Our experts compared these two cell phone carriers the both offer multiple package options. Check out which one gets our recommendation.

Side-by-side comparison:

Side-by-side comparison:
Verizon LG Exalt LTE

Different Networks

Verizon is a stand-alone agency with its own proprietary network, while customer Cellular is not taken into consideration an yes, really carrier. Instead, consumer Cellular piggybacks its service through T-Mobile. In theory, this can mean the if a customer Cellular customer to be to find himself in a overfilled area with a bunch of T-Mobile users, his organization would take it a back seat come T-Mobile subscribers. In practice, however, I’ve never ever noticed much of a difference while utilizing my consumer Cellular service.

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Where Verizon go outshine consumer Cellular is through their recent enhancement of 5G service, enabling Verizon tools to run at faster speeds than 4G, the signal that powers customer Cellular service.

Phone Options

One could assume that consumer Cellular, being a budget brand, would market comparably budget choices for phones themselves. However, consumer Cellular supplies the most modern-day smartphones available, consisting of the iphone phone 12 Pro and also Galaxy Note20. Verizon, as you can imagine, additionally offers the latest tools from Samsung and also Apple. Both providers additionally offer a an option of an easy flip phones the are ideal for individuals who just want to do calls and send the sometimes message.

Oddly enough, the tools will expense you the same price from both providers. Both providers likewise give you the choice of purchasing a phone v monthly installments. The primary difference when it involves devices is the Verizon enables you to trade in a current an equipment and placed this in the direction of the payment the a brand-new one. Consumer Cellular go not offer a comparable option.

Plans and also Pricing

When you’re considering the differences between Verizon and Consumer Cellular, pricing is the most crucial factor. While Verizon has actually done away with compelled long-term contracts, their plans tend to it is in a lot an ext expensive.

For example, if you want to purchase a simple flip phone indigenous Verizon, the cheapest setup you can get would be their basic Phone Plan, which contains unlimited talk, text, and also 500 MB of data. A arrangement with limitless data would begin at $60.

Consumer Cellular, however, provides talk-only plans. For example, you can purchase a setup with 250 minutes of talk (and no data) because that $15 every month, or a plan with limitless talk would be just $20 per month. Limitless talk, text, and also data, however, would expense $60 every month –– virtually identical come Verizon.

With the said, consumer Cellular uses drastic discounts when you purchase an ext than one phone line. For example, if girlfriend wanted 3 phone lines with countless talk, text, and data, climate it would certainly only price you $30 per line.

Overall, if girlfriend only setup to usage your phone for some calls and the occasional web search, then consumer Cellular would be the an ext affordable alternative by far. However, if you arrangement to use your phone heavily with data, climate the pricing becomes a bit much more competitive. Still, Verizon’s 5G business offers faster speeds.

Our Favorite

Consumer Cellular supplies plans to fulfill most people’s demands at affordable prices. The is a an excellent choice because that AARP members who desire a top-of-the-line phone with the option for endless talk, text, and data options. Come learn an ext about my experience with customer Cellular, take it a look at my hands-on customer Cellular review.

Verizon is a good choice if you don’t mind payment for your services. They are much more expensive yet offer speedier service.

Generally, I’d recommend customer Cellular end Verizon Wireless if you are in search of less expensive monthly plans and also no overage fees or contracts. However, if you need a an excellent selection that the latest cell phones and also smartphones and also travel internationally, Verizon Wireless can be a better fit.

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