Week 13 of the NFL season is in the books, and also though we have actually a pretty an excellent idea that the haves and also the have-nots are, choose a Super key winner is quiet anyone’s guess. All of the height teams have suffered some kind of ashamed loss, humbling performance or significant injury this season and the playoff gyeongju is tight in both conferences.

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Oddsmakers at Bovada are carefully crafting your Super bowl odds perform to reflect who they think has the best chance to win Super bowl 56 in Los Angeles, and the Tampa bay Buccaneers are in ~ the peak of the perform at +550 odds. The new England Patriots (+650), Kansas City Chiefs (+700), environment-friendly Bay Packers (+700) and Arizona Cardinals (+750) round the end the top 5 teams. 

Here’s a look in ~ the Super key odds for every 32 NFL clubs:

Bucs Lead 2022 Super bowl Odds

Odds to victory Super bowl 56TeamCurrent OddsOpening Odds
Tampa bay Buccaneers+550+1000
New England Patriots+650+3000
Kansas City Chiefs+700+600
Green only Packers+700+900
Arizona Cardinals+750+4000
Buffalo Bills+1200+1200
Los Angeles Rams+1200+1200
Dallas Cowboys+1400+2500
Baltimore Ravens+1800+1200
Tennessee Titans+2500+2500
Los Angeles Chargers+2500+3000
Indianapolis Colts +3500+2500
Cincinnati Bengals+4000+8000
San Francisco 49ers+4500+1600
Cleveland Browns+7000+2500
Philadelphia Eagles+10000+5000
Pittsburgh Steelers+10000+3000
Washington football Team+10000+6600
Minnesota Vikings+12500+4000
Denver Broncos+15000+6600
Las vegas Raiders+15000+5000
New olions Saints+20000+1800
Miami Dolphins+22500+2500
Seattle Seahawks+30000+2200
Carolina Panthers+40000+5000
New York Giants+75000+6600
Atlanta Falcons+75000+6600
Chicago Bears+125000+5000
Jacksonville Jaguars+500000+10000
New York Jets+500000+8000
Houston Texans+500000+8000
Detroit Lions+500000+8000

Odds together of December 9 at Bovada

Packers’ Super bowl Odds Improve With Rodgers’ Return

This season might be somewhat the a “last dance” case for eco-friendly Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The reigning NFL MVP had made it pretty clear before the season that he did not intend top top committing to play for the Packers this year, or ever before again, yet he did at some point report to the team.

However, Rodgers’ latest conflict led the to miss out on Week 9 after testing positive for COVID-19. It to be reported the Rodgers is not vaccinated and misled fans and also media by speak he was “immunized” a couple of months ago. 

Rodgers missed week 9 together the Packers lost to the Chiefs with backup Jordan Love under center, yet he reverted for week 10 as soon as the pack shut out the Seahawks.

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After a climb in Super key odds due to Rodgers’ absence and a loss come the Vikings in week 11, the Packers had a statement success over the Rams in main 12, vaulting them to 9-3 and also +700 in Super bowl odds.


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Can The Super key 55 Champion Buccaneers Go earlier To Back?

Tampa Bay returned every 22 starters come its roster (the an initial team in the salary lid era to do so) for another run with Tom Brady in ~ the helm.

The Buccaneers have had actually a couple of iffy moments however as a whole have to be pretty leading – particularly on violation – in most of the games they’ve played this season.

The Bucs have actually been either first or second in the Super key odds transparent the campaign and have among the league’s easiest schedules relocating forward.

With the band earlier together, over there is little reason to believe the Bucs can’t repeat. The betting markets agree with Tampa Bay an initial or 2nd in Super key odds at most NFL sportsbooks.

Rams’ Super bowl Odds Offer Good Value

Whether through huge signings in cost-free agency or trades, it’s clean the Rams believe their home window to win a championship is now. Basic manager Les Snead do the biggest blockbuster profession of his tenure on January 31, together the Rams gained veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford indigenous the Detroit Lions.

The Rams have likewise acquired Von Miller and also Odell Beckham Jr. During the season come further double down on their draft-be-damned approach. 

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But the move haven’t necessarily brought about the sort of dominant season that looked favor the Rams can have. L.A. Had lost three gamings in a row prior to beating the hapless Jaguars in main 13 and also is two games back of Arizona because that the NFC West lead. Through games versus the Cardinals, Ravens and also 49ers under the stretch, the push will be on the Rams come live as much as expectations.

