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The Dallas Cowboys" 60-year history splits into two chapters: Tom Landry and Jerry Jones.

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It"s much an ext than that, the course, but the eras are marked by the agree Football hall of call coach with his fedora and also the room of fame owner and general manager v a never-ending twinkle in his eye.

From 1960 with 1988, Landry to be the Cowboys, the just coach the organization knew. Along with president and general manager Tex Schramm and also vice president of personnel Gil Brandt, America"s Team to be born. Lock were following Year"s Champs before winning two Super Bowls in the 1970s. The roster had actually some all-time greats indigenous their first draft pick, Bob Lilly, in 1961 to arguably the Cowboys" finest draft pick, i get it Staubach, a 10th-round choice in 1964.

Dallas Cowboys" 60th Anniversary

Sixty years ago, America"s Team came to be the NFL"s 13th team. For an ext on the franchise"s storied history:

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In enhancement to Lilly and Staubach, the Landry era had actually five an ext Hall the Fame football player in Tony Dorsett, Bob Hayes, Mel Renfro, Randy White and Rayfield Wright. Schramm and also Brandt additionally have busts in ~ the pro Football room of reputation in Canton, Ohio.

In 1989, Jones purchase the Cowboys, paying $140 million for the team and Texas Stadium. Today, the Cowboys space the wealthiest franchise in the world, valued by Forbes at more than $5 billion. The Cowboys winner Super Bowls in 3 of Jones" very first seven years as owner.

The Jones era has actually six room of fame players: troy Aikman, Larry Allen, Charles Haley, Michael Irvin (who to be Landry"s final first-round draft choose in 1988), Deion Sanders and also Emmitt Smith. And also the franchise"s various other Super Bowl-winning coach, Jimmy Johnson, will sign up with them in the hall this summer.

In 2020, the Cowboys celebrate your 60th birthday.

"Obviously this franchise has actually come a long means in those 60 years," Dorsett said. "That Cowboys name, it method a many in the nationwide Football League. To have actually been a player on a team that"s quote-unquote America"s Team is a an excellent feeling."

There was once a divide in between eras, actual or perceived, due to the fact that Jones fired Landry practically immediately ~ buying the team.

Guard Nate Newton play three periods for Landry and also 10 an ext after the arrival of Jones and also Johnson, do the agree Bowl six times.

"Jerry had actually to go to Coach Landry"s house and say, "Hey, man, this is it. Sorry, we"re going in a different direction,"" Newton said. "When the did that, 80% that players had to go that direction, too. Within two years, all those men were basically gone, for this reason our paths didn"t cross. Mr. Jones, he was cordial and also nice. The knew you, however it was all about what Jimmy wanted and Jimmy thought. There yes, really wasn"t a connection since Jimmy wouldn"t let over there be none. That was how Jimmy wanted to run things."

"Obviously this franchise has actually come a long means in those 60 years. The Cowboys" name, it way a lot in the nationwide Football League. To have actually been a player on a team that"s quote-unquote America"s Team is a great feeling."Former Cowboys running ago Tony Dorsett

Newton stated he can feel that means because he was a previous Landry player. That remembers summer next at protective end Ed "Too Tall" Jones" house and playing basketball through linebacker Eugene Lockhart.

Cornerback Larry Brown was drafted by the Cowboys in 1991, when Newton, note Tuinei, bill Bates and Jim Jeffcoat were the lone key holdovers native the Landry teams. He did no feel the awkwardness. He remembers playing poker with Tony Hill and also Drew Pearson and basketball games at Staubach"s house.

"They to be like huge brothers come us," Brown, the Super bowl XXX Most valuable Player, said. "It was a brotherhood, a fraternity. That"s why a lot of of men stay here. Friend look in ~ the men who come v the Cowboys, a many remain below for that reason. We bleed blue."

As Jerry Jones combs through the memory made due to the fact that he ended up being what that calls the steward the the Cowboys, he stated he wishes he had consisted of the Landry era an ext than he has actually over the years.

Photos: Moments that shaped 60 years of Dallas Cowboys football

"Off the field, ns have regularly said to a lot of people, that"s an area that is really substantive come what the franchise is about," Jones said. "Tradition, it"s one of the four cornerstones of running a franchise. You deserve to enhance heritage by combine them in the promo of the franchise today.

