scan up to 35 receipts every week for an significant amount that points. As soon as I began using the app, I offered a referral password from YouTuber Badlands Chugs that, top top my an initial scan, gave me 3,500 points, i m sorry is same to $3.50. Then as I moved to the house screen, ns noticed a bonus scan reward that would offer me secondary 1,200 points. I haven’t to be able to catch that prize yet, but a basic drive come Dunkin’ should fix that right up.

Fetch likewise has an email scanner that will scan ereceipts indigenous Amazon or other online purchases, so i don’t have to carry my phone camera as much as my display screen to photo an email. The application does it because that me!

2. Learning Coupons

Everyone loves racking up points for free money, yet the “Discover” page popped out at me as soon as I started using this app. I obtained so many ideas for gifts. The application lists a variety of “special offers” that are practically necessities. Lotion, infant food, cut kits, yogurt, and Alka-Seltzer are few of the countless items you deserve to redeem because that points as soon as you scan the receipts.

While i pay total quantities for these items, I obtain points varying from one thousand to ten thousand. I’m already spending money on things like file towels, Dove hand wash, and diapers, for this reason this is an significant gift. I can’t wait to integrate these awesome rewards with coupons I discover on various other apps and also magazines.

3. Combine apps

Having whole category of apps to pick from on mine phone to save money is together an incredible feeling. Most of the items I’m in search of are in among the apps ns browse through. Fetch’s coupon perform isn’t infinite, therefore I should browse in other places if I’m searching for something specific. Otherwise, having does simply fine with introducing me to new items.

Also, ns can conveniently shop and also make a acquisition on the Amazon app, and also then traction up Fetch and be rewarded because that my Amazon order. Easy peasy points in a snap!

4. Check my Activity

Fetch is a money-saver, however it’s likewise a money analyzer. There room three sections on this app: Discover, Activity, and also Rewards. “Activity” mirrors me specifically how countless points i’ve earned in the previous week, month, or even year. It also shows me the full money I’ve spent through this receipts. Yes sir a classification right under this statistics the is labeling “spend through retailer.” because that this week, I deserve to see the I’ve invested twenty-three dollars at Target and also fifty dollars at Starbucks-…I mean, seventy-three dollars in ~ Target this week. Ns love see where and how i’m spending my money, and also it help me analysis my budget.

5. Rewards

Saving the ideal for last, I usage the rewards section for the favorite part of mine day: getting totally free money! If you provided the referral code I noted at the beginning of the article, then you’ve noticed you gained somewhere about 3,500 points if you’ve also snapped a couple of receipts. Click your rewards to usage points, and also then redeem a cost-free $3 gift map to Amazon.


To begin earning points fast, additionally read exactly how to Get free Gift Cards from Fetch Rewards. You can use clues to purchase gift cards from Starbucks, burgess King, Papa Johns, Dunkin’, CVS, and many more.

6. GoodRx

I freshly was prescribed part meds because that a minor clinical issue. I visited my regional pharmacy, proved them mine GoodRx prescription save card, and was surprised to see 10,000 points included to my Fetch account in a couple of days! Not just did I obtain the medication for free, however I additionally got extra points. Friend can access this far-reaching benefit with the “Me” section, climate hitting GoodRx best in the center of her screen.

Fetch Rewards VS Ibotta

As fetch Rewards is the ideal rewards app, followed by Ibotta, how do these 2 reward apps compare and also which one is the top one to earn the most cash back?

In reviews and also online debates, fetch Rewards comes out on height for its lull of use and also quick financially rewarding without complications. Bring is just a snap, and also shopper friendly, if Ibotta is famed for gift a bit strict and also cumbersome in dishing out rewards.

Fetch enables shoppers to earn rewards every time lock scan a receipt. Shoppers can earn all over from twenty-five points every receipt, more if they acquisition special offers. The receipts can be from any type of place and also for any kind of purchase. Ibotta, ~ above the other hand, has actually strict limitations on once you have the right to upload and also what it s okay you rewards. Fetch permits you fourteen days from the day of purchase to upload receipts, while Ibotta only provides you seven days.

So you deserve to earn more points through Fetch, and also they have a much better selection of gift cards and also rewards to pick from, including Apple, Target, Starbucks, Amazon, Dunkin’, Panera and also more. Friend can likewise donate to good causes and also charities v Fetch, prefer the American Cancer culture and the CDC Foundation.

On Reddit, u/Traditional_Bus_6783 states: “Just make the efforts Fetch today. Wish I had known around it before signing up for Ibotta. That is so much easier and also immediately accepts her receipts. Additionally uses a point system because that all your receipts. Ok be using it from now on. Forget all the problems with Ibotta. No one yet with Fetch in ~ all!” u/thadtheking add to “I wish ibotta functioned like Fetch. So much easier to not need to sit there and also search because that rewards!”

Fetch additionally beats Ibotta in the funny category. The application is a blast, and also is always offering interesting deals for your favorite things and sweepstakes. Individuals agree too, which is why fetch is the top rated cost-free gift card application in Google Play,

Fetch has a 4.8 rating in Apple’s application Store, and has been provided as a “Must have Shopping App” and “Hot brand-new App” through the apologize Editorial Team. In the shopping classification within the app Store, fetch is usually ranked in the top 5, while Ibotta is additional down in the 40-50th spot. That specifies the clear winner in the rewards app category.


Fetch is additionally just level cooler. Instead of gift a stuffy this firm entity, having Rewards was started by Wes Schroll, their 28 year old CEO native Boston. Wes attend the university of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin wherein he first conceived that the idea because that Fetch Rewards in 2013 together a sophomore. The dropped out of university to launch the business. In 2021, the purchase rewards app has over a $1 exchange rate valuation, and partnerships v PepsiCo, Kimberly-Clark, Albertsons Cos., and also others. Fetch employs over 650 employees across 40 states.

Motley fool has additionally named fetch Rewards “The best Cash back App because that 2021,” adding:

The finest cash earlier apps do it simple to redeem earnings, and Fetch is no different. You’ll be able to exchange her points for gift cards to well-known retailers. You also have other redemption options, such as redeeming her points because that charity donations or utilizing your point out to go into monthly sweepstakes. You have the right to cash out at as small as 3,000 points ($3). Due to the fact that it’s so basic to earn and redeem points, this is a favorite application for world who want an easy, no-planning-necessary cash earlier rewards app.


The Bottom Line

Fetch is one all-around wonderful app through a large amount that potential for being my favourite shopping app. It’s changed the means I shop and dine, and also even exactly how I like to it is in rewarded. I have actually so many good gift ideas for my friends currently that I have an application that rewards me because that shopping and dining out. Also, ns love donating come a wonderful reason with Fetch. I’ll never go one more day without using the app, and I’m continually snapping my receipts to knife even more gift cards.

Don’t forget the another way to earn points is come refer her friends. If you put a many of initiative into it, girlfriend will end up being a pointilliare! You obtain points every time somebody provides your code, for this reason remember to refer her friends and also family.

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Also, discover Fetch Rewards tips, hacks and offers and also learn exactly how to earn an ext of what friend love on your blog. Discover how to redeem her rewards for cost-free gift cards and get cash ago — while conserving money.