While the well known Las vegas Strip with its plentiful attractions tends to be the very first place the springs to mind when we think about casinos, there space plenty of great destinations around the U.S. The offer fantastic gambling options, and often through more-affordable amenities. Native long-running resorts on the East coast to renowned destinations the end West — and roulette tables in in between — there room plenty of great casinos outside of las Vegas where you can try your luck, even during the current pandemic.

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Uncasville, Connecticut book now

With 364,000 square feet that gaming space, Mohegan Sun is among the largest casinos in the U.S. Nestled in the bucolic foothills of southeastern Connecticut through the Thames River, the casino uses a spectacular internal that contains a 55-foot waterfall, a planetarium dome, a three-story high mountain of alabaster and onyx, animatronic wolves, and Native American designs arisen by the Mohegan Tribe. There are almost 5,000 slot machines and also 300 table games; a 10,000 chair arena; intimate venues because that music and also comedy acts; multiple clubs, bars, and restaurants; and a hotel, spa, and also golf club. Masks, society distancing, and temperature checks are compelled in the reopened complex.

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Tulalip, Washington
publication now

Just phibìc of Seattle, the Tulalip Casino offers 200,000 square feet the gaming, consisting of slots, table games, bingo, and a spacious poker room. You"ll additionally find multiple entertainment venues, a full-service spa, plenty of restaurants, shopping and also a high-end 12-story hotel featuring indigenous designs from the Tulalip tribes of Washington who own and also operate the casino. (Masks, social distancing, and also temperature checks are compelled in the casino, wherein entry numbers space limited; some attributes remain closed; and also there is no everyday maid service.) friend can additionally learn much more about the people by touring the surrounding Hibulb social Center, which has historical exhibits and a 50-acre nature maintain of wetlands and forest.

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Stateline, Nevada book now

While numerous head to Lake Tahoe because that summer fun on the water or skiing in the winter, the border the Nevada and California is additionally home to some good casinos. Harrah"s Lake Tahoe stands out as a top selection with a 24-hour casino featuring end 1,300 slot and video poker equipments and an abundance of table games. They additionally offer lot of concert and nightlife venues, a variety of eateries indigenous casual to upscale, a spa and salon, a beautiful swimming pool, plus a 512-room hotel with two floors of luxury suites, i beg your pardon is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation that"s virtually complete. Masks, social distancing, and temperature checks space required.

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Highland, California publication now

Boasting the most slots in California (more than 4,700), mountain Manuel Casino offers wealth of gaming choices just an hour native downtown Los Angeles. The casino features dozens that Vegas-style poker and also blackjack tables, a high-limit room, and a designated poker room. It also offers a selection of dining options, from the gastropub absent & Brews to the upscale steakhouse The Pines. In normal times, you"ll uncover luxury car and travel giveaways and also plenty the top-shelf entertainment, consisting of country and Latin bands, DJs, stand-up comedy, and also rock "n" role tribute bands. Mountain Manuel Casino has actually rules because that masks, society distancing, and also temperature check in place, has minimal the number of people enabled in — and has eliminated some gaming to aid make it all easier. The be afflicted with Springs Hotel is the casino"s wanted hotel partner.

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French Lick, Indiana book now

While the initial grand French Lick Springs Hotel, constructed in 1845, burned down in 1897, the hotel to be rebuilt enlarge and much better and has grown to end up being a 3,000-acre resort facility in the Hoosier National woodland in southerly Indiana. The property has two national historical landmarks, the palatial French Lick Springs and West Baden Springs hotels, which encompass a 51,000-square-foot casino with around 1,000 slot and video poker machines, 37 live-dealer tables, and a separate, non-smoking gaming room. The resort also features 3 golf courses, 2 spas, plenty of dining options, kid-friendly activities, horseback riding, and more. And also it"s basic drive native Louisville, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. Coronavirus precautions encompass mask and also temperature requirements, and some functions are obtainable only to hotel guests.

Rancho Mirage, California
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If you"re searching for a luxurious getaway with desert vistas and also plenty of gambling options, the award-winning Agua Caliente Casino resort Spa should be on your itinerary. The casino offers more than 1,300 machines, 39 table games, the only live-poker room in the Coachella Valley, a high limit room, and more. The AAA four Diamond-awarded resort likewise features pools, a spa, a huge concert theater and also lounge, to add multiple restaurants, all operating at half capacity to encourage social distancing. Masks are required, and not every kind of mask is allowed. The will sponsors the annual Palm Desert Food and Wine festival, a star-studded culinary occasion that offers tastings, cooking demos, lunches and other special occasions with remarkable chefs, vintners, and also others — and also is tho on the schedule because that March.

Tampa and Hollywood, Florida
book now

The Seminole hard Rock Hotel & Casino offers 2 24-hour destinations to win big in the Sunshine State — one massive site in Tampa, and another in Hollywood in between Fort Lauderdale and also Miami. The Tampa ar offers 190,000 square feet that gaming with an ext than 4,000 slots, an ext than a hundreds table games, poker, and separate locations for non-smokers and high-rollers. The Hollywood place is no slouch either, with an ext than 2,000 slots and nearly as numerous table games. Both spots also feature a range of dining options, a spa, and pool. In spite of a mask rule, temperature checks, society distancing, and new air filtration systems, coronavirus has canceled the sites" live music and other entertainment.

