Cartoon Network is the number one location for anyone who wishes to watch anything animated. They have actually it all–from action-packed come comedy; Cartoon Network has offered us some of the best shows throughout the years. It doesn’t matter what decade or era you look at, Cartoon Network had actually something great to offer. V so numerous cartoons to select from, we’ve regulated to narrow down several of our cartoon favorites from the classics to the most modern-day shows. Here are our picks because that the peak 20 Cartoon Network shows of all-time (in no details order).

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1. Teenager Titans

There’s no shortage that laughs and action in this series based on the DC personalities of the same name. Since it premiered top top CN ago in 2003, teenager Titans has end up being the many beloved series on the network. Apart from the laughs and action, teen Titans manages come tackle major themes and handle character breakthrough like no various other animated collection could. The collection had a five-season run, with reruns proceeding to air on the network come this day. Younger generations stumble ~ above the show and also fall in love through it much like vault watchers did practically 15 year ago.

2. Dexter’s Laboratory

There’s something absolutely adorable around this tiny young genius and also all the developments he come up v in his mystery laboratory. Dexter’s laboratory was just one that those reflects that made you laugh for no reason. The relationship that Dexter had with his sister Dee Dee was among the highlights the the show, and also of course, the compete with fellow genius Mandark was just as good. Dexter’s constant battles are the ingredient of comedy. While he might be extremely intelligent, his carelessness and also overexcitement bring away over many of the time, making the fail miserably at what he does. The best component about this show is Dexter’s exceptionally thick accent despite the truth that he comes from an all-American family.

3. Ed, Edd n Eddy

Who knew that the story of 3 preteen boys, who occur to re-superstructure the very same name, might be for this reason entertaining? perhaps it’s due to the fact that the Eds were so relatable; we’ve every done what they used to perform anyway. It to be the perfect depiction of life in the cul-de-sac, where kids do what they execute best: shot to obtain the other kids for their money. Unfortunately, together brilliant together the Eds’ plans may sound, they constantly failed miserably. All we know is that it make for an excellent television.

4. Foster’s house for imaginary Friends

Imagine a world where imaginary friends were real; that’s the simple premise that this highly successful CN show. In eight-year-old Mac’s world, imaginary friends space as actual as any other human, and also he’s acquired one of his own: Bloo. However, Mac’s mother wants him to remove Bloo for some reason. For this reason the two friends shot to figure out a means to go roughly this predicament. They find a systems in one abandoned house that seem to tempt unwanted imaginary friends. The show lasted because that 6 seasons of Mac and also Bloo’s numerous misadventures.

5. Powerpuff Girls

Blossoms, Bubbles, and Buttercup to be the perfect combinations of sugar, spice, and also everything nice. The superpowered trio constantly managed to save the day from every the criminals using their abilities. Lock may have been tiny, yet they were packed v powers. Blossom, the leader, can freeze anything v her breath. Bubbles, the sweetest of the three girls, might emit sonic waves. Lastly, Buttercup to be the toughest fighter. Back she short a unique ability, she comprised for the with loads of fighting will and strength.

6. Codename: youngsters Next Door

This cartoon had all the elements of what kids’ lives need to be about: friends, secret hideouts, tree houses, and also codenames. However, the adventures of these five youngsters in the community were carried on through the fact that they’re actually part of a larger global organization called kids Next Door. The display ran from 2002 till 2008 and has come to be a favorite amongst many kids of all ages (adults included) that followed Cartoon Network. It’s interesting to imagine what the kids Next Door could be up to these days, 10 year after the last illustration of the series aired.

7. The Grim Adventures that Billy and Mandy

When you combine two friends, one who is quite slow and also another who is rather dark, and also give castle the Grim reaper as their best friend, just trouble and also mischief can be the result. Billy and Mandy (mostly Mandy) chosen to take benefit of Grim’s mythological powers to travel to spooky spots and also supernatural locations to do everything it may have actually been the they collection out to do. Mostly, they’re the end for one adventure, and they usage Grim’s strength to safeguard themselves versus whatever beastly biology they may have come throughout along the way.

8. Vessel the Cowardly Dog

Here’s one more scary-themed CN display that was an ext hilarious than spooky. The main character that the series, Courage, to be such a an excellent character the it was really able to bring the entire series on the own. Perhaps it was because it was pink and fully human-like, yet Courage was entertaining to watch. The dog and the elderly couple he to be living with somehow preserved finding us in bizarre cases involving the paranormal. Provided that he’s not the many courageous creature, Courage tho manages to protect his owners no matter what the took.

9. Adventure Time

If you’re looking for true adventure in the many literary sense of the word, Adventure Time might be the present for you. This display is around the post-apocalyptic resides of a young boy, Finn, and also his adoptive brothers dog Jake. Jake had actually the magical abilities to transform into any shape whenever he want to. They live in the soil of Ooo, fairly the fantastical soil that’s memory of various video games. In fact, the entire display feels an extremely much choose a video clip game gift played out. The adds come the charm that the show.

