But uncertainty over the future of the beer company overshadows the newly released perform of America’s largest independent brewers.

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, times were difficult for the brewing industry. Beer lovers’ focus on sustaining smaller local brewers had kept the number of breweries in ~ the U.S. Surge ever greater past the 8,000 mark, but overall sales had stagnated. And midsized breweries—meaning few of the bigger independent handmade breweries—were required to reassess their spot in this crowded market.

With the in mind, the handmade beer trade team the Brewers combination (BA) has released its yearly list the the top 50 craft unavoidable companies through sales volume for 2019. As was the instance last year, no a ton has changed, most likely for the reasons pointed out above: Breweries have actually been wary of unnecessary expansion as human being drink less, and also those who execute drink have actually tended to save their service local.



Credit: Duvel Moortgat / Sierra Nevada unavoidable Co. / new Belgium unavoidable Co. / Boston Beer Co. / D.G. Yuengling & kid Inc.
Amazingly, only one new brewery join the peak 50—Connecticut’s Two roads landing in ~ #47—and likewise, only one brewery dropped out—Utah’s Uinta (which shed its personal equity companion in 2019). Meanwhile, in ~ the peak of the list, nobody swapped spots until Deschutes and Artisanal unavoidable Ventures (which operation Victory, southerly Tier, and also Sixpoint) switched right into the 10th and 11th positions.

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G. Yuengling and also Son Boston Beer Co (includes Alchemy & Science, angel City, Concrete Beach, Coney Island, and also Sam Adams brands; does not encompass Truly, Twisted Tea, or upset Orchard brands; Boston Beer has acquired Dogfish Head handmade Brewery who will appear under Boston Beer in 2020) Sierra Nevada Brewing new Belgium imminent Co (includes Magnolia unavoidable Brands; new Belgium has been got by Kirin and also will show up under Kirin in 2020) Duvel Moortgat (includes Boulevard, Firestone Walker, and Ommegang brands) Gambrinus (includes BridgePort , Shiner, and Trumer brands) Bell’s Brewery (includes Bell’s and also Upper Hand brands) CANarchy (includes Cigar City, Deep Ellum, Oskar Blues unavoidable Co, Perrin, three Weavers, and also Utah Brewers participating brands) rock Brewing Artisanal impending Ventures (includes Sixpoint, southern Tier, and Victory brands)

But in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, this list can be telling relocating forward. Speaking to me critical month, the BA’s cook Economist Bart Watson stated it’s feasible that—due come the economic impact of COVID-19—we may see an ext breweries nearby than open up for the very first time due to the fact that 2005 as the smaller regional breweries the have continued to journey the independent beer motion struggle to uncover the resources to weather prolonged taproom and also bar closures. “This will halt and also perhaps reverse the growth in the variety of breweries in the short-term,” Watson called me. “It’s impossible to predict how plenty of breweries will certainly close this year, however it’s going to it is in the highest number we’ve watched in recent years.”

On the other hand, bigger breweries—like those in the top 50—are perhaps an ext economically embedded and able to ride out this uncertainty. It’s something Watson hinted in ~ in the notice of this year’s list: “Although 2020 will certainly be a markedly various year than 2019 because that the craft unavoidable market, these providers are fine positioned to help the craft category weather the present market uncertainty and rebound with the flavor, variety, and also innovation the beer lover have involved expect from tiny brewers,” the stated. For now, though, the list should speak because that itself.