"These guys have actually really differentiated themselves. I look in ~ the peak 100 players, several of the mentions they"ve got. The to run backs, Herschel Walker, Tony Dorsett stated prominently up there. I get it Staubach up there. Clear Lilly. Of course, I"m so into Troy Aikman, and also Emmitt and Michael Irvin, several of those guys like that ... However I have actually to offer Michael Irvin some of Landry. The wasn"t however a year or two, however I"ve acquired to offer him part Landry. It has actually been very good, yet I haven"t to be as great as ns could"ve to be to aid it. I desire to perform that more as us go forward."

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OT: Tyron smith (2011-present)Accolades: He has been called to the agree Bowl the previous seven seasons and has double been called to the All-Pro team. That was called to the All-Rookie team in 2011.Why him? as soon as coaches define what they desire in a tackle, they talk around Smith. He has the size, strength and athleticism that the ideal to have actually played. He is technically proficient as well. Injuries have actually bothered the the past few seasons, but he proceeds to play at a high level.

OT: Erik Williams (1991-2000)Accolades: He to be a four-time agree Bowler and a three-time All-Pro.Why him? A third-round choose from central State, he was a dominant component of The good Wall of Dallas. His work against Hall of Fame protective end Reggie White was legendary and he helped safeguard Aikman and also open holes because that Emmitt Smith. If not for a horrific automobile accident in his prime, Williams could have been just one of the many decorated linemen in team background and perhaps a hall of Famer.

OG: Zack martin (2014-present)Accolades: He has been called to the agree Bowl in every of his six seasons and also has to be a first- or second-team All-Pro since the Cowboys took him in the first round of the 2014 draft.Why him? Many consider him to be the ideal guard in the NFL right now, and if his career proceeds to trend in this direction, he might test Allen together the best guard in team history. He has actually incredible balance and leverage while likewise being able to acquire to defenders on the move. He has missed two games in his six-year career.

OG: Larry Allen (1994-05)Accolades: the was called to the pro Bowl in 10 of his 12 seasons with the Cowboys and also was a seven-time All-Pro. He is a member that the Cowboys" Ring that Honor and also was inducted right into the pro Football room of fame in 2013.Why him? He could be the best guard to have actually played and also potentially the strongest. He play every position on the attack line yet center. If an offensive lineman deserve to be feared, Allen was. He to be mean, tough and nasty, however he additionally had incredible athleticism. Only Witten and also Lilly (11) have played in an ext Pro Bowls together Cowboys than Allen.


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K: Dan Bailey (2011-17)Accolades: He was an All-Rookie team pick as an undrafted totally free agent and was named to the agree Bowl in 2015.Why him? he was almost an afterthought as soon as he to be signed the end of Oklahoma State, but for a order he to be the many accurate kicker in NFL history. That made 26 consecutive attempts in his first season, one NFL rookie record. The made 27 field goal do the efforts of at the very least 50 yards v the Cowboys. Not just was that accurate, that was likewise clutch.

P: Mat McBriar (2004-11)Accolades: He was a two-time pro Bowl choose (2006, 2010).Why him? In 2010, he led the NFL in gun punting average (47.9 yards) and also net median (41.7 yards) and had 22 punts downed inside the red zone. He was one of the first to perfect the flip-flop punt offered to pin opposing groups deep.

ST: bill Bates (1993-97)Accolades: that was named to the pro Bowl and also an All-Pro in 1984 and also is largely thought about the best special-teams player in Dallas history.Why him? He is among the many beloved Cowboys. He very easily might have to be the special-teams choose for the Landry era, together well, because his job ran end both eras. While well-known for his special-teams play, he additionally had 14 career interceptions.


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OG: john Niland (1969-79)Accolades: he was called to the pro Bowl six times in his nine-year run through the Cowboys and also was the first offensive lineman Dallas selected v a first-round pick.Why him? that is one of 4 offensive linemen in team background to be called to the agree Bowl at least six times. That missed two games in his career before he was traded to Philadelphia.

OG: Herb Scott (1975-84)Accolades: He was a three-time pro Bowler and was a two-time All-Pro as a 13th-round choose in the renowned "Dirty Dozen" draft in 1975.Why him? He was so great that Landry feel comfortable in trade Niland, a six-time agree Bowler, i m sorry netted the Cowboys Tony Hill.

C: Tom Rafferty (1976-89)Accolades: He play in 167 continuous games, i beg your pardon at the time of his retirement to be the many in team history.Why him? one of the more an overwhelming decisions come make v Dave Manders and John Fitzgerald likewise in consideration, yet Rafferty"s length of business with the team won out.

