In respect of your 60-Year Celebration, our countdown of the 60 biggest players in Dallas Cowboys background - Nos. 1-5

In solemn event of the 60th anniversary that the Dallas Cowboys, us conclude our optimal 60 All-Time greatest Players in Franchise History.

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For the last 11 days, we have actually presented the top 60 in groups of five, leading as much as today’s optimal 5 Cowboys of all-time.

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So, currently we current Nos. 1-5. Keep in mind the criteria for choice at the bottom the the article. And also if you missed any type of of our various other pieces, check them the end below.

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5. DL Randy White

You have to change White’s value for his official and also unofficial sacks (as his job overlapped through 1983, as soon as sacks became an official NFL statistic). White had actually 111 job sacks and his worth was as a player that might play both invxcialistoufjg.comde and also outvxcialistoufjg.comde and also be devastating either way. 

He came by his nickname, ‘The Manster’ honestly, and was the centerpiece of the Cowboys’ fabled ‘Dirty Dozen Draft’ of 1975. 

The co-MVP of Super bowl XII (with Harvey Martin), White is also third all-time in Cowboys background in tackles (1,104), made seven All-Pro teams, nine pro Bowls and also is a member of both the Cowboys Ring of Honor and the agree Football room of Fame. He is the only Cowboys player ~ above the NFL’s All-Decade Team for the 1980s. He was also on the NFL’s 100th Anniversary Team.

4. RB Tony Dorsett

The Cowboys gave up a king’s ransom for the appropriate to breeze Dorsett No. 2 overall in 1977 — a first-round pick and three second-round choose to the Seahawks. It was worth it. 



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Danny McCray played five seasons v the Cowboys.

He began immediately, coagulation a running game that observed its early 1970s stars fading from view and also earned NFL Rookie the the Year honors while help the Cowboys to a Super bowl XII victory. Dorsett finished his Cowboys career as the franchise’s all-time leading rusher (12,036 yards) and also scored 72 touchdowns. He additionally caught 382 passes for the Cowboys and also his complete yards (15,501) is 2nd in franchise history. 

A member that the agree Football room of Fame and also the Cowboys Ring that Honor, Dorsett organized the document for the longest touchdown run in NFL history (99 yards) till Derrick Henry tied the record.

3. QB i get it Staubach

Staubach could be the best 10th-round pick in NFL history. There’s a conflict for you. He dropped in the draft because of his commitment ~ the naval Academy, together he served five years in the Navy before joining the Cowboys. In his 11-year job he threw for vxcialistoufjg.commply 22,700 yards and 153 touchdowns (he did, however, command the NFL in passer rating 4 times). 

Today Staubach stays No. 13 all-time in Cowboys rushing v 2,264 yards. That epitomized the Cowboys that the 1970s. He play in their very first five at vxcialistoufjg.comght Bowls, winning 2 rings and earning at vxcialistoufjg.comght Bowl through MVP honors. 

A member the both the NFL’s All-Decade team for the 1970s and the NFL’s 100th anniversary team, he was inducted right into the agree Football hall of call in his very first year that eligibility and is a member that the Cowboys Ring the Honor. 

The Cowboys missed the playoffs as soon as (1974) with Staubach as the starter.

2. DT Bob Lilly

It’s hard to to compare players throughout eras, particularly when a defenvxcialistoufjg.comve lineman’s most glamorous statistic — sacks — wasn’t an main statistic until 1983. Well, the Cowboys did the math and Lilly had actually 94 unofficially sacks, eighth all-time in franchise history. 

But his impact went beyond that. 

He to be the franchise’s very first collegiate draft an option and among the most dominant players the the 1960s, earning selection to the NFL’s All-Decade Team of the 1960s (he was also selected come the NFL’s All-Decade Team in the 1970s). That made an ext Pro Bowls (11) than any player in Cowboys history (except for Jason Witten, who additionally made 11). He was a seven-time all Pro, a Super bowl champion in Super bowl XI and also the Cowboys’ an initial member that the agree Football room of Fame. 

He is also a member of the Cowboys Ring of Honor. The was additionally on the NFL’s 100th Anniversary Team. 

For the first generation that Cowboys fans, he was the franchise’s standard-bearer.

1. RB Emmitt Smith

Smith is the all-time leading rusher in Cowboys (17,162) and NFL history (18,355). He’s the leading scorer in franchise background (986 points) and also the franchise leader in linked yardage (20,174). In a five-year stretch indigenous 1991-95, throughout which the Cowboys won 3 Super Bowls and also reached 4 straight NFC Championship games, smith rushed for 8,019 yards and also 89 touchdowns (he additionally caught 277 passes). 

He to be All-Pro four years in a row (1992-95) and also an 8-time pro Bowl selection. He to be a member that the NFL’s All-Decade Team for the 1990s. He to be the 1993 NFL MVP, the Super key XXVIII MVP and also is a member of both the agree Football room of Fame and the Cowboys Ring the Honor. That was additionally on the NFL’s 100th Anniversary Team. 

For an additional generation that Cowboys fans, he’s the franchise’s standard-bearer.

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Top 60 criteria:

Player honors — pro Football room of Fame, Cowboys Ring of Honor, All-Pro selections, pro Bowl selections, MVP awards, etc… That has to be a large part the the process.

Team success — pro football is a team game, and as together every player ~ above the perform played a part in a effective era in Cowboys background (though success is, to part degree, in the eyes of the beholder).

Time v Cowboys — This is important. As component of this procedure I just took right into account a player’s time v the Cowboys. There have been some great players that have come through Dallas, however some that them only spent a few years with the team. Relying on how successful they and also the team were throughout their time, that affected whether they do the perform or not. That likewise includes their impact and duty in that success, even if it is there room statistics connected with that or not.

Feedback from profesvxcialistoufjg.comonals — Throughout the process I consulted through two writers that have been roughly the Cowboys because the 1990s — Mike Fisher and Richie Whitt. Their feedback, along with the bios that I created on every player, played a function in whereby players were ranked. 

Matthew Postins is an award-winning sporting activities journalist writes for CowboyMaven. He additionally writes for within the Rangers, CowboyMaven,, Longhorn Country, every Aggies, invxcialistoufjg.comde The Texans, Washington Football, convxcialistoufjg.comst of the big 12 for and also is the Editor the the univervxcialistoufjg.comty Football America Yearbook.