Lake Charles, Louisiana
book now

Located between brand-new Orleans and Houston, L"Auberge Casino Resort offers 75,000 square feet of games, including 1,600 slots, 80 tables, and plenty of southerly hospitality. There"s a 2,100-square-foot poker room, including a semi-private high-stakes room v tableside food service and also chair massages and you"ll uncover plenty come eat, spa amenities, golfing, nightlife and entertainment, poolside partying, and beach lounging. If you"re closer to brand-new Orleans, you might want to head as much as the L"Auberge Casino will in Baton Rouge, i m sorry offers more than 1,500 slot machines, 50 table games, a poker room, and also plenty that amenities. Masks, society distancing, and also temperature checks space required, and fewer guests are permitted to play in ~ a time. Both facilities have actually reopened after the recent hurricanes the hit the region.

Thackerville, Oklahoma
book now

Even avid casino enthusiasm are frequently surprised to find out that the country"s biggest casino is no in Vegas, but in Oklahoma. Opened in 2004 simply north the the Texas border, the WinStar people Casino features a sprawling 616,960 square feet the gaming, including 7,400 electronic games, virtually 100 table games, bingo, keno, off-track betting, and high stakes games. They additionally have considerable culinary lineup, many entertainment venues — including the an international Event Center and also an outdoor Coliseum that deserve to host big-name action — add to a spa, retail, 280 acre of green for golfers, and also a hotel through 1,399 guest rooms and suites. Masks, society distancing, and also temperature checks space required, the complicated is at half capacity and games such together poker and also bingo space canceled.

Pocono, Pennsylvania
book now

What began as one eight-room mountain lodge in 1898 and also was later remodeled into the Poconos" largest and also swankiest resort in the 1950s was at some point torn down and also rebuilt as a hugely popular casino and hotel that opened in 2007. Mountain Airy Casino Resort features an ext than 1,800 slots, more than 70 table gamings — including blackjack, craps, and Baccarat — and nine poker tables. Nestled in the scenic Pocono hills of northeastern Pennsylvania, the resort also features plenty of restaurants, a spa and also gym, a nightclub, and plenty of out activities, including an 18-hole golf course. Masks, society distancing, and also temperature checks are forced indoors, which operates at half capacity, with "bi-directional trackers" currently at each entrance come the casino floor come check.

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Atlantic City, new Jersey book now

The above seaside boardwalk the Atlantic City has actually long been the gambling hub of the eastern Coast. And while numerous casinos have closed in recent years, plenty of still host strong, including the highest performer, the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. With more than 2,000 rooms, it"s the largest hotel in Atlantic City, and also offers players an ext than 3,400 slots, 250 table games, and also Atlantic City"s biggest poker room. Big-name acts have actually been recognized to beat the large Borgata occasions Center, and also there are countless other nightlife venues, many spas, shopping, and excellent food, consisting of restaurants from height chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay. Masks, social distancing, and also temperature checks are compelled indoors, and Borgata claims its buildings and also guest rooms have air filters the "meet or exceed published standards."

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Sioux City, Iowa  publication now

If you"re hope to shot your happy in Sioux City, watch no more than the award-winning hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The 24-hour gaming destination features much more than 850 slot machines and also 28 table games, spread over a roomy 45,000-square-foot casino. You"ll also find a boutique 54-room, AAA 4 Diamond-rated hotel, and numerous restaurants and bars. There"s a substantial Battery Park out venue because that summer concerts, too. The difficult Rock is taking temperatures, society distancing, and also guests space "strongly encouraged to bring their very own masks and to wear lock as lot as possible."

Reno, Nevada
publication now

The spacious and also luxurious Peppermill resort Spa Casino offers gamblers in Reno a top-notch destination for gaming. The casino features more than 1,500 slot machines, 48 table games, and also a keno lounge, and also before coronavirus often hosted tournaments and other special events. The resort functions luxe accommodations, a spa and also two pools, a variety of dining choices from rapid bites to upscale steak and seafood restaurants, and more than a dozen nightlife venues, consisting of bars, lounges, and a nightclub. Masks, social distancing, and also temperature checks are forced indoors, and Peppermill has been reconfigured to occupational at half-capacity.

Queens, new York
publication now

Many world are shocked to find out there"s a casino in the outer boroughs of bustling brand-new York City, however the Resort people Casino in emperors — simply a short taxi ride indigenous JFK airplane — supplies some that the best gaming in the region (now through masks, social distancing, and temperature check required). You"ll find much more than 6,000 slots, electronic table games, and video clip poker spread out end three brand-new York-themed floors. There"s additionally a steakhouse and also food court and, in an ext typical times, have actually plenty of live entertainment. There"s no on-property lodging yet, but a Hyatt Regency is reserved to open in 2021. Till then, there room plenty of surrounding hotels and, the course, the remainder of new York — in addition to incredible food, music and also other fun things to perform — is just a brief subway or cab drive away.

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Detroit, Michigan
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The engine City has actually been slowly and also steadily revitalizing. Helping to rise the city"s travel dollars has been the arts deco-themed MGM grand Detroit — one of three casinos in the city. It uses players plenty of gaming options, including 3,500 video clip slot and poker machines, 143 table games, and also an exclusive poker room (closed because that the duration). The very rated hotel likewise features 400 guest rooms, ripe rooftop VIP suites, and 56 corner suites. You"ll likewise find several good dining options (with temporarily limited hours), consisting of Wolfgang Puck Steak, and a spa and also pool, digital golf, a late night lounge, and also the occasion Center, which has been recognized to organize big-name touring acts. Masks and social distancing are required.