Watch the sun collection on a be safe catamaran cruise off seven Mile coast | | Courtesy of Cayman archipelago Department of Tourism
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Rum allude beach ~ above the island of grand Cayman is great starting allude for a snorkelling expedition | Courtesy the Cayman archipelago Department that Tourism

You’ll marvel at several of the houses about this secluded however public lagoon. White sand and also clear waters room a given, but add in Kaibo beach bar, restaurant and also marina and you’ve acquired an pure winner. Regular watercraft trips will take you to Kaibo coast which hosts regular three-course dining in ~ a full moon with its Luna del Mar brand, and weddings and also private parties.

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Cayman Kai beach is a isolated spot because that swimming and also dining | Courtesy the Cayman islands Department the Tourism

You’ll view some for sure beautiful wild starfish in their aspect at this clues overlooking north Sound. The allude itself is quiet, tiny and undeveloped, and a lovely venue because that a picnic. Note that the starfish space protected, so you deserve to touch them, yet you can’t take it them the end of the water.


Find starfish at the aptly named Starfish suggest beach on cool Cayman | | Courtesy that Cayman archipelago Department that Tourism

Although it’s currently only five and also a fifty percent miles long, the multiple award-winning 7 Mile coast on grand Cayman is a exceptional expanse of white sand and also warm, clean sea. Many significant hotels room nearby, including The Ritz-Carlton, grand Cayman, but all of the coast is public as much as the high waterline, so stroll follow me the sand at your leisure. There space volleyball courts, coast bars, water parks and also water sporting activities on offer, consisting of snorkelling and also diving. It’s additionally just a few minutes’ walk indigenous West only Road, the colorful entertainment strip home to plenty of purchase destinations and also hotels.


One the Cayman’s treasured traditions is Easter camping, and also Barkers nationwide Park is among the favoured venues. Camping is legit on private and also public land yet you will need permission. Mangroves border the secluded area which provides a peaceful and unspoiled spot ideal for unwinding and also connecting through nature. If the the atmosphere takes you, that is feasible to kite surf or take a equine ride. Be warned: the road is equally-undeveloped and also the potholes deserve to make for a bumpy ride.

Also well-known as blacksmith Barcadere, this small beach a quick drive from George Town is just one of the optimal snorkel website on grand Cayman; the ironshore rocks that jut out into the sea are home to every little thing from squid come inquisitive sergeant majors that will swim up close to you. There are also picnic tables on website for an alfresco feast after your swim.

Head to blacksmith Cove on cool Cayman for a swim in the clear waters | Courtesy that Cayman islands Department that Tourism

Little Cayman is so little you have the right to drive around it in 20 minutes or for this reason – yet be careful, the aboriginal rock iguanas take it priority on all roads. Hire a bike and cycle ring the island to enjoy this paradise island at a an ext leisurely pace, prior to alighting at suggest of Sand. There’s nothing here but ice-white sand, heat waters and also a roll-off towards the reef, i m sorry is home to part stunning aquatic life.

Little Cayman coast is known for its beautiful sand | Courtesy of Cayman islands Department the Tourism

The Cayman archipelago is a real ‘getting away from the all’ destination in istelf, however if the tiny populace of little Cayman proves also busy because that you, you have the right to escape further with a swim, stand-up paddleboard or kayak to Owen Island. That a privately own island, however still undeveloped, and also the sandbar keeps the waters shallow and kid-friendly. As with all Cayman beaches, make sure to safeguard the unspoiled nature by leaving nothing behind however your memory of a one-of-a-kind day out.

Like the rocky outcrops turn off Smith Cove, Cayman Brac’s lengthy Beach is a marvel that ironshore rocks. Forget the flip-flops and also pack wade boots to check out this rough patch of coastline. Depending on when friend visit, expect to see nesting brown booby birds, fossilised coral, many of driftwood and also a cave and also the bottom the the bluff the creates the highest point in the Cayman Islands. For the perfect ambience, temperature and also photo opportunity, visit at sunrise or sunset.

A quieter beach away from the main tourist drag in the eastern End of cool Cayman, Colliers is nevertheless well set-up through toilets, cabanas and also a pier. The is suitable place to discover old conch shells, and also to clues crabs in the seagrass. It’s additionally not far from eastern End’s blow Holes – a photogenic spot wherein blasts the water shoot out of a gaping feet on the rocky shore. It’s precious the detour top top a drive along the island.

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The Blowholes on grand Cayman are worth capturing in action | Courtesy of Cayman archipelago Department the Tourism

Visit the Cayman islands to relax and enjoy all that this unforeseen gem has to offer. Find out more.

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