If you’ve to be to the original Lo-Lo’s location in Phoenix, AZ, you recognize all around where the magic started. We’re still serving up the exact same scratch-made spirit food favorites that placed Lo-Lo and also his chicken & waffles on the map.

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When you’re in the Phoenix ‘hood, protect against in and also holla! and don’t be afraid to ask for Lo-Lo himself – he’s normally hanging roughly the OG Lo-Lo’s joint.







Meet the man, the legend, Larry “Lo-Lo” White, founder the Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles. One Arizona native, Larry has been in the spirit food biz because he could walk and also talk. Each of the delicious recipes you reap at Lo-Lo’s come from Larry himself. The following time you’re here, ask because that him by name – Larry loves nothing more than interacting with his guests. It’s all a part of the Lo-Lo’s soul food experience!


People love Lo-Lo’s and we love it when they tell united state all around i! This is local Lo-Lo’s love…


This has to be the ideal fried chicken I have actually had since I had my grandfather"s fried chicken growing up ago in the hills the Kentucky. Ns couldn"t walk the waffle (just too lot food) yet the chicken was good as were the mac & cheese and also the cable beans v red potatoes. Payment extra to have a breast to take home the next day - it to be even better the next day! The place is liven so arrangement for that. Us were a large group and service was still an extremely attentive and made sure we to be pleased through everything. If you need to wait because that a table, do it, it will certainly be precious it. This is around an hrs drive because that me but I plan on making this at least a monthly date.

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“IT was AMAZING...

We went on Father"s day - waited around 45 minutes for a table. The service and the food to be outstanding. It to be worth every minute the the wait. We each do the efforts something different and also it was all amazing. You need to top off her lunch or dinner v a banana pudding!


1220 S central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Phone: 602-340-1304

Hours: Monday - Friday: 10am - 9pmSaturday: 8am - 9pm Sunday: 8am - 6pm

Landmarks:We’re located just south the downtown Phoenix off of central Ave. Directions