Now in ~ +1200 ~ above the Super key oddsboard, these are the longest odds on the Rams in weeks, and they present an excellent value provided the talent on that roster.

Super Bowl finest Bets

Arizona Cardinals (+750)

There aren’t plenty of players in the organization as interesting to watch together Cardinals QB Kyler Murray. Murray put on a dazzling display screen in a mainly 1 roadway blowout the the Titans (38-13), proving his offense would be among the better units in the organization this season. 

The enhancements of AJ Green and also rookie Rondale Moore at receiver ultimately give Murray and also head coach Kliff Kingsbury 4 legitimate risks on the outside to operation their air raid violation with.

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Both Murray and also star recipient DeAndre Hopkins had missed 3 straight gamings leading right into Week 13 and the team went 2-1 in that span with impressive division wins over Seattle and also San Francisco. It is that capability to victory despite absent top players that has the Cards garnering respect native oddsmakers, who relocated them under to +750 in Super bowl odds after main 12. They are still pretty an excellent value at the number.

Murray and also Hopkins went back for an superior win end Chicago in mainly 13. 

Indianapolis Colts (+3500)

The Colts are a team constructed for playoff football. One elite offensive line, a star running back and a quarterback who is generally good at protecting the ball (at the very least this season) go a long means when the games get tighter and colder. 

The Colts smoked the bills in week 11, more than likely should have actually beaten the Buccaneers in mainly 12 and also pitched a roadway shutout that the Texans in week 13. This team is rolling at the ideal time in a wide-open AFC and also a division title is certainly not out of the question. 

Indy is a good value right currently at +3500.

Los Angeles Chargers (+2500)

It’s to be a bumpy ride for the Chargers the late, with big wins end Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Philadelphia but losses come Denver, Minnesota, new England and Baltimore.

There room some legit questions beginning to popular music up about how great this team yes, really is after ~ those tough losses. And the team’s underwhelming attack performance in Denver in main 12 had actually to it is in discouraging for L.A. fans and bettors.

But L.A.’s big win in Cincy in mainly 13 restored some confidence from the public and oddsmakers.

We have backed the Chargers all season as a an excellent value in Super bowl odds provided their talented quarterback, top-end coach and several various other prominant pieces. They’ve shown they are capable of playing with peak teams – it’s simply a issue of which Bolts team actually shows up every Sunday.

It’s no lock the Chargers even make the playoffs in ~ this point, however the odds are attractive at +2500 for a team v so many stars.

Best Bet: Dallas Cowboys (+1400)

These are the ideal odds in weeks because that a team that endured a hard setback at residence on Thanksgiving Day come the Raiders that was its third loss in 4 games heading right into Week 13.

But they have also been absent several vital pieces of your offense and dealt through COVID-19 worries throughout the roster and also coaching staff. If Dallas can obtain things ago on the rails medically, this team is talented sufficient to do a playoff operation if things break right.

The ’Boys started off the run through a nice victory over the Saints on the road to kick off Week 13.

Now, four of the Cowboys’ last five games are versus Washington (x2), Philadelphia and also the Giants. They should have the ability to walk into a division crown, a house playoff game and a decent wild-card matchup. V that in mind, +1400 in Super bowl odds sounds like a bargain.

When it concerns betting ~ above the NFL, odds are obtainable before teams take their very first regular-season snaps. You can even bet on a potential Super key winner in August. Particular squads will always be contenders, specifically if they won the previous year. Once bookmakers set the lines, lock look at offseason roster moves, coaching changes and also past on-field performance. To gambling on the odds because that the super Bowl, you’d do a futures bet.

What Is an NFL Futures Bet?

This is a bet in which you would certainly look in ~ the odds because that the super Bowl, weeks or sometimes months in development of the big game, and also decide i m sorry team you think will certainly win. Let’s say you want to do a futures bet today. At your sportsbook that choice, the odds might look something prefer this:

Kansas City Chiefs +300New orleans Saints +550Green just Packers +900Buffalo bills +1000Tampa just Buccaneers +1100

If this to be a moneyline bet, you’d have the ability to see i m sorry team is the clean favorite because it would have actually a minus sign beside its odds (-). For Super bowl futures, the team v the lowest odds is favored to success the NFL championship, and also the remainder are underdogs.

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Let’s say you feel strongly about the Saints and believe they’re walking to success it all. If you were to gambling $100 top top them and they go triumph, you’d obtain a payout the $650 – your original $100 is returned in addition to your winnings of $550. Our Odds Calculator will present you exactly how much you will do win based on the odds and also amount bet.