DE: Harvey martin (1973-83)Accolades: the earned agree Bowl honors native 1976 with 1979 and was a first-team All-Pro in 1977. He was called the NFL"s defensive Player of the Year in 1977 through UPI and also was co-MVP the Super key XII.Why him? Sacks did not become an main NFL stat until 1982, but he finished his career v 114 sacks, which was a team record, and also in 1977, he tape-recorded 23 sacks. He to be a dominant pass-rusher top top a dominant Doomsday defense.

DT: Randy White (1975-88)Accolades: the was named to the agree Bowl nine times and also was an All-Pro eight times. In 1978, he was the NFL"s protective Player the the Year. He is a member the the Cowboys" Ring of Honor and also was inducted into the pro Football hall of fame in 1994.Why him? He"s The Manster. His career did no take off till he relocated from linebacker to defensive tackle in his 3rd season. He remains third in team history in tackles v 1,104 and recorded 111 sacks. He missed one video game in his 14-year career.

DT: Bob Lilly (1961-74)Accolades: He to be Cowboys" first draft choose in 1961 and also proceeded to have one the the best careers in team history. He saw the pro Bowl 11 times, tied for the many in franchise history. He to be a seven-time All-Pro and was called to the NFL"s 75th-anniversary team. The is a member that the Cowboys" Ring of Honor and also was inducted right into the pro Football hall of fame in 1980.Why him? He"s Mr. Cowboy, a legend. He was difficult to block as the many imposing figure on the original Doomsday defense. At the moment of his retirement, he to be the franchise leader in games played and also consecutive gamings played.


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CB: Everson walls (1981-89)Accolades: In the first nine years of his job in Dallas, he was a four-time pro Bowler, three-time All-Pro and also led the NFL in interceptions 3 times (1981-82, 1985). The just other player to command the league in interceptions three times is hall of Famer Ed Reed.Why him? He had 11 interceptions in 1981, the most in a season by a Cowboys defender. His 44 interceptions are 2nd most in franchise history. Not negative for one undrafted cost-free agent native Grambling.

CB: Mel Renfro (1964-77)Accolades: the was named to the pro Bowl in each of his very first 10 seasons and also was a four-time All-Pro. That is a member of the Cowboys" Ring of Honor and also was inducted into the agree Football hall of reputation in 1996.Why him? he is the franchise leader in interceptions through 52. He play running ago in college, however Landry observed him together a protective back. He opened his career together a safety but moved come cornerback. He score touchdowns ~ above kickoff returns, punt returns, fumble recoveries and interception returns.

S: Cliff Harris (1970-79)Accolades: the was named to the pro Bowl six times and also an All-Pro four times, i m sorry earned the a spot on the NFL"s All-Decade team the the 1970s. In 21 playoff games, he videotaped six interceptions. That is a member of the Cowboys" Ring that Honor and also will be enshrined in the pro Football hall of fame in September.Why him? Captain Crash signed together an undrafted complimentary agent out of Ouachita Baptist and became a starter in his rookie season. The Cowboys" defense finished inside the top 10 every season of Harris" career. He had 29 full interceptions and also 16 fumble recoveries.

S: Cornell environment-friendly (1962-74)Accolades: He was a five-time pro Bowl pick and a three-time All-Pro. He was named to the All-Rookie team in 1962.Why him? He never played a down of college football, however the Cowboys experienced his capability on the basketball court and also signed him together an undrafted complimentary agent. He play cornerback and safety and never let go a game. He started 145 consecutive games and recorded 34 interceptions.

K: Efren Herrera (1974-77)Accolades: In 1977, that was named to the pro Bowl and was an All-Pro pick.Why him? In 1976, that tied because that the organization lead in ar goal portion (78.3%) and in 1977, he made 18 of 29 field goal tries and also 39 point-after do the efforts to complete as the league"s second-leading scorer. He had a career-high 52-yard field goal in 1977.

Danny White capably donate up i get it Staubach for numerous years before assuming a starting function in 1980.Ronald C. Modra/Getty ImagesP: Danny White (1976-88)Accolades: He held the punting task from 1976 with 1984, averaging a career-best 41.7 yards in 1979 v 21 downed within the 20 and also a long of 73 yards.Why him? better known because that what that did as a signal-caller after ~ Staubach"s retirement, White to be a solid punter because that years. As a starting quarterback, he take it the Cowboys to 3 NFC Championship Games and finished v 155 touchdown passes.

ST: Charlie Waters (1970-81)Accolades: He was a three-time agree Bowler and made the 1970 All-Rookie team because that his job-related as a safety.

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Why him? In his 12 seasons, the Cowboys never had actually a shedding record and missed the playoffs once. That holds the NFL record for most playoff interceptions through nine however once blocked four punts in two right games.