This was a narrow one, however it shows once a fast, however very restricted 5G network can"t conquer a more reliable citywide 4G network. At & t won right here not by having actually the ideal download speeds—Verizon had that both because that 4G and also for 5G—but by offering much more consistent reliability and lower latency all across town. That"s one difference between our study and also some others; if others just rate download speeds, we placed a lot of weight on even if it is a transport is providing a regular broadband experience throughout our check area.

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Neither AT&T"s no one T-Mobile"s 5G provided our driver any kind of advantage. The 5G-flagged test we experienced were slower both in regards to average and also peak speeds 보다 the 4G tests, an interpretation AT&T and T-Mobile customers in LA will endure their best networks with an progressed 4G phone best now. Verizon"s 5G network readily available spectacular speeds, however only in Downtown LA, so at the moment we"d take into consideration that to be a element only if you live and work there.

Verizon additionally did an especially well in Hollywood, if AT&T to be strongest across Downtown come Koreatown and Hancock Park, and also in van Nuys.

Los Angeles outcomes by Neighborhood



Fastest mobile Networks 2020

In our 11th year of testing, we surveyed 4G and also 5G networks to display you the finest of every carrier"s performance in 26 locations. Ours results combine downloads, uploads, latency, and reliability because that a complete photo of network performance.


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