If it’s rare beer you’re after, the local watering hole will certainly only get you therefore far. Because that the ultimate beer-tasting experience, you’ll need to hit among the country’s numerous beer festivals, wherein attendees have actually the chance to taste rarely beers from hefty hitters and hyped breweries. This one-stop-shops let craft beer nerds and casual drinkers shot exclusive brews when chatting through the brewers that made them.

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Of course, not all beer festivals are created equal. So what provides a festival precious attending? The rarity that the beers gift poured, the high quality of the breweries attending (invitationals often tend to be more selective) and also the ticket price. Quiet don’t know where come start? We’ve excellent the tough research and also put together the following list the the ideal beer fests in America.

Firestone pedestrian Invitational Beer Festival


Location: Paso Robles, CADates: June 1Notable Breweries: Garage Project, Jester King Brewery, The Bruery, Side job Brewing, burial Beer Co.Ticket Prices: $90+

Widely regarded as the peak beer festival in America, Firestone walker Invitational bring together much more than 50 of the world’s many hyped and in-demand brewers, that all bring their A-games (read: finest beers) to this annual fest in California. Beyond the beer, food trucks abound and grub comes with the price the a ticket — suspect you deserve to grab one prior to they sell out ~ going on sale every February.

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Other fifty percent Pastry Town/Green City


Brooklyn’s Other half has make a name for itself with new England-style IPAs and imperial stouts, and it has actually capitalized top top its successes by framing 2 invitational beer fests — one in February and also the other in June — roughly those styles. Oh, there’s amateur wrestling, too. That doesn’t obtain much more Brooklyn 보다 that.

Location: Brooklyn, NYDates: February / JuneNotable Breweries: Grimm Artisanal Ales, WeldWerks Brewing, The Alchemist, Hudson valley Brewery, worn down Hands brewing CompanyTicket Prices: $100+

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Great American Beer Festival


Location: Denver, CODates: October 3-6Notable Breweries: revolution Brewing, Allagash unavoidable Co, The Veil, Societe imminent Company, three Floyds imminent Co.Ticket Prices: $85+

For a long time, the an excellent American Beer Festival (founded in 1982) was the example beer fest in the U.S. Component competition, component public tasting event, that is a unique combination of breweries vying because that coveted GABF medals in over 100 beer formats — it’s the largest ticketed beer festival in the joined States. You need to be smart and selective about the beers you go after, yet there room not plenty of other festivals whereby a ticket gets you the capability to sample over 4,000 beers. If you’re searching for the greatest “scene” occasion in handmade brewing, the Brewer’s association GABF is still it.

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Extreme Beer Fest


Location: Boston, MADates: February 1-2Notable Breweries: Dogfish Head, Highland Park Brewery, Lamplighter Brewery, Monday Night Brewing, The rare BarrelTicket Prices: $65+

Beer Advocate’s extreme Beer Fest has been going because that 16 years. Pulling in end 130 breweries in 2019, it celebrates brewers who press the boundaries and also spur creative thinking — no wonder Dogfish Head, led by James Beard compensation winner Sam Caligione, is the command sponsor. Brewers are urged to lug their ideal brews, specifically those that are sessionable. When tasting several beers, less deserve to sometimes it is in more.

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Hop society Juicy Brews craft Beer Festival


Location: anywhere the U.S.Dates: Usually once a monthNotable Breweries: Bissell Brothers, Mast Landing unavoidable Company, Foam Brewers, half Acre Beer Company, mustache Iris BrewingTicket Prices: $60+

Hop society has turn the craft beer phenomenon of the brand-new England IPA right into a (mostly) monthly beer fest. Usually organized with a brewery in whichever city it takes place, Juicy Brews has actually invigorated the beer fest scene and also helped the craft beer human being overcome festival tiredness syndrome. Collaboration is the surname of the game for Juicy Brews, and most the the breweries the attend brew a beer specifically for the occasion that’s only obtainable there or in your taprooms.

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Oregon Brewers Festival

Location: Portland, ORDates: July 24-27Notable Breweries: Boneyard Beer, fort George Brewery, Sunriver impending Co., Friem family Brewers, large Brewing CompanyTicket Prices: complimentary to enter, $20 for a mug and 10 beer tokens

This year’s Oregon Brewers Festival will, for the very first time due to the fact that it was started in 1988, exclusively feature Oregon craft beers and ciders. Good thing Oregon has one that the finest beer scenes in the country. There’s additionally no join charge, definition you’re not riddled v the feeling of having actually to obtain your money’s worth. If it’s no necessarily a beer fest to look for out those rarely white whales, that is one that frequently offers pretty summertime vibes in the Tom McCall Waterfront Park in downtown Portland.

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Hill Farmstead’s Festival the Farmhouse Ales

Location: Greensboro Bend, VTDates: respectable 3Notable Breweries: Brasserie de Blaugies, The shed Abbey unavoidable Company, Russian river Brewing, Shelton brothers Imports (Drie Fonteinen)Ticket Prices: $100+

Leave it come the adored Hill Farmstead to principle a beer festival that’s entirely unique to them. What started as a weekend mutual with brewer friends in 2006 has morphed right into a bucket-list beer festival because that beer pan from the human being over. Even an ext extradonary is the it showcases one layout of beer: the farmhouse ale. The ticket package has a tasting glass, beer samples, designated driver entry and live music — food is on-site because that purchase. This year’s FoFA attributes beer from only 5 breweries (including Hill Farmstead), and they’re all bangers.

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Great Taste of the Midwest

Location: Madison, WIDates: august 10Notable Breweries: Bell’s Brewery, Rhinegeist Brewery, Mikerphone Brewing, Founders brewing Co., great Lakes imminent Co.Ticket Prices: $60

The Midwest is full of handmade beer stalwarts and up-and-coming breweries. The great Taste of the Midwest brings them all to one place. End 190 breweries descend upon Olin Park overlooking Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin, to offer drinkers the opportunity to sample beers indigenous breweries that are spread out across the Plains. This beer fest will run its 33rd version in 2019 and also the Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild walk a superb project of making certain attendees won’t have to stand in long lines every day through limiting the variety of tickets come the event.

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Modern Times’s Festival the Dankness

Location: mountain Diego, CADates: august – TBDNotable Breweries: modern Times Beer, party Logic Brewing, Brouwerij West, Trve Brewing, Pizza Port brewing Co.Ticket Prices: $50+

San Diego is a handmade beer mecca, with modern Times Beer in ~ the forefront. The brewery’s Festival the Dankness is a one-day tribute to hops, and also the list of brewers that attend is on-par with just around any other beer fest in the U.S. There is something to be claimed for leaning into the most renowned beer style and also creating an epos festival about it in among the many beer-centric cities in the joined States.

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Trillium ar Trip

Location: Canton, MADates: respectable 10Notable Breweries: Trillium imminent Company, Evil pair Brewing, great Notion Brewery, Monkish impending Co., J. Wakefield BrewingTicket Prices: $50+

Some beer fests room all about quantity and variety. Trillium’s ar Trip isn’t among them. Only 1,200 basic admission tickets and 300 VIP tickets space up for grabs this year. This two-session occasion offers a closely curated lineup the beers and breweries. Started in 2018, ar Trip has already made a name for itself many thanks to Trillium’s cooperation nature.

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