You don’t should be a pro in the kitchen to whip up this delicious chicken dinners. Also beginner cooks will find that these no-sweat recipes come in addition to ease.

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Bacon, cream, Parmesan — is your mouth watering yet? There"s no need to go out to dinner when you deserve to make this restaurant-style creamy, cheesy chicken and also fettuccine at home.

We"re pretty certain Giada wins weeknight dinners with this quick and delicious take on classic chicken breast. She serves it top top a bed that buttery spinach, topped with a creamy, garlicky sauce.

Once you unlock the mystery of cooking frozen chicken in an prompt Pot®, the possibilities because that variations come to be endless. This creamy lemon chicken through orzo is worthy the a dinner v friends, despite it is therefore easy, you"ll make it a constant on your weeknight rotation. Make sure you follow the directions for a 10-minute natural release; a fast release left united state with dry and stringy meat.

Ellie offers crushed cereal and also whole-grain crackers to include a crisp, crunchy coating to yogurt-marinated chicken.

This keto-friendly chicken is bursting v Mediterranean flavors, marrying heart-healthy olive oil, briny olives and also rich and also creamy Greek yogurt. If girlfriend don"t have actually white alcohol vinegar, you have the right to use red alcohol vinegar or even white distilled vinegar instead.

A funny play on hasselback potatoes, Ree stuffs thinly-sliced chicken breasts through Canadian bacon, Swiss cheese and a crunchy breadcrumb topping. Bonus? these chicken breasts can easily be made in advanced and frozen until you’re prepared to eat.

Like Rachael says, anyone loves food on a stick. She bastes her chicken skewers v a sweet and also stick glaze the echoes the flavors of her sesame-covered eco-friendly beans with tofu.

A cayenne-spiced oil takes Trisha’s chili to the following level — and it only takes 45 minute to acquire on the table. Heads up: the is rather hot, therefore you might want to reduce the lot of oil if you’re food preparation for the kids.

This make-ahead recipe is great for weeknight dinners. Prepare the marinated chicken breasts top top a weekend, then pop them in the freezer. The night before you’re ready to cook, eliminate the chicken and also let that thaw.

Ree browns the chicken in the pot come render as much flavor as feasible before transforming it into a cozy stew v chunks the hearty root vegetables.

Did you understand Trisha’s five-star recipe was influenced by frank Sinatra? She put her very own spin top top his lover Italian sauce by combine bacon and also a slightly-sweet shallot.

Katie’s recipe puts a sweet-and-salty turn on your common weeknight dinner. Serve the chicken v white rice — it’s crucial for soaking increase the delicious caramel sauce.

With an ext than 1,000 5-star reviews, Giada’s chicken piccata is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. She serves she chicken with a luscious, tangy lemon-caper sauce.

Classic and easy to make, this variation of Alfredo doesn"t use flour come thicken the sauce. Instead, it counts on a slim simmer and also a heavy dose the cheese.

For a lighter take it on classic fried rice, look at no more than cauliflower to save the day. The secret to achieve a ricelike texture is making use of a food processor come chop up the cauliflower right into tiny pieces; you desire them to it is in coarse, not super soft prefer a puree.

In Mexico, rich mole poblano is a celebratory dish, often made for one-of-a-kind occasions, i m sorry takes around 4 days. The sauce in this recipe is a streamlined version the packs in deep and also delicious flavor and is straightforward to make ahead and also freeze, so even weekdays have the right to be festive.

Ree puts a fresh twist top top the charcuterie board through her fun and festive salad, i m sorry is cook from start to finish on the grill.

Ree’s cooking recipes has 5 stars for a reason — fans love how fast, flavorful and also family-friendly that is.

Trisha loves this soup because it can conveniently be made ahead of time and left ~ above the cooktop until you’re all set to eat.

Move end beef — chicken is in the house. This good weeknight enjoy the meal takes less than 15 minute to prep, then the sluggish cooker does the rest.

Soy sauce, honey, garlic and ginger (along v the natural juices that the chicken) become irresistible sauce to offer over chicken thighs and also rice. If you favor a more thick sauce, simply include cornstarch at the end and cook a little longer.

Comforting chicken and dumplings come with each other at lightning rate thanks come the prompt Pot®, in this perfect addition to your weeknight dinner arsenal.

Thanks come your pressure cooker, Ree’s saucy chicken comes together in simply 12 minutes. She stuffs the chicken right into baked russet potatoes, which get topped with sour cream, shredded cheese and also diced environment-friendly onion.

A true one-pot wonder, Ree’s chicken curry comes with each other in simply 25 minute from start to finish.

This cooking recipes is for the can be fried garlic lover. Chicken thighs room braised until tender in a rich, roasted garlic sauce, then topped v fried garlic chips. There"s even sufficient roasted garlic dough to whip increase a bread of garlic bread if the chicken cooks.