10. Samurai Jack

It’s odd sufficient that the samurai in the display has a west name, Jack, however his adventures were some of the ideal ever. Jack to be sent right into a dystopian future come fight a shape-shifting enemy, Aku. Aku was collection to take over the civilization much choose all dilute villains the were ever created, and Jack was collection to protect against him in his tracks. The display premiered in 2001 and also lasted for five seasons. Samurai Jack was so good that it winner a complete of eight Primetime Emmy Awards, and that’s not even including every the other awards and nominations that received throughout its run.

11. Tom and also Jerry

Talk about going classic, Tom and Jerry is one of the most classic cartoon favorite there ever before was. Us all know the totality cat-and-mouse chase premise that the story, yet no matter how numerous times we watch the cartoon, it never fails to make us laugh. Tom and also Jerry to be created ago in 1940, and the main story is the rivalry in between the 2 characters. There were times when they’d it is in amicable, yet that was nearly always short-lived. The cartoon featured no conversation whatsoever, which included to its magic and charm altogether.

12. Continual Show

This is one of the newer show on this list being that it an initial aired in 2010 and also ended simply last year in 2017. Continuous show is the story of 2 working course friends, Mordecai and also Rigby. Mordecai was a blue jay, when Rigby was a raccoon. In every episode, the 2 friends would go about their day and usually would have a basic problem to compete with. However, your days nearly always end up consisting of some kind of bizarre adventure. The show’s viewership throughout its top was in ~ 2 come 2.5 million viewers every week–a true testimony to simply how great the show was.

13. Scooby-Doo

Scooby-Doo is just one of those mirrors that will just last forever. So numerous remakes that the original have actually sprouted, and also the idea behind the story was just so unique. There’s no prevent to simply how many different storylines have the right to be created. This is proven by the reality that Scooby-Doo first aired in 1969 and is still proceeding on to today in miscellaneous formats. Scooby-Doo is likewise one the the many iconic personalities ever created in addition to the rest of the gang: Fred, Daphne, Velma, and also of course, Shaggy.

15. Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo to be a bit much more adult-oriented than countless of CN’s shows, yet it was still funny regardless. The display was about a muscular young man, Johnny Bravo, whose ultimate score is to obtain women to date him. He’s practically always unsuccessful at this quest, and oftentimes, the finds self in odd cases in the process. The adult humor and pop society references are what renders this show great, consisting of the fact that there weren’t plenty of shows favor it during its time. Johnny Bravo had four seasons in total, first airing in 1997 and also ended in 2004 consisting of a break in between.

16. Looney Tunes

A series of quick films make up the Looney tunes cartoons, and it carried us some of the most famous characters in the entire world and history of animation. During the golden age of American animation from 1930 to 1969, us were presented to characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Sylvester, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, road Runner, Wile E. Coyote, Tasmanian Devil, Speedy Gonzales, and also a couple of more. Because that many, these personalities are reminiscent of Saturday morning laughs and endless entertainment. Looney Tunes room as timeless as computer animation can get.

17. Ben 10

Ben Tennyson conquers the outer room in the series, Ben 10. The 10-year old gets a hold of an alien maker known together the Omnitrix; that puts it on prefer a watch, and also then the transforms into everything alien creature he may need to it is in in order to fight a rogue in space. As interesting as that may sound, it take it a while because that Ben 10 to choose up momentum. It ended up being popular eventually, also spawning a couple of other shows to end up being a franchise. The present lasted for 4 seasons native 2005 until 2008.

18. The Amazing civilization of Gumball

There space a couple of characters out there the truly catch the creativity of children. 12-year old Gumball Watterson and also his best friend and also adoptive brothers Darwin were some of coolest personalities in cartoon in most recent times. Gumball happens to it is in a blue cat while Darwin is a goldfish. The 2 are center school youngsters who live and also attend school in the city the Elmore. The display is basically about the day-to-day lives of the 2 kids and the people about them and also all the problem they gain themselves into. It’s a refreshing take on just everyday lives–something that some children find relatable versus shows that are around villains and superpowers.

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19. Chowder

Not countless cartoon take it upon the culinary world as that topic, however that’s exactly what Chowder is all about. Chowder is the key character the the show. He’s a young apprentice in chef Mung Daal’s catering company. He’s defined as a scatterbrain, so he always somehow manages to gain himself into trouble. He additionally gets right into trouble since of his hearty appetite. The show may have been short-lived with only 3 seasons and a total of 49 episodes, but it to be still great enough to obtain at the very least one Primetime Emmy Award throughout that time.

20. Young Justice

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