As part of the team’s ongoing centennial celebration, the Chicago Bears have unveiled the optimal 100 football player in franchise history, together voted on by 2 of the most renowned scribes the have ever before covered the club.

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Hall that Fame writers Don Pierson and also Dan Pompei compiled the list, which will show up in the Chicago bears Centennial Scrapbook.

Not surprisingly, the top player that all-time, follow to Pierson and also Pompei, is running earlier Walter Payton, who retired together the all-time top rusher in NFL history. Payton was called to the NFL’s 75th Anniversary team, had his number 34 jersey retired by the Bears, and was chosen to the agree Football room of reputation in 1993.

Linebacker prick Butkus, fullback Bronko Nagurski, quarterback Sid Luckman, and running ago Gale Sayers rounded the end the top five on the countdown.



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Some bears fans to be surprised to watch that linebacker Brian Urlacher, inducted into the agree Football hall of Fame critical summer, did no crack the top 10 top top the list. He ultimately checked in at number 14 top top the all-time list, finishing just behind Dan Hampton, Jimbo Covert, and also Richard Dent.

A full of 37 the the 100 football player ranked top top the list will be at the Bears100 celebration event Weekend, i m sorry is coming up indigenous June 7 come 9 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention facility in Rosemont.

Here is the complete top 25, and also fans deserve to visit the Bears’ main website for the other 75 players:

1 Walter Payton – RB

2 penis Butkus – LB

3 Bronko Nagurski - FB

4 Sid Luckman -QB

5 Gale Sayers – RB

6 Mike Ditka – TE

7 invoice George - LB

8 Bulldog Turner - OL/LB

9 Doug Atkins - DE

10 Danny Fortmann - OG

11 Dan Hampton – DL

12 Richard Dent - DE

13 Jimbo covert - OT

14 Brian Urlacher – LB

15 Mike Singletary – LB

16 bill Hewitt - FB

17 Stan Jones - OT

18 Jay Hilgenberg - C

19 Steve McMichael - DT

20 Devin Hester – PR/WR

21 Joe Stydahar - OT

22 George Connor - LB/OT

23 George McAfee - HB

24 Joe Fortunato - LB

25 Ed Sprinkle - OG/DE/TE

Several present Bears made the list, including safety Eddie Jackson, that checked in at number 96, and also offensive lineman Kyle Long, who was ranked number 74. Akiem Hicks was also there in ~ number 75, and the highest-ranked existing Bear was Khalil Mack, that is already the 60th-best player to ever don a bear jersey, follow to the ranking.

Numerous noteworthy Bears of yesteryear did not make the optimal 25, including running back Matt Forte, ranked 34th, and also linebacker Lance Briggs, that checked in in ~ number 28. Kicker Robbie Gould was selected in the 62nd point out by the writers of the scrapbook.

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For those curious, former quarterback Jay Cutler did make the list, check in at number 85. The ranked just behind former teammates Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall, that ranked 80th and 81st, respectively.