Heat up her weeknights through Melissa’s veggie-packed curry, i beg your pardon comes with each other in much less than 40 minutes.

Game Plan: Marinate the chicken while girlfriend prepare the rest of the ingredients. You"ll have a fresh and healthy dinner top top the table in just about half an hour.

Creamy, cozy and also oh-so-delicious, Molly’s casserole is the can be fried make-ahead meal. She stores her casserole in the freezer and also pops it in the oven for simply 30 minutes once she requirements a heat-and-eat dinner.

Your dishwasher will give thanks to you for this straightforward one-sheet weeknight dinner — no prep bowls needed! Juicy roasted tomatoes and cheesy chicken breasts obtain a note of brightness from fresh basil and a balsamic reduction.

These quesadillas are one of Ree"s family"s favorite dinners. And also let"s it is in honest: For quick weeknight comfort, all you really need is miscellaneous cheesy and carby.

This streamlined version the a timeless Filipino comfort food was intended for your instant Pot (a sluggish cooker, pressure cooker and stove-top stand-in, all in one). The press cook setup prepares the in no time and best of all, there"s only one pot to clean up.

These protein-packed fajitas cleverly use a foil-lined baking sheet and also broiler to do a quick and healthy weeknight meal with straightforward clean up.

Shallots room the perfect size for roasting entirety with larger cuts that meat. Once halved or quartered v chicken breasts, they do a quick weeknight dinner, finish with a pan sauce. If you have champagne vinegar or white alcohol vinegar on hand, include a splash come the sauce just prior to serving.

Inspired by a favorite warm appetizer, this creamy weeknight chicken skillet dinner has all the best parts that spinach and artichoke dip.

This no-fuss whole chicken is moist and tender. We rub it in spices and prop it increase on canning lids, suspending it over the juices because that a roasted result right in the slow cooker. Piercing the skin top top the bottom allows excess juices operation out, allowing for even and also gentle cooking. A simple homemade barbecue sauce comes together in only minutes, perfect because that slathering every over.

One humble skillet has four jobs in this simple weeknight meal: that sears, sautes, simmers and steams. The cleanup is so minimal, her dishwasher will certainly be out of work!

After frying the chicken, Tyler cooks his prosciutto and also cremini mushrooms in the exact same pan. The juices rendered from the chicken lend a rich, caramelized flavor to the sauce.

For once, water and oil occupational together to make a magical one-skillet weeknight chicken dinner. Potatoes cook alongside crispy chicken thighs — first they cook in water till tender, and also then fry into golden nuggets in the remaining oil.

Sunny supplies quick-cooking chicken tenders and also cuts them into bite-size chunks for she easy, satisfying pot pie.

This skillet dinner has every little thing you could want in simply one dish and it’s ready in much less than an hour. Win-win.

Peanuts take center stage in Ree’s basic dish. She tosses the pasta in a peanut butter sauce and chops salted peanuts because that a quick and also crunchy garnish.

This hearty meal — full of chicken, mushrooms and also potatoes — gets its rustic flavor native rosemary sprigs and also charred lemons.

Ina’s trick for crispy, gold brown chicken thighs? once the meat fight the skillet, don’t move or flip it for 15 minutes. Use that time come prepare a next dish (or pour a glass the wine).

Fresh ginger is the key to this stir-fry’s punchy flavor. Serve v rice to really round out the dish.

Cooking v kids? They’ll love Jeff’s oven-fried chicken tenders, which the prepares coats with a mixture that coconut flour, entirety wheat panko crumbs and also shredded unsweetened coconut.

This an easy dinner of barbecue-glazed chicken, Brussels sprouts and also sweet potatoes is assembled and cooked on simply one sheet pan, make it suitable weeknight meal.

Katie’s meatballs have actually a secret — they’re held along with nutrient-rich pumpkin! youngsters won’t even an alert since they’re tucked into a gooey baked pasta and topped with grated Parmesan.

With spaghetti and also mushroom sauce, and also light and dark meat chicken through bell peppers, Ree"s casserole is like two meals in one. Food preparation the spaghetti in the exact same liquid as the chicken infuses it with flavor, and the Cheddar thickens the sauce so that coats each piece of meat.

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Cactus pads, or nopales, have been consumed for generations. Studies indicate that nopales may regulate blood sugar levels in part people. I think they have actually a flavor comparable to green beans. Castle are easily accessible at most Latin markets and come cleaned to do it much simpler to prepare at home.

With a light, crispy exterior and moist interior, Japanese katsu is lull food in ~ its best. Traditionally made with pork, it’s good with chicken, too. The panko-coated fried cutlets are commonly accompanied by finely sliced cabbage and also tangy, sweet and salty katsu sauce. However, they are likewise served over rice (katsu don), through curry (katsu curry), and also in a sandwich (katsu sando). Because that the crunchiest katsu, don’t be tempted come substitute continual breadcrumbs for the standard panko. And make sure to keep the oil temperature as the cutlets cook.